‘iZombie’ Season 4: Rose McIver Interview on Liv’s Rebellious Nature

The CW’s comic book-inspired iZombie returns for its fourth season on Monday, February 26, 2018. When the show returns, the world is now aware of the existence of zombies and Seattle’s a walled-off city with a mix of zombies and humans. And, Liv (Rose McIver) is no longer the only brain-eating member of the undead who works with the police.

During our interview at the San Diego Comic Con, Rose McIver talked about how this new situation affects Liv’s job. She also discussed Liv’s family, her attitude, and the new brains to be eaten in season four.

Rose McIver iZombie Interview:

We were told Liv is going to continue to be a rebel and not change. Do you appreciate that side of her?

Rose McIver: “100%. I mean, I could talk about this stuff for hours because it’s just so on point right now with what’s happening in the world. People are being told to conform or go away. I just think Liv is a constructive member of society. She doesn’t kill people. She works on people who are already dead and is trying the best she can to integrate into a society. She isn’t going to dye her hair and try and fit in just to appease the masses. That’s not Liv.

I think she really believes in tolerance and understanding and integration. That’s what we see this season a lot of is New Seattle and it’s really dealing with a refugee crisis. These people are trying to come into the city to be scratched because they find out that it will save the lives of the terminally ill. And who are we to be like, ‘No. No, you can’t. You can’t do that. It’s wrong.’ And, how different we respond to things when we have an idea of them or when it’s actually ourselves or our loved ones who are actually at risk. So, I’m proud that she’s a rebel. I’m proud that she’s got a backbone and she always has. I like that about Liv.”

How do you approach getting into the different personalities you have to play after eating brains? Does it feel like a whole new role?

Rose McIver: “We don’t have time to approach it really is the truth. I read it a few times and I think if there’s any immediate jumping off points, like people I know or someone I can ring who’s worked in that industry or whatever it might be. The writers are incredibly helpful. They do most of the research. And then, I mean, it’s honestly like YouTube on the set between takes or when I get home at night giving someone a ring (on the phone). And then there’s a lot of exploration on the day. The first few takes of each brain, I’d love to see a compilation of some of the different versions I’ve played of the different things because it’s a bit all over the map. Then you just have to trust the director, whoever you’re working with, to guide you and do the right thing.”

Liv’s involved with a lot of higher-ups in the zombie world at this point. Will she become more of a public figure?

Rose McIver: “I think she will. I don’t think she’ll necessarily be in a public position of power. It might be more sort of an iconic underdog, I think is what we’re talking about her being. Being rebellious and not playing it the way the public do, but sort of being an every man’s hero and someone people talk about like a character of folklore. That’s kind of the direction she’s going.”

Now that all the cops have zombie partners, how is that going to affect Liv?

Rose McIver: “For Liv, I think she must just feel so validated. The last three years she has been doing this thing and people think she’s just hovering around like a bad smell, and now there’s like a whole lot of people following in her footsteps. So, for her I think it’s just an acknowledgement of her as a pioneer in a new way of policing. It’s cool. (Laughing) I’m sure she’s threatened a little – job security, and all that – but yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how she reacts.”

Since the whole world knows about zombies, will Liv try and reconnect with her mom and her brother?

Rose McIver: “We do. Very early on we see her family. That was important to me, as well. I kind of brought that up with the writers over the last few years that Liv is somebody who’s so compassionate and caring and I just don’t buy that she would just check out of peoples lives. I understand why she’s kept her distance, but I think it will be great to reintroduce them into the story.”

Is she going to in any way mentor the other zombies who are working with the cops as partners?

Rose McIver: “You know, we haven’t been told it but that could be really cool. That could be really interesting if she oversees a support group for them or something. (Laughing) Like, ‘Today was a rough one…’ That’s funny. I’ll have to talk to the writers. If it pops up you can look at the screen and go, ‘That was me!’”

Can you tease any of the brains you’ll be eating?

Rose McIver: “There’s like a crotchety old dowager. They’re talking about like…what’s her name? Mrs. Bluth from Arrested Development. It’s sort of that kind of character pretty early on. There’s also somebody who loves romantic comedies and kind of fantasizes about this romantic, idealistic world. That will be an interesting one, as well. Lots of She’s All That montages.”

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iZombie Season 4 Rose McIver Interview
Rose McIver as Liv in ‘iZombie’ season 4 (Photo: Katie Yu © 2018 The CW Network)