Matt Damon Brings A-List Celebs While Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Damon had Andy Garcia sub in for Guillermo, Sheryl Crow take over as the show’s band leader, Robin Williams help him with his monologue, and Sarah Silverman – Jimmy Kimmel’s ex – show up to celebrate Matt Damon taking over Jimmy Kimmel Live.
But the celebrities turning out for Damon’s night of hosting the show didn’t stop there. No, not even close. Among the night’s biggest ‘gets’ was Nicole Kidman, who walked onto the stage and did a quickie lap dance type of thing on the tied up Kimmel. And when Damon asked her why she’s never done the show before, she said it was because Kimmel isn’t classy and he sucks. Then Gary Oldman and Amy Adams showed up to up the A-list ante. And while Kimmel complains about not being able to book big guests, Andy Garcia proved you can toss a rock on Hollywood Blvd and hit an Oscar winner. To prove his point, he hit Reese Witherspoon. Oh, and then he nailed Demi Moore with a rock.





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