‘Heist’ Docuseries Trailer: What Are You Willing to Do to Become a Millionaire?

Netflix’s upcoming docuseries Heist explores the truth behind three massive heists in American history. The just-released trailer teases details on the heists with the actual people involved providing an inside look at what went down.

The six-episode docuseries was directed by Derek Doneen (The Price of Free), Martin Desmond Roe (Two Distant Strangers), and Nick Frew (We Are the Champions). Each director handles two episodes focusing on a specific heist.

Netflix will launch the series on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

Netflix released the following description of the upcoming docuseries along with episode details:

Viewers will see how the subjects select their targets, the meticulous planning that goes into the job, the sweet glory of success… and the boneheaded errors that lead investigators straight to the truth. The perpetrators sit down for in-depth, frequently emotional conversations, alongside family members, accomplices, and the law enforcement officers who eventually brought them to justice.

Stunning in their brazenness, occasionally comical in their simplicity, and brutally honest about the fact that crime doesn’t (usually) pay, these history-making heists provide enough action, adventure, heart, and drama to satisfy fans of true crime and Hollywood capers alike. They’ll leave audiences breathless by posing the question: What would you risk for the score of a lifetime?

Sex Magick Money Murder
Directed by Derek Doneen
Heather Tallchief was 21, disillusioned, and lost in life when she met a prison poet (and paroled murderer) named Roberto Solis. Swept off her feet and literally hypnotized by his mysticism, danger, and practice of “sex magick,” she did his bidding, and got behind the wheel for one of the largest armored truck robberies in Las Vegas history, driving off with over $3 million in the back. But life on the run with a former convict who can’t be tied down wasn’t as romantic as she had dreamed, and the unexpected birth of her child had her reconsidering her life choices.

The Money Plane
Directed by Martin Desmond Roe
After two heartbreaking miscarriages, Cuban immigrant Karls Monzon was determined to do whatever it took to adopt the baby girl he and his wife had always dreamed about. That’s when a childhood buddy told him about the plane full of cash: Twice a week, a flight carrying $100 million landed at Miami International Airport, and the pallets of money were left briefly unguarded in an open warehouse. Monzon, a fan of crime shows, did all the research he needed to pull off the heist by watching American TV. Because of his diligence, Monzon and his crew got away with $7.4 million. But as the saying goes, it’s easier to take the money than to keep it. The FBI never expected to find themselves in the middle of a kidnapping and extortion plot while they were investigating the heist.

The Bourbon King
Directed by Nick Frew
Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger was bored. A former elite league softball star, he was now a suburban dad with an uninspiring distillery job. Smuggling out bottles of rare and highly-coveted Pappy Van Winkle and selling them for cash within the “good ol’ boy” network of Kentucky bourbon country seemed like an easy way to boost his family’s quality of life, but his booze-skimming soon went from side hustle to organized crime. When 200 bottles of the legendary bourbon—worth $1,000 to $4,000 per bottle depending on the vintage—went missing, “Pappygate” made international news, and the media-hungry sheriff left no barrel unturned in tracking down Curtsinger’s operation. But things are never as simple as they seem.

Heist Poster