‘Manifest’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “Crosswinds”

Manifest Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
Parveen Kaur, Melissa Roxburgh, and Josh Dallas in ‘Manifest’ season 1 episode 10 (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood / NBC / Warner Brothers)

“My kid is at the center of everything happening to us. I’ve got to know why. It just might save his life,” says Ben (Josh Dallas) to his sister, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), as he’s about to attend Agent Vance’s memorial in hopes of a lead in season one episode 10 of the NBC’s Manifest.

Season episode 10 titled “Crosswinds” begins with Michaela visiting her mother’s grave. She tells her mom everyone has moved on but she and Ben and the others on the plane have to start over. Michaela admits she wants her old life back.

Dr. Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) and Professor Fiona Clarke (Francesca Faridany) are with the passengers they saved from the experiments at Clarke’s beach house. The passengers are in a catatonic state. Sannvi believes they need to bring as many passengers together from Flight 828 as possible to, hopefully, unlock what’s going on.

Ben studies his timeline of everything involving Flight 828. He doesn’t see any new leads and gets frustrated. Just as he begins to throw things around, Michaela walks in and reminds him it’s her apartment – she’s the one who should be throwing things. Getting Ben to calm down right away, Michaela says they haven’t had a calling in 10 days and maybe the Red Hook lab explosion reset things. Ben doesn’t believe it and decides he’s going to Vance’s memorial to pay his respects. Michaela doesn’t like the idea but Ben tells her he needs to know why Cal’s at the center of everything going on.

Cal (Jack Messina) asks Grace (Athena Karkanis) why Ben can’t come home. She explains Ben has to work out some things on his own.

Ben’s approached by Agent Powell (Tim Moriarty) at Vance’s memorial and told to get lost. As Ben’s walking away he’s approached by a reporter/podcaster named Aaron Glover. Aaron reveals that an hour before the explosion at Red Hook a Blackhawk helicopter dropped off someone called The Major. Aaron wants Ben to tell his story on his podcast.

Michaela visits with Sannvi and the passengers and as touches one of them, she has a “calling”, a vision where she sees a blizzard and hears a voice say, “Find her.” The passenger she touched, Paul, jolts awake out of his catatonic state. Hoping Michaela can do it again, Sannvi has her try another passenger but no luck. The passenger who’s now alert is Paul Santino, but he has amnesia. Dr. Bahl tells Michaela her “calling” might be talking about Paul’s wife. They need to find her.

Ben and Michaela meet with other passengers from Flight 828 – those who showed up before the plane exploded. Clarke tells them that part of what’s happening to them is what she theorized about a shared consciousness. The pilot of 828 gets worried and leaves. Before he goes, he tells Ben not to trust Clarke and that the meeting was a big waste of time.

Ben approaches Autumn (Shirley Rumierk) and asks her about The Major. She reveals Lawrence was scared when he talked to The Major on the phone. She could tell The Major was a person of high authority. Ben asks to clarify that The Major is a woman and Autumn says yes. Ben goes to tell Michaela and Autumn gets a text on her hidden phone, but she throws it in the ocean.

Michaela’s searching for Paul’s wife at the precinct when Jared (J.R. Ramirez) walks in. Michaela’s surprised to see him, thinking he’s back to work too soon. Jared confesses he needs to talk to her, but Michaela tells him it’ll have to wait since she’s working a case. He wants her to fill him in and she tells him about the missing person.

Ben pays a visit to Grace and explains Cal asked him to come and visit. They shoot hoops and Cal asks why Ben can’t come home. Ben tells Cal he wishes he could but he has to deal with things. Ben assures his son that he and Cal’s mom love him a lot.

Afterward, Ben listens to the reporter’s podcast and hears him say the term “holy grail.” Ben asks Aaron about it and Aaron admits a source said The Major is after what’s described as the holy grail.

Michaela and Jared head to Paul’s wife’s residence and find it empty. They notice her mail’s piling up and milk’s sitting out that expired two days after Flight 828 returned. Michaela wants to asks Paul some questions and suggests Jared search the house.

Michaela experiences the calling once again.

Ben tells Michaela and Sannvi about The Major as well as the holy grail comment.

Jared texts Michaela with a lead. He’s tracked down Paul’s wife, Helen, who’s hiding at a motel. When they question her about her disappearance, she admits Paul was an abusive husband. When she heard the flight had returned, she went into hiding because she didn’t want him to find her.

Ben surprises Agent Powell and tries to loop him in on what’s really going on. Ben believes that whoever this Major is, she’s the one responsible for Vance’s death. Powell suggests to Ben that he walk away from it. Ben asks Powell what he thinks Vance would want him to do as he leaves.

Back at the precinct, Michaela tells Jared she doesn’t want to work with him anymore. She knows moved on while she was gone. She refuses to be a wrecking ball in his life and tells him she’s going to tell the Captain not to team them up anymore. Jared is, understandably, upset.

Olive (Luna Blaise) brings Danny (Daniel Sunjata) home for dinner. Grace becomes upset, not believing Danny’s presence is a good idea. She asks Danny to leave. Olive tells her mom she wants Danny to stay and a big argument ensues. Cal texts Ben who drives over and walks in on all the shouting.

Michaela heads back to the beach house and Paul asks about his wife. Michaela goes off on Paul, telling him he was an abusive husband and he doesn’t deserve a second chance. Sannvi breaks up the argument, leaving Paul confused and upset.

Ben orders Danny out of the Stone house, and Danny pushes back saying he was invited. The two men start to get into it when Grace breaks it up, admitting she’s tired of it all. She tells Ben they can’t go back to the way it was and tells Danny she’s sorry he didn’t get the family he thought he would.

Ben realizes Grace isn’t in love with him anymore and confesses he didn’t realize she had moved on. He tells Danny to stay and gives Olive, who’s now crying realizing she chose Danny over her own father, a hug. Ben then hugs Cal and assures his children he loves them. Ben leaves the house, gets in his car, and begins to cry when he gets a call. It’s Powell and he admits that Vance would have wanted him to help. Powell tells Ben the Major scheduled a Blackhawk helicopter to New York and warns him to be careful.

Jared goes to see Michaela at her apartment. He barges in and asks her to stop telling him how he feels. Jared admits that the reason he didn’t go to the hanger when he heard the flight was back was because he knew he would never go home. “Mick, you’re not a wrecking ball. You’re my soul mate. I look at you and the rest of the world goes away,” says Jared, finally confessing he never stopped loving her. Full of emotion, Michaela kisses Jared and the romance and passion is rekindled.

Afterward, Michaela receives a text from Ben about the Major.

Ben agrees to participate in Aaron’s podcast, telling him about the Major and how he’s only trying to protect his family. After the podcast, Ben tells Aaron he can’t go public with it – at least not yet. Ben says he’ll be his Deep Throat and fill him in, but if anything happens to him he can go public with the interview.

Michaela gets another calling and it dawns on her she’s actually receiving someone else’s calling.

As he’s headed home, Powell is abducted and placed into the back of a black RV.

Autumn is approached by a man in a suit while she’s getting coffee at a coffee house. He informs her the Major would like to have a word with her.

In the final scene of the episode, Cal wakes up and has a calling. He sees the same blizzard Michaela saw and hears a man’s voice saying, “Find her.” However, in his vision the man’s walking in the blizzard with a photo of Michaela.

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