Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “Lahun Chan”

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 4
JD Pardo as EZ Reyes in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 4 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

FX’s Mayans M.C. season two episode three ended with EZ and Angel surprising Happy when he arrived home from Medina’s funeral. The action in episode four picks up with EZ (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) asking Happy if he knows who they are. Happy justifiably assumes someone’s going to die before this encounter ends and doesn’t care about their identities.

With Happy (David Labrava) tied up, EZ and Angel rifle through his drawers looking for anything on their mother. They’re both being careful and wearing gloves, and neither find anything during their search. The next step is to question Happy about what happened nine years ago. EZ lays out the facts. Someone murdered their mother by shooting her in the neck at the family’s butcher shop. He also reveals that he saw the car as it drove away and remembers exactly what it looked like.

EZ followed the vehicle in his truck and eventually saw the driver – Happy – at a construction zone. “I remember every detail of it,” snarls EZ. Happy doesn’t say anything as EZ tells him he knows he killed their mother.

EZ’s done such thorough research that he knows Happy was a gun-for-hire prior to joining SAMCRO. Happy remains silent, even as Angel puts out a lit cigarette on his bare shoulder. All EZ and Angel want is a name from Happy, but he’s not forthcoming.

EZ then surprises his brother by asking if it was Galindo and the cartel who ordered the hit.

With that question now dangling in the wind, EZ’s forced to walk Angel through everything he discovered about their father’s past. He explains he found a lockbox that contained their father’s personal papers. Those papers included their father and mother’s real names and the information that Felipe was a Federale. He also explains in the box were photos of their dad with Miguel Galindo’s father, Jose. That’s why he asked Happy about the cartel’s involvement.

Angel doesn’t take EZ withholding these details until now well, and he attacks his brother. Happy, still tied up, smiles as he watches the brothers beat the crap out of each other.

Meanwhile, the Mayans are heading home when they run into EZ and Angel’s “friends,” the Swole Boys. There’s 20 of the wannabes lined up as the club stops for gas and snacks. Bishop and the guys try and figure out what’s up with this club and why they’re in a stare down. They give Packer, president of the San Bernardino chapter of Sons of Anarchy, a call but he’s out. Coco (Richard Cabral) jokes that maybe they just want to escort them to the border.

The Mayans don’t have the time or energy for this encounter. They consider taking an access road, but Bishop decides they should stick to the highway and stay in front of the situation. The six bikes and the van get back on the road and the Swole Boys immediately follow.

The Swole Boys make their move, taking out Riz (Antonio Jaramillo) and his bike first. He goes down hard which means game on. Three Swole Boys go down, courtesy of the van.

The Mayans then pull over and scare off the remainder of the Swole Boys by firing a few rounds in their direction.

It’s only after the Swole Boys sped away that the Mayans remember Riz is back the direction the Swole Boys are heading without any backup. They hurry back and Riz is still sprawled out, unconscious. He comes to and doesn’t seem too badly injured.

Packer (Robert Patrick) and some SAMDINO members arrive on the scene to help. Packer reveals the Swole Boys are out of a bunch of muscleheads out of a gym. Packer apologizes this went down in San Bernardino and happily agrees to help Bishop settle the score.

“Let’s go burn down a f**king gym!” says Packer, raring for a fight.

Angel and EZ finally finish beating each other bloody. EZ admits he didn’t think it was his place to divulge their dad’s secrets. Happy’s still tied up but the brothers don’t care as it’s time for another heart-to-heart. Angel believes he was a constant disappointment to their mom and dad and that EZ was their favorite. EZ apologizes, even though it’s not his fault, and Angel confesses there were times he hated the sight of him. He calls himself an idiot, a mistake, and EZ tries to get his brother to understand no one thought that.

Happy picks this moment to pipe up and say, “Poor little Angel. Nobody loved him.”

That prompts the brothers to finally get up off the kitchen floor. They take a good look at Happy’s tattoos and Angel wonders which of the smiley faces is the one marking their mother’s murder. EZ’s not sure and hands Angel a knife, telling him it’s his pick.

Angel uses the knife and slices a chunk of flesh with one of the tattoos out of Happy’s abdomen.

A while later, Happy’s still not divulging any info and the brothers are starting to be concerned someone will come looking for Happy. (Happy’s phone’s been ringing all day.) Neither EZ nor Angel expected Happy to hold out so long; their plan, if you can call it that, is definitely not working.

Angel suggests they kill him and make it look like a break-in. EZ’s frustrated and doesn’t want to take Happy out until they know why their mother was targeted. Angel decides they should attempt to get Happy to talk one more time and if he doesn’t break, then they’ll shoot him.

EZ tells Happy he doesn’t want to kill him, but they will if Happy doesn’t say who ordered the hit. Happy’s dog’s been barking this whole time but his barking grows more frantic as Angel rams his gun barrel into the open wound on Happy’s abdomen.

Angel can’t take the barking anymore and heads over to shoot the dog. That breaks Happy. He screams, “No!” before Angel can fire. Angel and EZ realize they finally have bargaining power. Angel threatens to torture the dog slowly if Happy doesn’t talk. (As a dog lover I’m finding this scene extremely difficult to watch.)

