‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

Gotham Season 3 Episode 11 Recap Ben McKenzie
Ben McKenzie in ‘Gotham’ season 3 episode 11 (Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX)

Fox’s Gotham season three episode 11 finds Mario doing everything in his power to conceal the fact he’s infected with Alice’s blood. Airing on November 28, 2016, episode 11 titled ‘Beware the Green-Eyed Monster’ opens with Mario (James Carpinello) paying a visit to the hematologist working on Alice Tetch’s blood. He explains he’s getting married tomorrow, discusses his bride-to-be, and then he attacks the hematologist, steals his badge, and squishes his head while picturing Jim.

Bruce (David Mazouz) and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) receive news that Volk has been killed by an assassin sent by the Court of Owls and have to decide if they can still trust the Whisper Gang. The Court knows, or will find out soon, that Bruce is not going to keep his end of the deal, and Bruce has to decide if bringing down the Court is worth the risk. To Bruce, the answer is an easy one: yes, without hesitation.

Jim (Ben McKenzie) is at the hematologist’s murder scene and Harvey (Donal Logue) wants him to take the day off because of Lee’s upcoming wedding. Jim says no to that suggestion and examines the dead man, noticing the killer left huge dents in the side of the unidentified dead man’s head. Jim’s first thought is that Barnes did it, but the Captain’s still locked up. Harvey thinks Jim’s jumping to conclusions until Jim shows him a receipt that indicates the deceased man works at the lab where Alice’s blood is being tested. Harvey has to admit Jim’s on the right track.

Barbara (Erin Richards) meets with Ed (Cory Michael Smith) and Ed thinks the Mayor’s enemies killed Isabella to weaken him. However, Barbara already knows the killer’s identity. She fake coughs the word “Penguin” and Ed thinks that’s an absurd conclusion. Barbara points out he has the means, motive, and opportunity. Ed can’t believe Barbara thinks Oswald is in love with him, but Barbara points out that jealousy probably caused Isabella’s death. She claims to just want justice for Isabella but Ed continues to deny Oswald loves him.

Alfred, Bruce, Selina, and a Whisper Gang member surveil one of the Court of Owls’ buildings. The gang member explains the alarm systems and volunteers to go in and retrieve the object.

Jim heads to the lab where Ryan the dead hematologist worked and finds out his key card was used just 20 minutes prior. Jim tells the security guard to call the police and then finds another dead tech in the lab. Mario attacks Jim before he can defend himself, tossing Jim and knocking him out. Mario talks to Jim’s unconscious body and says he wants Lee to hate her ex before he kills him. He writes on Jim’s limp wrist and says, “Come find me, Jim.”

Jim didn’t see Mario so he has no idea who attacked him. Lucius (Chris Chalk) says files were taken and Harvey knows there’s someone else on the loose infected with Alice’s blood. Jim has “Arkham” written on his hand and figures out it’s not about Barnes, it’s a reference to Jervis Tetch. He pays a visit to the Mad Hatter and tells him he knows he infected this person with his sister’s blood and has been keeping it a secret. Jim demands the infected person’s name and Jervis says he stabbed the person and infected him, but won’t say who he infected. Jim rhymes back at him, but that doesn’t work. Jim tries rhyming again and this time Jervis can’t restrain himself and says, “You’ll only know his name when it’s too late, when the one you love has been murdered by hate!” Jervis knows he’s said too much and demands a guard take him back to his cell, while Jim wants to know what he means by “the one he loves.” Jervis answers with a new rhyme which includes “going from healer to killer,” and he immediately regrets what he’s revealed. Jim figures out Mario is the killer.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce attempts to walk a beam in preparation for breaking into the Court of Owls’ building. Selina (Camren Bicondova) starts to leave but stops to tell Alfred she thinks someone was watching them surveil the building. She doesn’t want Bruce to get hurt by the Court of Owls but says it was a “punk move” for him to make a deal with his parents’ killers in the first place. Alfred says Bruce did what he did to protect the people he cares about, including her.

Harvey can’t believe Jim arrested Mario on his wedding day, but Jim’s convinced he has the virus. Harvey wants to know why Jervis would infect Mario in the first place, walking Jim through all the reasons that it doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, Mario’s having his blood taken to check for infection. Lucius reports Mario doesn’t have the virus and Harvey apologizes to Mario for embarrassing him. Mario tells Jim he has no hard feelings, but Jim tells him he knows he broke into the lab to find out how to beat the test. He promises Mario will never marry Lee.

Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed go over some paperwork, and Oswald’s happy to have his BFF back. That is, until Ed offers his resignation. Oswald won’t accept it and tells him he has to stay busy. Ed asks if they’re friends and then tries to trick him into believing he wants to be “more than friends.” Oswald confesses he’s been feeling the same way and says, “One can not deny love.” Ed says Oswald took it the wrong way and that he wants to be “business” partners and Oswald is shocked, knowing he’s crossed a line he can’t un-cross. Ed excuses himself and leaves.

Jim hurries over to find Lee but instead it’s Mario he encounters. Lee’s out, and Jim wants to know how Mario passed the test. Mario says he doesn’t have the virus but then teases that he might. Jim says he’ll figure out how he beat it and tells Mario the virus is upping his jealousy over Jim’s previous relationship with Lee. Mario says he’ll do anything to keep Lee, and Jim wants to know why Mario gave him the Arkham clue. Mario admits he’s more upset over the part of Lee that still loves Jim than he is of how Jim feels about Lee. Jim pulls his gun on Mario and reminds him the virus didn’t make him bullet-proof. Of course, Mario was prepared for that and Victor appears and holds Jim at gunpoint, giving Mario time to escape. At 9 o’clock, Victor lets Jim go but without his bullets. Jim knocks Victor out after asking nicely for the return of his ammunition.

