‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Video: Spider-Man and Guardians Join the Fight

Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s first look at the much anticipated Avengers: Infinity War confirms Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) and the Guardians of the Galaxy crew (represented by Chris Pratt in the video) are uniting with the established Avengers team. The three and a half minute video features Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man), Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), and Tom Holland talking about the film on day one of the shoot, as well as interviews with directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

“The most exciting part is the incredible roster of well developed characters, and it’s going to create a really combustible, exciting, massive scale adventure,” says Joe Russo.

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is also included in the first video talking about the plot and the importance of having Thanos as the major villain. They’ve been setting up the showdown since Avengers 1. “Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe as started in May of 2008 with the release of Iron Man 1,” explained Feige. “And it really is an unprecedented culmination of a series of films interlinked together which at the time had never been done before.”

Marvel and Disney are releasing Avengers: Infinity War in theaters on May 4, 2018.