‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Quid Pro Ho

Lucifer season 2 episode 10 Lauren German, Tom Ellis, Rebecca De Mornay
Lauren German, Rebecca De Mornay and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

When we last saw Chloe at the end of Fox’s Lucifer season two episode nine, she was about to be blown to bits by Charlotte. Episode 10 titled ‘Quid Pro Ho’ and airing November 28, 2016 picks up as Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is ready to press the detonator button and get rid of her son’s favorite human. Fortunately for Chloe, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) arrives to reason with his mom and to get the detonator away from her. Squash Chloe and Lucifer will return home, or so Charlotte believes. She picks up Amenadiel as if he’s light as a feather, and Amenadiel tells Charlotte Lucifer will hate her forever if she kills Chloe. He reminds her Lucifer killed Uriel to protect Chloe and if they want Lucifer, they have to make sure it’s his decision to leave Chloe behind. Chloe (Lauren German) drives away unharmed and mom tosses the detonator in the air, upset she didn’t get to blow the detective up. Fortunately, Amenadiel catches the detonator before it hits the ground.

Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) wants to know about his big date with Chloe and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has to admit he stood her up. He makes up an excuse and Dr. Linda tells him he’s running scared and he’s lying – at least to himself.

Lucifer shows up at Chloe’s and she’s pissed. She thinks he stood her up because he was with another woman and she should have known he was selfish and wouldn’t show. And who should appear to make their argument even more awkward? Chloe’s mom, Penelope (Rebecca De Mornay), who’s in town and Lucifer pretends to know why it’s a big day for both Chloe and her mom. He stumbles and repeats what Chloe is saying as though he knew it all along, but fools no one as she reminds him it’s the first day of the trial of her father’s killer. He insists he’s there to support them and not talk about himself (yeah, right!) and Chloe absolutely doesn’t believe him.

Detective Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is whistling at work and Ella (Aimee Garcia) wants to know why. He’s been working out, smells good, and Ella figures out he got laid. Dan confesses he’s in shock because the woman is out of his league. Ella points out a package on his desk that might be from his new mystery woman…but it’s not. Inside is Boris’ severed head. If either Dan or Ella really knew Charlotte, they’d realize it’s quite possible she not only sent the package but cut off Boris’ head herself.

Lucifer accompanies Penelope and Chloe to the courthouse where Chloe learns the key witness’ head was sent to Dan. He was the only person who could connect the murderer to the Russian gang and now it’s likely the case will fall apart.

Chloe thought the worst part of the day was behind her with the ‘Boris lost his head’ news, but it gets even worse when Charlotte walks into the courtroom. It turns out she’s the attorney handling ex-warden Perry Smith’s defense. Lucifer’s hoping “Charlotte” isn’t the legal shark she once was, and she does seem to stumble straight off the bat. But, it turns out, things worked out her way and the trial will continue without delay.

The court takes a break for lunch and Lucifer catches up with his mom to find out why she’s involved in Chloe’s case. She confesses she’s doing it because she wants to show Lucifer Chloe isn’t worthy of him. She asks if he forgot he killed Uriel for Chloe, and asks if Chloe can do anything remotely similar for him. Charlotte promises she’s going to prove Chloe’s not worthy in the courtroom in front of everyone. Charlotte also admits she was going to blow up Chloe and Lucifer goes all Devil eyes at his mom, making her swear she won’t touch Chloe. After Charlotte walks away, Chloe makes him promise that whatever he was discussing with Charlotte won’t affect the trial. He gives Chloe his word and then speaks with the prosecutor.

Back at the station, Chloe’s anxious to find out more about Boris’ death. She tells Dan that Perry hired Charlotte, and of course that gets Dan flustered since he’s now sleeping with her, a detail Chloe’s unaware of. Chloe asks Ella if she can tie Boris to Perry, and Ella says the MO does line up. Chloe and Dan believe Perry orchestrated Boris’ death from behind bars, and Ella provides the detail that Boris’ neck was cut by something like an industrial-size professional slicer. Dan promises he’ll figure out where the murder took place and Ella has another clue for the detectives: there was a special swine DNA recovered on Boris and there’s only one place in LA that sells that particular meat.

Lucifer’s back at the courthouse and as Chloe tells him he doesn’t need to be there, the prosecutor calls for Lucifer to enter the courtroom. “Off I go to shield you from that quid pro ho, detective,” says Lucifer. He swears on the Bible to tell the truth, changing up the oath a little, saying, “So help me dad.”

