‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: Homewrecker

Lucifer season 2 episode 9 Tom Ellis and Lauren German
Lauren German and Tom Ellis in the “Homewrecker” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Mom continues her quest to return to Heaven with her sons in Fox’s Lucifer season two episode nine airing on November 21, 2016. Amenadiel’s on board with the idea, however Lucifer’s enjoying his time on Earth far too much to want to give it up. As the episode begins, Lucifer’s hanging with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and doing some brotherly bonding on a tour bus with a bored guide who recites his speech in a monotone voice. Amenadiel wants to go back to Heaven but Lucifer (Tom Ellis) feels at home in the City of Angels, so much so that he can’t take the unenthusiastic guide’s voice for one more minute. He grabs the mic and takes over the tour guide’s job. Of course, Lucifer’s description of LA is not something tourists are likely to hear from any other guide, what with the inside scoop on the founder of an underground sex club and instructions on where to buy Molly. He even points out his nightclub, but Amenadiel’s already off the bus by that point.

So why doesn’t Amenadiel love LA? Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) says Lucifer needs to give him time to adjust and Lucifer pipes up saying the stick so far up his ass doesn’t help. Dr. Linda steers the conversation back to actually answering Lucifer’s question, and she wants to know why Lucifer loves LA. He says neither Hell nor Heaven are his home, describing Hell as like the DMV. He’s not sure why he made LA his home and Dr. Linda says it’s either because he’s running away from something or searching for something.

The episode’s major crime scene is introduced as Lucifer takes a seat on a throne and Chloe (Lauren German) swiftly kicks his butt out of it. They’re at a mansion investigating a murder and there’s no time for goofing off. Lucifer spots the murder victim and recognizes him as Dean Cooper, a real estate tycoon. Lucifer calls him deeply unpleasant, and Dean’s death isn’t a pretty one. He died by being stabbed in the neck with a champagne flute. Ella (Aimee Garcia) jokes, “Someone really popped his cork,” miming the blood squirting from his neck. None of the pieces of broken glass near his head are big enough to get a print, but that doesn’t deter Ella. She’s going to glue them all back together, and Lucifer jokes there are people in Hell being forced to do that.

Lucifer gets a text from Maze and has to head to Lux, but Chloe needs his help with tons of suspects who hated Cooper. Lucifer opts to check out the problem at Lux instead of sticking with Chloe, and when he gets there he finds out he’s being evicted. Dean Cooper’s son, Eric (Nick Jandl), is the one kicking him out just an hour after his dad was murdered. Lucifer tells him he made a deal with his dad to live there and asks Eric what he really desires. Eric confesses he hated his dad, but then he’s back to business saying a contract written in lipstick on a stripper’s thong isn’t binding. Lucifer wants to write a new one in blood, and yet still Eric continues to say Lucifer’s being evicted. Eric, oblivious to the fact he’s dealing with the Devil, is only saved from being attacked by Maze (Lesley Ann Brandt) who steps in and holds Lucifer off. She doesn’t want him to do anything in front of humans. Maze convinces Eric and his team to leave and they threaten to return with the police.

Once they’ve left, Maze tells Lucifer the murder and this eviction are his mother’s doing. He doesn’t think his mom killed Dean Cooper but he’s happy this is now a police matter since his BFF on Earth is a detective. Maze still thinks this has “mom” written all over it and she heads out to convince Amenadiel that his mother’s up to no good. Amenadiel defends his mom and Maze is calling her names when the subject of their conversation shows up. Maze tells her she knows exactly what Charlotte is doing and warns her she’ll find out what’s going on. When Maze leaves, Charlotte says, “Oh…she thinks she’s smart,” sounding sympathetic. Amenadiel asks if she was involved in the death and she denies it, but thinks that maybe Lucifer will come home with them now. She swears she won’t leave another child behind, but Amenadiel says no human will ever make Lucifer give up Lux.

Back at the murder scene, Ella is so excited she put all the glass pieces back together that she requests a fist bump from Chloe while quoting the Klingon phrase for “the king is trapped.”

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) shows up to save Chloe from further Klingon fist-bumping requests with news on Dean Cooper’s background. Chloe asks for his help but he’s busy with another case and just then Lucifer calls with his theory that Eric Cooper is the killer. Chloe says there’s no evidence of that and Ella chimes in that the prints on the glass are, in fact, Eric’s.

Lucifer’s super happy Chloe believes him for once and she sort of bursts his bubble by saying it was the evidence, not his guess, that led her to decide Eric might be a suspect. Lucifer tells her Eric is liquidating his dad’s assets and is trying to evict him from Lux. Chloe can’t believe Eric is making deals an hour after his dad’s death, and Chloe makes Lucifer promise not to threaten him or tear his arms off since this is obviously personal now. Lucifer promises and as they head into the building, Eric lands on top of a car right behind them. Lucifer wants to make sure Chloe realizes he didn’t do it.

