‘Lucifer’ Season 3: Kevin Alejandro on Detective Dan, Tom Welling, and Directing

Lucifer season stars Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro
Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis in a scene from ‘Lucifer’ season two (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Some of the best scenes from season two of Lucifer involved the unlikely pairing of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro). During our roundtable interview at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con for Lucifer season three, Kevin Alejandro promised we’ll see more of the Lucifer/Detective Douche team. He also revealed he’ll be directing an episode of the upcoming season.

Fox’s Lucifer season three is set to premiere on October 2, 2017.

So, there will be a new addition to the police force next season?

Kevin Alejandro: (Laughing) “Yeah, so he’s tall and he’s handsome and he’s great. I’m so excited.”

Will you be getting along with Tom Welling’s character?

Kevin Alejandro: “You know what? You get this strong, authoritative figure with personality that comes in that happens to be your boss…you’re going to watch Dan struggle a little bit to get his approval and his acceptance of the fact that Dan believes he’s a really great cop. But, his lieutenant may think otherwise so you get yet another guy who thinks Dan’s a douche.”

Can we expect more of the Dan and Lucifer bonding moments and buddying around?

Kevin Alejandro: “You know, because of Tom Welling’s character catching the eye of Chloe, I think there might be a little special bonding between the two there, you know? It’s like, ‘She doesn’t like either one of us. Great.’”

That relationship has been fun.

Kevin Alejandro: “Yeah, and a lot of fun to play. I’m sure there’s going to be more of that. I’m actually a 100% positive because when you see us at the beginning of the first episode of season three, we’re right back where we left off.”

Will Dan have a new love interest?

Kevin Alejandro: “I think what’s going to happen is Dan is so confused as to why Charlotte doesn’t remember the relationship that they had, that it’s also kind of intriguing to him. I think they might explore together whether or not they could have a relationship as the real Charlotte Richards.”

Isn’t she married?

Kevin Alejandro: “Yeah, I think so but then, you know, Dan’s a douche!”

What else is Dan up to this season?

Kevin Alejandro: “I think more of the same, really, of making choices that aren’t the best. They’re for the right reasons but they’re not the right choice.”

Do you think he’s going to be let in on Lucifer’s secret?

Kevin Alejandro: “Eventually. I don’t know if that would happen so soon. I mean, where would he go from there? It would rock his world, I think, because he’s such a straight-laced dude. I don’t know. That’s a good question.”

Well, he is a detective. And how could Chloe not know? She’s a good detective.

Kevin Alejandro: “Well, she’s obviously not that good of a detective. She’s in denial.”

We don’t know all that much about Dan. Are we going to learn more about his background and history?

Kevin Alejandro: “Oh yeah. Definitely. You know what’s great is we shot an additional four episodes last season that stand alone which has given… Because we’re at the point in the show that we’re shooting now, it gives us the opportunity to sort of take a character and explain their backstory. We get one with Maze, we get a little bit with Dan. So, yes, I think in the future you will start to understand why we all tick the way we do.”

Did anything about Dan’s backstory surprise you?

Kevin Alejandro: “No… (Laughing) Yes.”

Do you get to pitch ideas about Dan?

Kevin Alejandro: “Yeah, and they always say no. So, I just keep my mouth shut.”

Any chance you’re going to direct an episode?

Kevin Alejandro: “There is absolutely a very strong chance. I just finished the Warner Brothers directors program in preparation to direct an episode. I’m not sure if we know exactly which episode, but it will definitely be this season.”

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