Lucifer’s on the stand describing the day he and Detective Douche talked to Boris. He asks for a scarf from a juror and gives a detailed explanation of their time in the bath house with Boris, charming the jurors, the audience, and the judge. He describes his first meeting with Boris, even imitating Boris’ voice, up to the point where he handed the investigation over to Chloe. Everyone in the courtroom applauds and laughs except for Charlotte and her client. Lucifer takes a bow, pleased with himself as usual and smiling at his new admirers.

Back at the station, Ella’s figured out Dan is sleeping with Charlotte while Dan wonders if he’s being used. He can’t figure out how Ella figured it out, and she runs through all the clues (a hair, a lipstick stain) and then admits she made them up. She simply noticed his butt puckered when Charlotte’s name came up. He says he’s an idiot, a sucker, and he should have figured it out.

At the butcher shop, an employee tells Dan and Ella a big guy demanded the keys and threatened her life. She doesn’t know his name but he had a distinctive scar on his neck.

Back in court, Lucifer finishes up his time on the stand by recognizing the work of Detective Decker and the LAPD. He calls her honest, trustworthy, reliable, and truly a good person. He clears up any possible misconceptions by saying she’s truly good but he doesn’t mean in bed because he doesn’t know about that. “That’s how truly good she is,” says Lucifer. Now it’s Charlotte’s turn to question Lucifer and she passes.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) spots Amenadiel looking under Chloe’s car and he pretends he was looking for Maze. He tells Maze he misses her and she confesses she misses him, too. They kiss and she whips out the detonator, presses the button, and blows up his car parked a few hundred yards down the alley. Maze warns him not to ever lie to her again and to pass on the message that Charlotte is not going to hurt Chloe on her watch.

Dan takes the stand to offer up his testimony against Perry Smith and Charlotte opts not to cross examine him, either.

The prosecution rests and Charlotte calls her son back up to the stand. She gets him to confirm that Chloe was first on the crime scene and yet the police report states it was Dan. Lucifer explains Chloe took herself off the case as soon as she found the body, but Charlotte begins describing a frame job put together by Chloe against Perry – an innocent man. Charlotte says Perry is the victim of the LAPD’s incompetence and Lucifer rushes to her defense. He swears he doesn’t lie and that Chloe is a good cop.

Outside, Chloe’s clearly upset and Lucifer says he was bamboozled but that he couldn’t lie on the stand. Chloe points out Charlotte somehow knew she was first at the murder scene or she wouldn’t have asked the question. Lucifer swears he didn’t tell Charlotte anything, and Chloe blames him for screwing up the trial because of his relationship with Charlotte. She storms off before Lucifer can explain any further.

Now it’s Dan’s turn to confront Charlotte and she admits she only slept with him to get info on this case. He doesn’t remember telling her anything and asks if she drugged him. She explains she didn’t need to because she’s learned sex puts men into a mild coma which allowed her to get info from his phone.

Amenadiel pays a visit to Dr. Linda while grasping what’s left of his car – the burnt steering wheel. He’s upset Maze blew up his car but Dr. Linda wants to know why she reacted so passionately, and Amenadiel calls Maze a manic fueled by rage and violence. He admits he did lie to her but he had to, and Dr. Linda tells him there’s no justification for lying. He realizes he treated Dr. Linda and Maze the same way, and he needs to apologize his a$$ off.

Lucifer season 2 episode 10 Tom Ellis, Kevin Alejandro, Lesley Ann Brandt
Tom Ellis, Kevin Alejandro and Lesley-Ann Brandt in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Back at Lucifer’s place, Maze is still upset about Charlotte trying to blow up Chloe. However, Lucifer’s more concerned with why Chloe thinks he leaked info to Charlotte. He wants to know who really did it, and in walks Dan. Maze acts all friendly with Dan and Lucifer asks Dan if he’s figured out a way to tie Perry to Boris’ killing. Dan found out the guy who did the killing had a special tattoo from a Chinese gang and members of that gang had been locked up in Perry’s prison. Maze suggests he “probe” that angle and as they head out to find Boris’ killer, Maze continues with the sexual innuendos but Dan doesn’t catch on. (Remember, Maze and Amenadiel saw Charlotte and Dan together.) “It’s almost as if you want to take Charlotte down yourself…way down…and give her a hard time,” says Maze. Lucifer and Dan don’t know what she’s driving at until she says the word “penetrate.” Lucifer still doesn’t know but now Dan’s aware Maze is onto him. Dan admits he leaked the information to Charlotte and when he says they slept together, Lucifer explodes. He barely restrains himself from saying Dan slept with his mother and then slams Dan through a wall. They land inside a building and are immediately surrounded by gang members with guns.