Eric didn’t die because he only fell out the 7th floor window and Lucifer’s disappointed the guy can’t even do a decent suicide jump. Chloe and Lucifer visit him while he’s covered head to toe in casts, and Chloe explains to Eric’s fiancée, Christi (Chelsea Hobbs), that leaping out a window does point to a guilty conscience. While Chloe’s talking to Christi, Lucifer busies himself drawing on Eric’s cast. Chloe grabs the marker from Lucifer and Lucifer goes off about how Eric is cold-blooded and tried to kick him out of his house. Eric makes a noise and Lucifer says, “My Left Foot’s trying to speak…” (Whoa, you really went for it didn’t you, Lucifer writers?) Eric reveals his dad ran the business into the ground and he thought making emergency sales might save the business, but it didn’t.

Lucifer wants to know if they can renegotiate but Eric tells him he’s already sold the Lux to someone who’s buying up the family’s property. That sale still wasn’t enough to save the business and Christi says being with him is enough, they don’t need anything else. Of course, this nauseates the potentially homeless Lucifer. Chloe and Lucifer want to know who owns Lux now and Eric says it’s a woman named Eleanor Bloom. Lucifer hits Eric’s broken leg on the way out…because he’s Lucifer and he can.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) stalks a lawyer in the men’s room and wants to hire one of his clients, an explosive expert, to blow up something. Charlotte, not one for lengthy negotiations, steals his client and knocks the lawyer out.

Chloe and Lucifer show up at Eleanor Bloom’s office only to discover she and Dean Cooper have been in a real estate war for years. Lucifer wants his place back and asks her what she desires. She says everything Dean Cooper has and Lucifer says except Lux. Nope, she’s sticking to her guns – everything of Dean Cooper’s. She’ll destroy every single one of his real estate holdings, even Lux. When she brags she’s going to build a mega mall there, Lucifer is incensed and Chloe reminds her a murder investigation can tie things up for years. Chloe wants her help and Eleanor finally admits her accountants found several unreported payments that were for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dean Cooper obviously didn’t want anyone to find out he was secretly paying someone.

Back at the station, Chloe confirms Eleanor was right about the off-the-book payments. She’s going to trace the payments and Lucifer’s says he’s off to Eleanor’s again to get his home back. He’s going to do it by turning her world into a sphincter-loosening nightmare, which grosses out Chloe. She makes Lucifer promise again not to hurt Eleanor and tells him the law is on Eleanor’s side. Chloe says they need to find a legal solution which Lucifer interprets to mean he’s on his own.

Dan is interrogating the bomb maker when Charlotte interrupts and tells him to take his hands off her client. Dan leaves and Charlotte tells her new, very surprised client she posted his bail. She asks if he’s ever brought down a building, telling him she wants to use him to bring down a nightclub.

And now things are about to get nasty at Lux. Lucifer finds workers wrapping up his piano and that is a definite no go zone. Lucifer tells them they have no idea who they’re dealing with and offers to show them. So, how is he going to save his home? By hosting a wild party/sit-in to keep the workers (who are also invited) from doing their jobs. Amenadiel is observing Lucifer’s attempt at saving Lux when Charlotte arrives. Charlotte confesses she tried to have the place blown up but her client refused to kill this many people. Instead, she’s going to act like she supports Lucifer by joining the sit-in.

Lucifer’s happy to have his mom on board, and just then Dr. Linda arrives. He handles the introductions, adding Charlotte is his mom in a disturbingly hot body. Charlotte is confused by that description until Lucifer lets her know Dr. Linda is in on their celestial secrets. After Lucifer steps away, Dr. Linda tells Charlotte it’s an honor to meet her. She thanks her for everything, for existence, and Charlotte thanks her for taking care of her son. Dr. Linda is one smart lady and immediately figures out what Charlotte wants. She tells Lucifer’s mom she’ll never spill any of Lucifer’s therapy session secrets.

Meanwhile, Chloe has found Simon, the man who Dean Cooper was paying, and he says he’s legit. He was paid to be a professional tempter, a guy who finds out if your friends and associates can be trusted with secrets. But, he won’t tell her why Dean hired him. Dan cuts Chloe’s questioning short by letting her know there’s an illegal party going on at Lux and the police are headed there to break it up.

The cops arrive to bust the party and Lucifer tries to pay them off. Chloe is with them and says she can reason with Lucifer so they’ll leave. She wants to know what he was thinking…and then tells him to turn the music back on. Yay for Chloe! The party continues and Chloe assures Lucifer she’s always on his side. He drags her out onto the dance floor and she doesn’t want to dance, but finally lets him lead her around. From the sidelines, the devious, “do anything to get her son back” Charlotte figures out Lucifer loves Chloe while watching them dance.

