Camila Mendes Interview: Riverdale Season 4 and Varchie

The CW’s Riverdale star Camila Mendes says the core four will be spending a lot of time together in season four and that college will be front and center on Veronica’s mind. College…and Archie, of course.

During our interview at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Camila Mendes also teased a musical episode and a huge dance number.

Riverdale season four will premiere on October 9, 2019 at 8pm ET/PT.

How is Veronica’s relationship with her parents in season four?

Camila Mendes: “Obviously, both of her parents are in prison. She put Hiram in prison, so she wanted him to be there. I don’t think she wanted her mom to be there. But Hiram has a vengeance and he’s definitely causing hell in her life and reacting to the fact that she put him there. So, there’s definitely some conflict between Veronica and her parents.

Smithers is her legal guardian, but mostly the house is unsupervised which means anyone can come over. Sleepovers!”

Speaking of that, last season Varchie went through a lot of ups and downs but ultimately came together in the end. Are we going to see a more solid Varchie this season?

Camila Mendes: “I think so. […] They’re going strong and pretty solid. I feel like after all the turmoil they went through in season three, it would be really annoying if they had more of that in season four. You’d be like, ‘Come on, guys! Make up your mind!’”

What is she focusing on in season four?

Camila Mendes: “Veronica is focusing on applying for colleges and dealing with the repercussions of her father’s vengeance and the things that he does, which I can’t elaborate on. And, also, there is a new principal at Riverdale High. Mr. Weatherby is off with The Farm, I believe. So, there’s Mr. Honey. Mr. Honey comes in and he’s very strict. He’s kind of trying to reform Riverdale High and instilling all these rules. So, Veronica’s definitely going to butt heads with him as well. I think every student will.”

Can we hope for another musical episode?

Camila Mendes: (Laughing) “100%.”

If you could choose which musical it would be, what would you pick?

Camila Mendes:Sweeney Todd. I love Sweeney Todd so much. I would love to do Sweeney Todd. I don’t know who Veronica would play in that. I feel like Cheryl would probably be Johanna.”

Mrs. Lovett?

Camila Mendes: “Betty would be Mrs. Lovett, maybe. Or Johanna. I can’t see Veronica being Mrs. Lovett either. Veronica needs to be a fiercer character.”

Riverdale Season 4 Camila Mendes
Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes and Casey Cott in ‘Riverdale’ (Photo: Robert Falconer © 2019 The CW Network)

What are Veronica’s college plans?

Camila Mendes: “I know she’s looking at Harvard. But because of the trouble that Hiram’s causing in Veronica’s life, it’s going to make getting into Harvard maybe harder than she thought.”

Is she interested in studying law?

Camila Mendes: “I think she would study business. But I can see her being a lawyer as well. I think she would be a damn good lawyer.”

Since she’s basically looking after herself, will we see her struggle with the day-to-day stuff?

Camila Mendes: “I almost feel like Veronica’s always been super independent and always looking after herself. I don’t think that really changes this season.

Honestly, this season feels like we’re really diving into senior year. There’s going to be more of the core four together, more of the whole gang together, getting to see some more storylines from Kevin and Reggie. I think we’re going to be exploring more of the dynamics between characters because it’s our last year in high school. I think that’s going to feel… I think if we were to go on and do a season five, then what would that look like? So, I think we’re going to really relish high school. Like, let’s really live in this high school world before it’s done.”

Is there anything in particular school-wise you want to see?

Camila Mendes: “The college thing is actually something I’ve always wanted to see. I always wanted to see what the characters would grow up to become, what they pursue in their lives. And also, the show couldn’t continue if they all went off to different schools, right? So somehow they’re all going to end up at Riverdale University.”

Jughead will be attending a different high school for his senior year. Will Veronica have much interaction with him?

Camila Mendes: “Yeah, there definitely is. I think we’re going to see more interaction between those two characters.

Jughead’s going to this new prep school and that was Veronica’s life. Those are the types of people she’s familiar with and she knows that world. I think in a way she’s trying to protect Jughead from those people and what they can be like.”

What about Veronica the businesswoman this season?

Camila Mendes: “She’s still running her business. And I think I can say we have fun dance number, a really exciting dance number at the end of episode two. […] It’s like three minutes of insane dancing. It’s a jazzy song and it’s like sexy and fun. It’s a really famous song and you guys are going to love it!”