‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Lady Parts

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 4
Aimee Garcia, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Lauren German and Rachael Harris in the “Lady Parts” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Fox’s Lucifer season two episode four finally shows Chloe letting loose and having a good time with friends. We also get to observe Lucifer doing his best to keep his mind off of his mom and the deal he made with his dad, while Amenadiel continues to keep his deteriorating wings a secret from everyone. Titled ‘Lady Parts’ and airing on October 17, 2016, the episode begins with a drone crash that leads two guys on a hunt in the hills where they find not only their downed drone but also a dead body.

Lucifer’s super into his new phone and playing games with Maze, juggling decorations, and otherwise acting like a hyper kid in Dr. Linda’s office. Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) thinks maybe this has something to do with his mom’s visit but Lucifer insists mom’s all sorted out now. Dr. Linda tries to help sort out his feelings, but as usual Lucifer latches onto one small piece of her advice and figures out if he’s distracted then he won’t be worried. He thinks that’s brilliant advice and is off to get even more distracted.

Lucifer’s so obsessed with playing a game on his phone that Chloe (Lauren German) has to remind him they’re at a crime scene and to act professional and focus. However, Chloe’s also distracted because she’s looking for a new house and she’s starting the divorce process with Dan (Kevin Alejandro). Just then Detective Dan (or Detective Douche) walks up with a description of the body and what they know so far. They also found an abandoned car registered to Uber but no trace of the driver. Chloe uses Lucifer’s phone and figures out where the driver might be, and Lucifer – who is seriously getting a real kick out of his new phone – asks Siri to help them solve a murder.

Chloe and Lucifer have the Uber driver in an interrogation room and he claims the dead woman, Daria, jumped out of his moving car and he panicked. He suggests they talk to the “other guy” because he threatened to kill her. Off Chloe and Lucifer go to investigate another clue.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) checks up on Charlotte who’s apparently having a horrible time trying to cook a chicken casserole. Maze takes some joy in Charlotte’s new life as Charlotte talks about her children as factories of filth. And, she takes care of the husband by just having sex with him if he asks a question. Maze says if it’s so bad, why doesn’t she just go back to Hell? Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) says that even all the ridiculous talk about gluten and assorted nonsense won’t make her want to give up her time on Earth with her sons.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) lets Lucifer and Chloe know she’s found a poison in the dead woman’s stomach. It took 90 minutes to kick in, so it wasn’t the Uber driver who killed her. But, she did track down the number Daria called and he turned out to be the owner of a popular restaurant. Lucifer does a bit of flirting with Ella before Chloe drags him away. Lucifer is definitely taking this whole “keep distracted at all times” thing seriously.

Lucifer and Chloe make the trip to the home of Daria’s last contact, and Lucifer admits he’s been calling realtors on Chloe’s behalf, adding that it was a good hour of distraction. Chloe says she can’t afford this neighborhood and just then a man comes out wearing a bloody apron and holding a bloody knife. He demands they get off his property. Lucifer tells him the Sweeney Todd look is over and the man apologizes, thinking they were his militant vegan neighbors who’ve been bothering him all day. He’s been out back making sausage for his restaurant. The crimefighting duo tell him his girlfriend is dead and his wife gets angry and leaves. Then he admits that he did have a fling with Daria but he was with his other girlfriend at that time, and that’s the girlfriend his wife actually knew about. (The girlfriends are all his waitresses.)

Chloe pulls Lucifer aside after he asks about tips for rooftop botany, demanding to know what’s going on. He breaks away to FaceChat with Maze who sounds exasperated that he’s bothering her again. He makes a wager with Maze after she refuses to do him a favor. If she takes the detective out for drinks and fun, she can have his convertible. She’s not allowed to tie Chloe up and pour booze down her throat, but Maze agrees anyway. Meanwhile the restaurant owner says Daria was with another waitress last night.

Amenadiel (DB Woodside) shows up at Dr. Linda’s to return a book he borrowed, but he really looks like he needs her help. He tries to act like he doesn’t but finally comes clean about a “physical problem” he’s having. Dr. Linda thinks it’s about his penis and she suggests he relax, put it out of his mind, and have some fun. That will remove the stress…only then does he realize she thinks he has erectile dysfunction.

Daria’s friend Lily (Anne Leighton) lets Chloe and Lucifer in to Daria’s apartment and Lucifer’s going off about his dislike for cats which he calls foul, incontinent creatures. The smell in her apartment is horrible and Lucifer blames it on the litter box but Chloe says it’s a dead smell. They find Daria’s friend, Naomi, dead with the same stamp on the inside of her wrist.