The party finally winds down and Chloe’s still there but unlike the rest of Lucifer’s guests, she’s not passed out drunk. Chloe’s looking through Dean’s payments and can’t figure out who Simon was supposed to be tempting. Lucifer brings the focus back to him, telling Chloe they have to come up with a way to save Lux. He says it’s about more than him and that the building has a history of sin. There are prohibition tunnels running under the building that Howard Hughes once used with his mistresses. That gives Chloe an idea of who Dean was looking into and she wants to go see Simon ASAP. Lucifer doesn’t want to leave Lux undefended, but Chloe points out the moving crew is passed out on his floor. She really needs his help and tells him Lux will be fine.

Lucifer season 2 episode 9 DB Woodside and Lesley Ann Brandt
D.B. Woodside and Lesley-Ann Brandt in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Amenadiel and Maze are both spying on Charlotte, but for different reasons. They watch her at a bar and who shows up as her date? Detective Douche. Maze, like the rest of us, says she did not see that coming.

Simon’s busy at a party trying to get a woman to go to his room as part of a test when Lucifer walks up and tells her not to go. He spills the beans that Simon is working for this woman’s fiancé’s parents. She leaves, upset, and Chloe asks Simon if the payments from Dean were to check on Eric’s fiancée, Christi. She came from a poor family and Simon admits he tested her, but Christi stayed faithful. She was really in love with Eric. Simon told Dean the truth but Dean wasn’t satisfied. He told Simon to make up evidence and so he photoshopped pictures of her in compromising positions. Dean tried to blackmail Christi with fake photos, which could be a motive for Christi to murder Dean. Lucifer calls Simon a vile insect and a professional homewrecker, and Chloe can barely keep Lucifer under control.

Dan was surprised to get a call from Charlotte and surprised she asked him out. He says he’s gun-shy since his split with his wife, and she says she was in Hell forever after her break up. Dan says there’s a guy who has a thing for his ex, but he doesn’t know if it’s reciprocated. Maze and Amenadiel watch from a table, and Amenadiel wants to stop his mom’s date but Maze wants to watch it play out.

Dan’s happy to talk about his ex and as Charlotte gets up to leave, he realizes he over-shared. He apologizes and Charlotte stays, caresses his chest, and kisses him. Amenadiel looks like he’s going to be sick so Maze snaps a photo of him making a disgusted face and calls the photo a keeper. Charlotte and Dan head out and Maze wants to follow, but Amenadiel doesn’t want to watch them have sex. Amenadiel stops Maze from getting up, labeling Charlotte and Dan’s get together an innocent date. An innocent date with Chloe’s ex? Maze doesn’t believe it but Amenadiel convinces her not to follow them to Dan’s place.

The next morning Charlotte wakes up and calls her bomb-making client. She now wants to blow up just one person. She’s going to do it herself but needs the material.

Chloe and Lucifer visit Eric and confront Christi, telling her they know she killed Dean because of the fake blackmail evidence. Eric says he did it; he flew into a rage and killed his dad. Christi steps up and confesses she did it, proving they’re definitely in love because they’re both willing to go to jail.

Back at Lux, Lucifer sits quietly at his piano saying his goodbyes. Chloe arrives and asks him why he’s not fighting for Lux anymore and he says he’ll just build a new place. Chloe shows him paperwork that names Lux a Heritage site. She pulled a few strings and used his history lesson to keep the building from being demolished. She saved his home but he still needs to buy it back. Lucifer is almost speechless, and she explains friends help each other out. He wants to buy her dinner to celebrate.

Lucifer doesn’t understand why Chloe saved his home, no strings attached, and Dr. Linda says it’s because Chloe knew how important it is to him. People make gestures like that, says Dr. Linda, including Eric Cooper and his fiancée who just went to jail for each other. He calls them insane, and Dr. Linda asks what he really meant by saying he could lose Lux and still be okay because he’s in LA. She also wonders why she’s the only human who knows who he is, and Lucifer says it’s because she insisted. He could show Chloe his true face but doesn’t and Dr. Linda wants to know why. Is it because he’s afraid of how she’ll react? Dr. Linda says he came to LA looking for something but has stopped because he’s found it.

Chloe sits alone at a fancy restaurant waiting for Lucifer who’s home alone deep in thought. She texts him that she’s done waiting and is heading home and Lucifer doesn’t respond. He turns over his phone and ignores her messages. As she leaves the restaurant and is about to get into her car, the camera pans down to show there’s a bomb attached to the underside. Charlotte steps out of the shadows in the alley, holding up the detonator with her finger ready to press the button.