‘SNL’ – Mike Myers as Dr. Evil Makes Fun of Sony and the Hackers

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil on SNL Mocks Sony and Hackers
Mike Myers as Dr. Evil on ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Photo Courtesy of SNL’s Instagram)

Former SNL cast member Mike Myers put in a surprise appearance on the December 20, 2014 episode of Saturday Night Live, reprising his Dr. Evil character and mocking both Sony and the North Korean hackers. Dr. Evil believes both North Korea and Sony Pictures have given villains a bad name, and that their battle over the comedy movie The Interview is like watching two bald guys fight over a comb. And Dr. Evil told North Korea he’s surprised that an evil country would chose killing a movie as its act of war, explaining that it’s easy to kill a movie by just moving it January.

Dr. Evil also schooled North Korea on how to effectively put a bomb in theaters by poking fun at himself, telling them to do what he did: release The Love Guru.

Watch the video:

-By Rebecca Murray

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