Lucifer’s at the club with two hot women on his arms, asking if they want to see the original stairway to heaven when Chloe shows up wanting to work on the case. Maze suggests Chloe join her for drinks instead, right as Ella also arrives for a night of socializing. Ella hugs Maze, which freaks out Maze, and heads to the bar but Chloe’s all business. She’s going over the clues, not caring that she ruined Lucifer’s ménage à trois. Chloe thinks she’s found the location of the rave Daria and Naomi went to before they died and wouldn’t you know it, Maze is familiar with a tiki bar right across the street. She tells Chloe to think like two hot women out on a girls night – Lucifer suggests she think with her “lady parts” – and Ella’s all in for some Pina Coladas.

Ella’s guzzling, Maze is opening beer bottles with her teeth, and Chloe’s just asking customers if she recognizes the dead women. Chloe has a call in for a warrant to check out the building across the street from the tiki bar and is going to call it a night without taking a sip from her drink. But then Dr. Linda arrives (Maze invited her) and Maze tells Chloe to just relax for once. Chloe says Maze is at Lucifer’s beck and call, and Maze fights back by asking when was the last time Chloe had sex. Ella says the conversation shouldn’t be about just work and sex, and Dr. Linda’s all in for that. Linda reveals she was a phone sex operator to pay for college, which Ella loves. Ella says she used to steal cars, while Maze shares that she was “forged in the bowels of hell to torture the guilty for all of eternity.” It’s Chloe’s turn but she won’t open up at first. Then she says a divorce, single parenthood, homelessness, and many cats are in future. Maze helpfully adds things with batteries to Chloe’s list. Ella’s having a blast and Linda orders Tequila for her new crew.

Amenadiel’s drinking Cosmos at Lucifer’s club and worried about mom getting to stay on earth. He tells Lucifer there will be consequences. Amenadiel’s obviously upset and Lucifer tells him to just fly their mom back to hell then. Wrong thing to suggest, Lucifer, as Amenadiel snaps, pounds the bar and yells, “Because I can’t!” He won’t say why not, and Lucifer tells him he needs to stop stressing and drown his sorrows in real drinks. Amenadiel protests because he finds Cosmos “yummy.”

Back at the girls night out, the foursome’s on stage singing “Heartbreaker.” Chloe imitates Lucifer and they’re all pretty wasted, with Chloe admitting she’s never had real girlfriends before. They declare themselves a new “tribe” and toast to their friendship. Maze is bummed she doesn’t have her knives so they could make a blood pact, but Chloe says next time. They keep toasting to their tribe and Maze snaps photos of Chloe drinking. Chloe wanders off and her wing women try to tell her to stop as she grabs a man and brings him back to the bar. She spotted the same stamp that was on the murdered women, and she shows him their picture. The man’s girlfriend appears thinking Chloe’s trying to pick up on her man. Maze wants to hurt this woman after she calls Chloe a skank, but Chloe holds her back. Linda tells her aggression is not the answer and then calls the woman a raging bitch. And now a bar fight breaks out, even though Chloe tries to calm things down by saying she’s LAPD. Maze is going to town, taking out pretty much everyone by herself including the guy who had the stamp on his wrist. A splash of water in his face and he’s revived enough to tell them it was a sex club and he saw the women in the photo there.

Chloe’s a bit worse for wear at work the next day and she admits to Dan she can’t remember at least half an hour of her night out. She also tells him about the pop-up sex party that catered to rich jerks and that the two women might have been sex workers. She wants Dan to go to the next party which is happening right now, and she wants him to go to the party with Lucifer because he looks too much like a cop. Dan completely disagrees about the cop comment, but reluctantly agrees to attending the party with Lucifer.

Lucifer tells Dan that every night is a sex party for him, and Dan’s not amused. There’s underage girls, no liquor license, and it’s totally illegal. Lucifer recalls that he started the first sex party…it was a place called Eden. Amenadiel shows up as they’re heading in although Dan’s not sure why he’s there. Lucifer thinks a night out would do his brother good. Dan reminds them they’re undercover and their mission is to find anyone who knew the dead girls. Lucifer says Dan looks like a cop, and Amenadiel completely agrees but Dan objects – again – and then finally gives up. Dan also gives them three rules: no drinking, no touching, and keep everything low-key. Yeah, right. Nice try, Dan, and thanks for playing.