Lucifer speaks Chinese to the gang members, telling Dan that since he’s the Devil he speaks everything. It turns out the person in charges is a woman and Lucifer’s able to broker a deal. She’ll give up Boris’ killer if they defeat one of her fiercest fighters. Dan laughs and then stops abruptly when he mistakenly believes Lucifer wants him to take the guy on. Lucifer doesn’t – of course he’s going to choose Maze to represent them in the one-on-one fight. If she loses, Lucifer’s agreed they can kill Dan.

Maze doesn’t even look like she’s breaking a sweat (can demons sweat?) and she doesn’t use any weapons while her opponent has two large swords. She disarms him of both and is about to slice his throat when Lucifer calls her off, pointing out at least she got two new toys out of the fight. The gang leader tells Lucifer Boris’ killer is no longer part of the group and hands over his address.

Back at the courthouse, Chloe fills her mom in on what’s going on behind the scenes. Chloe’s up next on the stand and she hopes she doesn’t make it worse for the prosecution. Charlotte breaks up the conversation and tells Chloe they need to talk.

As they hunt down Boris’ killer, Lucifer tells Dan he can’t talk about Charlotte ever again. They find the killer but someone beat them to the punch and he’s already dead.

Charlotte lays out the case and says Lucifer’s testimony handed her a not guilty verdict. Just then Chloe gets a text from Dan with the bad news on Boris’ killer and Charlotte offers an unusual solution. She’ll get Perry to plead guilty but to do it, Chloe will have to take the stand and call Lucifer a liar. That would be devastating to Lucifer because he cares more about his honor than anything else.

On the stand, Chloe explains what makes Lucifer a good partner. Charlotte gets her to admit that Lucifer has absolutely no background that would make him a good fit as a civilian consultant for the LAPD. Then Chloe catches Charlotte off-guard by mentioning Lucifer claims he used to run Hell. Charlotte asks if Chloe thinks her partner is delusional or lying. Chloe answers, “Lucifer Morningstar is many things, but he is not a liar. Everything that Mr. Morningstar said on this stand is absolutely true.” Take that, Momma Charlotte! The look of disappointment on her face is priceless. Chloe continues to talk about being at the crime scene and that she let her emotions get the best of her. She says, holding back tears, that Lucifer is the best partner she’s ever had.

Perry is released after a not guilty verdict is delivered. He passes by Chloe, smiling, on the courthouse stairs and walks away free as a bird.

Amenadiel arrives with flowers at Maze and Chloe’s place and runs into Penelope who’s outside crying. She tells him she used to believe everything happens for a reason but no longer believes that. Amenadiel says no matter how bad things get, it’s how you choose to respond to the pain that’s the true test. And then something bizarre happens… Amenadiel really looks at Chloe’s mom and it’s obvious he knows her. Penelope also feels as if she knows him, and asks if they’ve met before. Amenadiel says he doesn’t think they have, adding that he never forgets a face. Upset, he excuses himself and leaves.

Perry stumbles out of a bar and is approached by Dan. Dan tells him he knows all about the murders he arranged. Perry’s still all smiles as he reminds Dan there isn’t any evidence, and Dan reminds him the Russians don’t like one of their own taken out without their permission. As Dan walks away down the dark street, a van pulls up and the Russians take Perry away. Maze is waiting in a car in front of the van as Dan hops in the passenger seat. She helped set this up but admits she didn’t think Dan had it in him.

Amenadiel shows up at Charlotte’s office after hours and, man, does he have a secret to share! Are you ready for this game-changing twist? He warns Charlotte she must come completely clean if he tells her his big secret. 35 years ago, Amenadiel was asked by his dad to come to Earth to bless a couple who couldn’t have a child. Today, he has discovered who the child is. After seeing Penelope, he realized Chloe is that child!

Lucifer’s on his way out to visit Chloe when she shows up at his place. He’s got a brown bag with dinner and a bottle of wine to make up for standing her up at the restaurant.

Charlotte and Amenadiel now know why Chloe is so special to Lucifer. God put her there on Lucifer’s path which means Amenadiel was a pawn in his father’s game all along.

Lucifer and Chloe relax over dinner, drinking their wine and talking. Meanwhile, Charlotte has decided Chloe is not an obstacle anymore. Instead, she’s how they’ll get back to Heaven and how Amenadiel will get his wings back.

Lucifer begins to discuss what Chloe said in the courtroom and she stops him to say it was the truth. Chloe grabs Lucifer’s hand as back at the law office, Charlotte’s telling Amenadiel they’re going home. Chloe is the key.

Lucifer and Chloe lean toward each other as if to kiss but the writers (damn them!) end the scene, and the episode, leaving us hanging.