JD Pardo Talks Revolution and Relationships

JD Pardo thinks that NBC’s Revolution found itself over the course of season one, and with season two the audience will be learning much more about each of the show’s key players. “I think as a show we have our legs underneath us now, now that the gang is sort of separated,” said Pardo. “Because of that, we get to really explore their individual stories and why they are who they are. Now, what do you do? You’re no longer chasing Monroe so it’s about life now, it’s about power. It’s about facing life and for my character and Giancarlo, it’s finding mom. The bomb’s dropped so where is she?”
Pardo added, “It’s really fun now. I feel like we’re really getting into a deeper part of the story for the characters, and just the story as a whole.”
Pardo also talks about his role in Revolution and more season one & two in our interview from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con:


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