Amenadiel’s having a good time with a hottie in red, telling his bro to come dance with them. Lucifer’s about to, looking at Amenadiel’s dance moves and saying, “White man’s overbite. That is definitely where I draw the line,” when Dan spots liquid nitrogen in the drinks on the bar. That’s what caused damage to the stomach lining of the dead women. The bartender runs when Dan shows him their picture but Lucifer easily grabs him by the neck. They question him about the dead ladies and he claims not to be the killer. He serves the pervs drinks and watches out for the girls. He also remembers a Hollywood dirtbag with a gold card named Yuri was with those two women. He also recalls there was another woman with the dead women, but he doesn’t know her name.

Back at the station, Dan and Chloe are working on finding Yuri while Chloe thinks the wife of the restaurant owner might be the other woman that the bartender was talking about. But then Chloe sees Lucifer laughing over something on his phone. It’s a photo of Chloe drinking that Maze snapped with the caption, “Pay up, I win!” Lucifer tells her about the wager and how he wanted to distract her with girls night out. Chloe thinks the whole ‘tribe’ thing was now just a big lie, and she snaps a photo flipping off the camera with the tag, “Tribal salute.” Lucifer has no idea that he hurt her by telling her the night out was something he set up. When she storms off, he blames Dan for saying something to make her mad.

Lucifer and Chloe find Yuri in his car and Chloe’s not sad when Yuri vomits on Lucifer’s pricey shoes. Yuri says he paid $5000 a piece for Naomi and Daria, two newbies that Crystal arranged for him. But when he met them, they had no idea it was a sex club and that he was their date. They wanted to leave and Crystal bought them drinks. They left anyway and he drank the rest of their drinks and has been sick ever since.

Crystal’s the one who poisoned Naomi and Daria, but Yuri doesn’t know Crystal’s real name. Yuri does however have photos from that night, including one with Crystal who is actually Naomi and Daria’s friend, Lily, who let them into Daria’s apartment.

Lily is packing up when Chloe and Lucifer pay her a visit. They know that Daria and Naomi were Lily’s sorority sisters and they tell her they know she turned on them. Lily grabs Chloe and puts a box cutter to her throat. Lily claims she didn’t know that what she put in their drinks would kill them; she just wanted to loosen them up. Lucifer’s phone rings, it distracts Lily, and Chloe throws her to the ground while saying, “There’s a special place in hell for women who fake friendships as a way of manipulating other women!” Obviously, she’s working through her own issues as she beats Lily with a rolled up yoga mat. All Lucifer can do is suggest she move into the killer’s place because it’s an apartment with a nice view.

Back at the station, Maze takes a seat at Chloe’s desk and Chloe’s not happy to see her. Maze tells her she wasn’t totally faking it and says she wouldn’t just kick ass for anyone before she admits that yes she would. Maze did have a good time and although she doesn’t do apologies, she tells Chloe she no longer wants to kill her. That’s a huge step for Maze! Chloe calls her deranged and Maze asks if they’re still going to be roomies. Chloe has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about but apparently they shook on it after Chloe told her she needed someone to share expenses. Chloe now realizes what she was doing during that missing half hour. Maze really wants to make this roomie thing happen and she has money and she likes Trixie. Plus, there’s no way she’ll steal any of Chloe’s clothes. She takes Chloe’s donut and reminds her she said she wanted to have fun.

Back at Lucifer’s, Maze fills him in on the roommate thing and Lucifer doesn’t want that to happen. He says no, no, no, and more no’s before landing on the idea that that might mean Maze would have sex with Chloe before he does. He wonders if Maze would like to make another wager and now it’s her turn to say no. However, instead of wanting his convertible for winning their original wager, Maze now wants Lucifer to pour her a drink. He does, willingly, and toasts to “newly defined relationships.”

Amenadiel stumbles in and he’s very hungover. He doesn’t believe their dad will just let this go but Lucifer thinks by punishing mom on earth he’s maintained the deal. Amenadiel thinks it won’t be that easy and that there will be consequences. Lucifer never told him why he made a deal with dad, but now he answers Amenadiel’s question about what was so important. Chloe’s life was spared but Amenadiel says Lucifer hasn’t delivered on his end of the bargain which means dad might take back his end of the deal.

As Lucifer and Amenadiel are discussing the consequences, Chloe’s car is T-boned.