‘The Strain’ Season Two – Kevin Durand and Ruta Gedmintas Interviews

The Strain Season 2 Kevin Durand and Ruta Gedmintas Interview
Ruta Gedmintas and Kevin Durand at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photos by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

FX’s The Strain is back for an action-packed season two in which it’s not just a small group of citizens who are in on the truth. Season two finds New York under attack and Eph, Nora, Setrakian, Fet, and Dutch attempting to find a way to kill the infected before they completely take over. The second season premiered on July 12, 2015 and is airing on Sunday night at 10pm ET/PT, and in support of The Strain‘s new season the cast and executive producers hosted a panel at the San Diego Comic Con. They also took part in a roundtable interviews to discuss what viewers can look forward to this season.

Describing season two, Kevin Durand (“Vasiliy Fet) said, “This season starts to peel the onion a little bit. We start to see a lot of different levels to him, but there is a lot of killing. He enjoys where he’s at in this apocalyptic setting. He’s flourishing. He’s getting stronger. His knowledge is going through the roof. He’s learning a lot from Setrakian. He’s a quick learner. He’s becoming a revolutionary vampire killer. He believes he’s the best at it, and I think he is.”

Durand says Fet will have a lot of new allies helping him kill as many vampires as possible. “People connect that you might not have expected,” teased Durand. “The true group of allies within Fet’s abode, they’re all in his space and he’s a lone wolf and a little uncomfortable about it. He’s pretty meticulous by nature, a little obsessive about where things should go and about how people should behave in his place. But he puts up with it because he actually likes these people – some of them a lot more than others. He’s pragmatic. He knows that they’re all better off and will last longer if they’re together. Everyone has a precious skill or knowledge that when they’re all together, they’re stronger.”

One of Fet’s closest allies is Dutch, played by Ruta Gedmintas. Although fans might be pulling for a Fet/Dutch romantic relationship, Gedmintas wasn’t willing to give away any spoilers in our interview. Instead, she said the relationship is “explored” and that it’s a “fun ride.”

When we catch up with Dutch at the beginning of season two she’ll be feeling a bit sassy, according to Gedmintas. “She’s ready to take on the fight. I think she’s found a group of people who she’s getting quite comfortable with, so maybe a little bit cheeky,” explained Gedmintas.

Watch the full interviews for more on what fans can expect of season two of FX’s The Strain:

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