‘Preacher’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Mumbai Sky Tower

Preacher season 2 episode 2
Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy and Tom Brooke as Fiore in ‘Preacher’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / AMC / Sony Pictures Television)

AMC’s Preacher season two episode two picks up with The Cowboy (Graham McTavish) taking aim and firing at Jesse (Dominic Cooper). Fortunately for Jesse, an Alonso’s Old Tyme Axle Grease delivery truck drives into the bullet’s path. The driver is killed and the truck crashes into The Cowboy. The crash brings out a horde of attendees of the Greater Association of Gun Aficionados, all armed to the teeth. It also brings out Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). They all watch as The Cowboy walks away from the crash unscathed.

Jesse commands the gun lovers to stop The Cowboy and they open fire, causing the truck to explode. They cheer, but The Cowboy emerges from the smoke without a scratch. Bullets can’t take him down and he shoots the gun owners, one after another.

Meanwhile, Tulip (Ruth Negga) is fixated on the television and missed the action on the street in front of the motel. The news is reporting the explosion in Annville and that survivors are unlikely as Jesse and Cassidy enter the room. Only when the TV is shot do Tulip, Cassidy, and Jesse flee the room and take cover in a stairwell. They watch as The Cowboy continues killing anyone he sees, and Jesse explains Genesis doesn’t work on this killer.

A victim of The Cowboy wanders into their hiding spot, uses the soda machine, and complains when he receives Ginger Ale instead of Root Beer. He’s loud but The Cowboy doesn’t turn around until Jesse uses Genesis to make the stranger be quiet. They escape out a window barely in time.

The next morning when they stop for gas, Cassidy offers up three possible explanations. One, The Cowboy is a Terminator sent from the future to kill one of them. Two, Terminator 2 sent from the future to kill all three of them. Or three, he’s a Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Jesse has no idea and can’t reach Mike to ask for answers.

They wonder if The Cowboy blew up Annville and how they’re going to find God with a killer on their tail when Cassidy notices a family wearing Ganesh T-shirts. Cassidy thinks Ganesh can help them.

Flashback to a few days prior with Fiore the angel (Tom Brooke) boarding a bus to Mumbai Sky Tower casino. He checks in and tries to hang himself in his room, but fails. He then hits the casino floor, wins a bag full of chips, and heads back up to his room to try and use the bag to suffocate himself. Every time he kills himself, he’s resurrected.

When he electrocutes himself during Frank Patel’s lounge act and then appears miraculously alive on stage, he’s shocked to observe the audience reacting with a loud round of applause. Patel becomes his assistant and The Amazing Ganesh takes over as the featured act at the Mumbai Sky Tower.

Patel can chop off Fiore’s head, shoot him in the head with an arrow, saw him in half with a chainsaw… It doesn’t matter because The Amazing Ganesh is resurrected in front of cheering audiences.

Jesse explains to Tulip that Fiore and his partner were the ones who told him about Genesis. Tulip’s unimpressed and heads off in search of a drink while Jesse and Cassidy meet with Fiore. They tell him about The Cowboy and he informs them The Cowboy is actually the Saint of Killers. “He’s a beast straight out of hell,” explains Fiore. “He doesn’t want Genesis for himself. He wants to kill it – and you – and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him except me because I’m the one that hired him.”

Fiore goes on to explain he hired the Saint of Killers because Genesis is too dangerous to exist within Jesse. When Jesse threatens to make Fiore fire the Saint of Killers, he realizes how The Cowboy’s tracking them. When he uses Genesis, The Cowboy gets a bead on his position.

Jesse informs Fiore they found out God is missing, something Fiore didn’t know. Jesse warns Fiore that if The Cowboy isn’t stopped and Genesis is destroyed, they’ll never find God. Fiore admits he hasn’t been happy since he came to earth and now he doesn’t give a crap about what happens. He refuses to help them.

After Fiore heads back out on stage, Jesse tells Cassidy his plan is to use Genesis, bring The Cowboy here, and make the angel call him off. Cassidy disagrees and wants another crack at Fiore, swearing he has a skill set that can help. He claims it will only take him two hours and 45 minutes to get Fiore to help them.

Elsewhere in the casino, Tulip’s looking sad and nursing her drink. She confesses to Jesse she’s mourning the death of Walter, the only family member she had left. She recalls he wore a suit and tie just for her on the first day of school.