At the library, Oswald presents a plaque to an author while Ed stands in the background, daydreaming about killing Oswald. After the ceremony, Oswald apologizes and asks Ed if they can go back to how things were. Ed hugs him, assuring Oswald they’re still best friends and telling him to remember that.

Jim races to the church and finds Lee with her bridesmaids, preparing to walk down the aisle. Jim tells her she can’t marry Mario, and she surprises him with the news she’s aware he believes Mario has Alice’s virus. She also knows Mario passed the test three times, but Jim’s still convinced Mario’s infected after visiting with Jervis. Lee thinks Jervis is screwing with his head and Jim practically screams in her face that she can’t marry Mario. She tells Jim to let it go, and then Jim figures out this is all Mario’s plan. Mario beat the test, sent Jim to Jervis, and then wanted him to show up at the church. Lee tells him to get help and as she’s walking out of the room, Jim confesses he loves her and he’s never stopped. He says he was too ashamed to see her after he got out of prison and that was a mistake. He also reveals he saw her at her place with Mario, smiling and happy. He’s regretted not knocking every day since then. He begs her not to marry Mario and she tells him she and Mario are leaving Gotham immediately after the wedding. She sobs, “Damn you for telling me this now,” slapping his face and calling his accusations crazy. Jim knows Mario wanted Lee to hate him and now she does. She asks Carmine to have his men escort Jim out as she takes Carmine’s arm and begins her walk down the aisle.

Lee and Mario smile at each other at the altar while Jim starts a fight with Carmine’s men. The vows begin, the rings are slipped on, and Jim finally overpowers the two men as Lee and Mario are pronounced man and wife. They kiss and are announced to the wedding guests as another of Carmine’s men enters the fray and takes down Jim.

Gotham season 3 episode 11 David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova
David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova in ‘Gotham’ (Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX)

The Whisper Gang members fail to show up to break into the Court of Owls building, and Alfred tells Bruce they must call off the break-in. (A very brief scene earlier in the episode showed the gang was captured by the Court and killed.) Bruce doesn’t want to give up and thinks he can walk across the room on a tightrope. Alfred reminds him he failed repeatedly in his practice attempts, and just then Selina shows up and says she can do it. Alfred agrees to allow she and Bruce to head in, but says they have to stay in communication. Bruce uses this time to smile and ask her if this means she’s his girlfriend. Selina replies, “Shut up.”

Back at the station, Lucius explains to Harvey that he’s figured out how Mario beat the test. Harvey sends out cops to watch Lee and Mario because now he has enough evidence to get a search warrant for Mario’s place.

Jim’s tossed out of a moving car and warned not to mess with the Falcones.

Alfred occupies the guards at the building’s door, knocking them out so Selina and Bruce can sneak into the building. They let him in and Alfred heads off to check the house while Bruce and Selina head to the safe room. Selina gives him a kiss and then she walks across a rope strung up from the doorway to the safe. She makes it to the safe, inserts the key and opens the door. Inside is a glass owl and as she lifts it, Bruce is hit by one of the Court of Owls’ assassins (known as a Talon). The alarm goes off as Selina attacks the Talon, and Bruce sets off a small smoke bomb to distract him, allowing Selina to escape the room. Alfred fights off the assassin and although Bruce was told to leave, he stays to help Alfred. Selina also stays and the threesome team up. Ultimately, Alfred gets the upper hand on the assassin. Just then a strange woman wearing dark glasses and a large hat appears in the room, telling them they must leave. Selina recognizes her as the person who’s been following them and when she removes the hat and glasses, it turns out the woman is Selina’s mom!

Harvey, Jim, Lucius and GCPD officers scour Mario’s house and find the chemical used to mask the virus in Mario’s blood. Harvey learns Mario and Lee snuck away from their reception and no one knows where they are.

And now we get to catch up with Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) and Butch (Drew Powell). Tabitha attempts to hold a knife with her newly reattached hand but can’t, and Butch swears they’ll kill Ed together. Barbara thinks that’s sweet as the door opens and Ed appears. Butch and Tabitha immediately go into kill mode but Barbara wants to hear him out. He says he wants to destroy Oswald and take away everything he loves. Ed wants people to despise Oswald as Barbara tells Butch and Tabitha it was Oswald who killed Isabella. Tabitha’s justifiably angry since Ed chopped off her hand by mistake, and Barbara – ever the one to place her own needs over those of others – says to make up for it she will be named the leader of the underworld once Penguin is taken down. Ed will have to convince the other crime families to follow Barbara, and she believes she and Ed will make quite a team after they destroy Penguin. But first Ed has to apologize to Tabitha for cutting off her hand.

Mario and Lee are on their honeymoon at Mario’s father’s secret retreat on a lake. Lee tells Mario Jim said exactly what he said Jim would say. Mario wants to know if there’s any part of her with feelings for Jim and she says a part of her will always care for Jim but she loves her new husband and chose him.

Jim barges into Don Falcone’s office and demands to know where Mario is, telling him Mario has Alice’s virus. Carmine knew Mario was in danger but didn’t know about the virus. Without telling Jim about the Court of Owls, he says he now understands why Mario was being targeted. He’s also going to send his men out to fetch Mario, however Jim wants to go so he can protect Lee. Carmine won’t go for it because he knows Jim will kill Mario and he wants to get his son help. Jim warns him if Mario kills Lee, that’s crossing a line he can’t come back from. Jim says if Mario murders Lee it will destroy him, adding that he’s Don Falcone’s only hope at this point. Don Falcone makes Jim swear he’ll bring in Mario alive and Jim, of course, does.

Out at the lake, the virus is making Mario believe Lee loves Jim. He approaches her from behind and is about to stab her when Jim races in and shots Mario twice in the chest, breaking his promise to Don Falcone.