‘Future Man’ Season 2 – Eliza Coupe Interview on Tiger and a Particularly Weird Sex Scene

The stars of Hulu’s hilarious comedy Future Man made the trek to the New York Comic Con in support of the series’ second season. Josh Hutcherson (‘Josh Futturman’), Eliza Coupe (‘Tiger’), and Derek Wilson (‘Wolf’) participated in a presentation with the show’s writers/executive producers, and also sat down for roundtable interviews to discuss season two.

The new season premieres on Friday, January 11, 2019 and finds the threesome off on their own adventures in 2162. Tiger is still coming to terms with the fact she’s a Biotic and with the fact Stu Camillo (Haley Joel Osment) created the cure. Discussing the new season while trying to steer clear of any spoilers, Eliza Coupe explained what’s happening with Tiger when fans catch up with her in season two.

Tiger had a crazy time in season one. Is she going to be even more out there in season two?

Eliza Coupe: “Buckle up and then get somebody else’s seat belt and buckle that up because I play multiple versions of myself-ish. So, yeah, it’s crazy.”

Is there a version of her you love more than the others?

Eliza Coupe: “Yes. I love Tiane. You guys have no clue. She’s really fun and it’s fun what I get to do with my voice, so it’s great.”

In season two, how does she feel about the revelation that she’s a Biotic?

Eliza Coupe: “Well it’s a bit gutting to find out that you’re the enemy, the thing that you’ve been trying to kill forever. So, that and the fact that it jeopardizes the wonderful relationship between Wolf and Tiger. That’s a bit, I guess, devastating to her. But she overcomes it.”

What is Tiger and Wolf’s relationship like in season two?

Eliza Coupe: “Well it gets a little…they become a bit estranged. It’s tough and then as it is with the structure of TV and film, it comes back around. A real tough one to figure out.”

Did you know about the big Biotic plot twist all along?

Eliza Coupe: “I think they kind of broke it down for us. By the time we were shooting – and we were shooting two episodes at once and all of that, I think we all kind of [knew]. Actually, no, I knew that I was a Biotic from day one. Actually, I did. It was cool because it’s flattering that Biotics are perfect people, so the actor is pumped.”

Eliza Coupe in Future Man Season 2
Eliza Coupe stars in ‘Future Man’ season 2 (Photo by Erin Simkin / Hulu)

Tiger often seems cold and driven, but there are moments when she shows compassion. Did she have a heart before we met her in the series and when does that come out?

Eliza Coupe: “What’s interesting is that the first version of the script that I ever read, she was colder and much more sarcastic. It was a lot of real deadpan, not caring. That was appealing to me but at the same time I don’t like characters that don’t have a warmth and a depth to them and can be playful. There needs to be that because otherwise you can’t connect, and why would you care about them?

I watch things and I see actors and I’m like, ‘I don’t care about this character even though I’m supposed to.’ I want to know what’s underneath. I want to see the human part of them. It wasn’t there and I think they realized that quite quickly. Then it did evolve into that and I was so happy about that. It gets even more so in season two, so that’s very fun for me. And it also makes me more proud to play that character.”

Is it hard keeping everything straight when you’re playing multiple versions of yourself?

Eliza Coupe: “I honestly wish it were, but I cannot, as a person. I sort everything out in my brain, so I knew everyone else’s stuff too. It’s a problem. It’s problematic that I’m keeping track of the continuity on the show, too. There’s so much going on. I wish, but I had it all pretty locked in my brain.”

Do you ever find a mistake in the continuity?

Eliza Coupe: “Oh yes, all the time and I pointed it out and saved them. I’m not trying to toot my own horn but to be fair thank god we weren’t doing time travel this year because I get so obsessive about it. Like, who was carrying the bag in what hand? I shouldn’t be doing that. (Laughing) Why do I do that? It’s just a distraction from my own problems, I think. It’s something for therapy.”

When you’re filming scenes talking to yourself, how does that work logistically?

Eliza Coupe: “I have three different stand-ins because I guess union rules are that I have a stand-in who didn’t talk, and then I had my stand-in Alisha (East) who’s amazing. She’s actually brilliant. She was so good at imitating me, so it was creepy and awesome. She would read behind the girl, so it was like I’m staring at this person who couldn’t talk because she came from a modeling agency, and then behind her was my amazing stand-in who’s like two feet smaller but wearing these big shoes to make her taller so you’re just all confused. And then it was just a whole thing. I’m like, ‘Where do I look?’ So, we’ll see how that eye line is. I’ll be looking for that.”

What was the most difficult scene for you to make it through without breaking?

Eliza Coupe: “I had to have full-to-completion sex with a brain and my hands in a room by myself and just the camera operator – and everyone else in video village, watching. To completion, by myself with my hand in something. So, my parents are going to see that.”

Do you think about that while you were filming the scene?

Eliza Coupe: “Yeah. It’s great when you’re doing that and you’re like, ‘Oh mom, dad,’ and they’re coming in. But, again, therapy – I’m paying a lot right now for that.”

What’s it like being a part of a show that puts you in situations like that?

Eliza Coupe: “It’s amazing. What’s great is nothing fazes me from all the shows that I’ve done, from even Scrubs. I can’t be fazed. I also grew up with two brothers in New Hampshire so it’s like nothing’s really going to get me. Although, things have but it’s more of a (muted), ‘Oh. Okay, that’s what’s happening.’”

What’s Tiger’s dynamic with Josh this season?

Eliza Coupe: “I don’t really interact with Josh. Truly, it was very difficult to not see two of my best friends all season. But I had Haley (Joel Osment) so that was really great.”