Preacher season 2 episode 2
Graham McTavish as The Saint of Killers in ‘Preacher’

Jesse and Tulip head up to a room, have sex, and then discuss their plans. If Cassidy gets the Saint of Killers off their backs, they’ll keep looking for God. Tulip reminds him he doesn’t have a church anymore, but Jesse thinks God has a lot to answer for – including their hometown blowing up. Tulip thinks Jesse will figure it out and Jesse just up and pops the question! Tulip’s shocked when Jesse says there’s a wedding chapel in the lobby and they could get married right now.

While Jesse and Tulip are considering tying the knot, Cassidy has a blow torch and is ready to deal with Fiore.

Tulip slaps Jesse across the face, telling him he always said marriage was stupid. Jesse turns the tables on her and says she’s the one who hates marriage. Plus, Tulip believes she’s just received the worst marriage proposal ever.

Cassidy points out items laid out on a table including heroin, lemon juice, and rock cocaine. Cassidy believes a speedball will cheer up Fiore. He injects him in the throat and it kills Fiore. He’s resurrected – and high – and they proceed to go bonkers in the hotel room. Frisbee’s played, beach balls are tossed, and basketballs are shot. They build a fort, read Archie comics, and talk about where dead angels go if live angels reside in heaven. There’s naked hugging, ice cream eaten, and tons of more drugs injected. The two hour and 45 minute countdown clock now reads three minutes and 27 seconds.

Tulip and Jesse take a number at the busy chapel and then head to the bar. They agree this is crazy, but Tulip chimes in that it’s “awesome crazy.” She gets distracted when she sees someone she recognizes at the bar and follows him upstairs. She loses him, but makes it back to her room only to discover the man, whose name is apparently Gary, knocking on her door.

Jesse waits downstairs at the bar and has a conversation with Frank Patel. Patel says no matter what, the answer is always music. A light bulb goes on, literally, as Jesse recalls, “He came for the jazz.”

Cassidy and Ganesh arrive and Jesse lets Cassidy know he’s figured out where to look for God. Jesse says they can hit the road again right after he and Tulip get married, a turn of events that shocks Cassidy. Cassidy decides it was meant to be and acts supportive.

Tulip and Gary exchange pleasantries and she invites him into her hotel room. They know each other from Louisiana and Tulip tries to play off her relationship with Jesse as just “work associates.” Gary doesn’t buy it, and tells her Victor’s been looking for her. Tulip says she’s been meaning to get in touch with Victor, so Gary offers her his phone. She declines, saying she has a “thing” she has to do. She asks him to cut her a break and say he didn’t see her, but Gary can’t do that.

Gary starts to make the call for her and she knocks the phone from his hand. Gary, a large, powerful man, easily gets the upper hand and drags her about the room by her neck, trying to get a cell phone signal. Tulip finally hits him hard and then tells him he can’t do this today. He threatens to kill her and they go at it, with Tulip bashing his head in leaving blood everywhere. Cassidy arrives at the end of the fight and she tells him not to tell Jesse just as the buzzer goes off, signaling their turn has arrived at the wedding chapel.

Ganesh/Fiore waits with Jesse in the chapel for Tulip to show up, and Fiore assures him he’s called off the Saint of Killers. But when Jesse asks if he can use the voice again, Fiore tells him no way because Genesis isn’t a toy. They argue about Eugene being stuck in Hell, and Jesse does eventually agree Genesis is not a toy. However, if using it will bring him closer to finding God, he’s going to use it.

Tulip arrives and she’s decided they shouldn’t get married right now. Marriage is stupid, but they love each other and that’s all that matters. Jesse’s okay with that and Tulip thanks Fiore for helping them with their search for God.

As they prepare to leave, Cassidy gives Fiore a hug and it seems Fiore’s genuinely sad to see him go.

Cassidy lets Jesse know he’s sorry the wedding got called off, and Jesse responds by acting suspicious that something happened upstairs between he and Tulip. Cassidy lies and says nothing went on (failing to mention the dead Gary).

Fiore wishes Jesse good luck and admits he’s never actually met God himself. Jesse reveals that since God likes jazz, they’ll be heading to New Orleans next. As they drive away, Jesse uses the voice to tell Fiore to find peace.

Fiore heads back to his room which still has beach balls, a tent, and other assorted items from his afternoon with Cassidy littering the room. He makes it to his dressing room and repeats “find peace” just as The Cowboy arrives.

The Cowboy says their deal still holds and Fiore says, “Kill Genesis and you’ll see your family again.” Fiore realizes Jesse will just keep using the voice and informs The Cowboy that Jesse is headed to New Orleans.

Before The Cowboy can leave, Fiore informs him he has another job for him: he wants out. Soon after The Amazing Ganesh takes the stage, The Cowboy shoots him and this time he’s not resurrected. The crowd boos as on the stage Fiore looks peaceful – and quite dead.

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