Interview with Teen Wolf Creator/Executive Producer Jeff Davis

Teen Wolf LogoMTV’s Teen Wolf creator/executive producer Jeff Davis joined the show’s stars Tyler Posey (‘Scott’) and Dylan O’Brien (‘Stiles’) at the 2013 WonderCon in Anaheim, CA. The March 31st event marked the first time Teen Wolf presented a panel at the annual event, and the audience absolutely ate up the presentation, hanging on every little detail released about the upcoming third season of the super popular series. Davis also took part in interviews in addition to the WonderCon panel with fans, providing us with the scoop on what the audience can expect from the new villains introduced in season three. He also chatted about the direction they’re taking with individual characters, which character changed the most based on the actor hired to handle the role, Derek’s ‘hero’ trajectory, and specific character arcs. And all of this is done without giving away any spoilers (well done, Mr. Davis!).
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