After hours of remaining silent, Happy finally agrees to talk in order to save his dog. (I’m having mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, Happy obviously loves his dog above all else. So, yay! On the other hand, he’s a ruthless murderer.)

Angel earns back a little of the respect he lost for threatening a dog’s life by providing the hungry animal with food and fresh water.

Upon Happy’s instructions, EZ retrieves a folder that contains information on their mother. It includes her personal information and movements. Happy tells them to look at the next page which it turns out is all about Felipe’s locations throughout a typical day.

“I f**ked up. I was supposed to kill both of them,” says Happy.

Happy then explains the job came in through Packer. He suggests they talk to Packer because will have kept records. Still, even if Packer has paperwork it won’t include the name of the person who ordered the hits.

EZ and Angel demand to how their mother’s murder went down. Happy describes the events matter of factly, and reveals their mother wasn’t surprised. She knew it was coming. Happy recalls he shot her when he heard cars pulling up. He then stuck around by the border to see if they wanted him to kill Felipe. He assumed the order was coming from one of the cartels.

Happy thought EZ had been sent by a cartel to kill him for not completing the job. He got spooked, gave up being a hired gun, and joined SAMCRO.

“If someone killed my mom, I’d put a bullet between his eyes,” admits Happy.

EZ and Angel discuss Happy’s fate, with EZ landing on the side of setting Happy free. Angel reminds him SAMCRO knows Happy was a hired gun and the club even set up hits. That was business and by EZ and Angel making it personal, they’ve broken the rules. EZ confesses he didn’t think it through. Angel also takes the blame on himself.

Their conversation’s interrupted by someone pounding on Happy’s door. The brothers decide whatever happens, they’ll go down together.

EZ opens the door to let in Howard, a SAMCRO prospect. Howard enters to find Happy on the couch with his dog and Angel relaxing in a nearby chair. Happy lies and says his injuries came from being hit by a logging truck after he left the funeral. He explains EZ and Angel saved him when they found him sprawled out in the dirt.

Howard buys the story and asks if he can do anything. Happy tells him to pick up the dog poop in his yard.

After Howard heads outside, Happy tells EZ and Angel, “I’ll get what I can from Packer. After that, we’re clean.” EZ and Angel leave without responding, although Angel does give him a death stare on his way out.

Meanwhile, SAMCRO and Mayans arrive at the Swole Boys’ gym/headquarters. The steroid-taking wannabes act tough but are playing way out of their league. Bishop confronts the leader and finally understands that EZ and Angel set off this mess. Still, Riz needs retribution for a busted bike and bruised up body. He shoots one of the Boys in the leg, calling it even.

Bishop apologizes to Packer for stirring things up in San Bernardino. Packer admits he should have paid closer attention to this group in his own backyard. Bishop promises back-up whenever Packer needs it.

Bishop sends Coco off to find Angel.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 4
Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo and Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas in ‘Mayans M.C.’ season 2 episode 4 (Photo by Prashant Gupta/FX)

Catching up with the Galindos, Emily (Sarah Bolger) is busy working on making her bid more competitive, thanks to the inside information she received from Ileana. She consults with Miguel (Danny Pino), but it’s really Emily’s baby at this point. He’s got to do something for Potter so she agrees to take his mom to her doctor’s appointment, promising she’ll make sure Dita doesn’t stray.

Speaking of Dita (Ada Maris), she calls Felipe and asks that he meet her at 1pm to talk.

Emily drops off the finished bid at the county office and then delivers Dita to her doctor’s appointment. Nestor’s told to stay and watch the exits so that Dita doesn’t wander off again.

The doctor attempts to introduce herself to Dita, but Dita’s having none of it. She gives the woman $2,000 in cash and assures her she’ll bring her the same every week. The doctor only needs to say Dita is making progress and their sessions are going well. When the doctor refuses to play along, Dita threatens to have her reputation ruined. Dita will tell Miguel the doctor’s a quack and her “cushy little tell me your feelings scam” will be over.

Dita sneaks out to the top floor of the building and meets with Felipe (Edward James Olmos). Felipe informs Dita that Marcus paid him a visit, and she confesses her family won’t let her out alone because they believe she’ll harm herself. She was home alone when the house burned to the ground and because she didn’t have anything left, she ignored the evacuation order. She stayed in the wine cellar until a firefighter rescued her.

She now believes she was saved because there are things she needs to do. And then Dita shares a huge secret…Miguel is Felipe’s son. No one else knows and she’ll never tell another soul. Their talk ends when her phone indicates the session downstairs with the doctor has ended.

Dita tells Emily she believes the doctor can help her. As they’re driving away, Emily spots Felipe’s truck parked around the corner.

Later that evening, Emily sneaks into Dita’s room and goes through her drawers. She discovers the old photo of Felipe.

Miguel and Marcus (Emilio Rivera) pick up Adelita (Carla Baratta) for a meeting with Paloma. Miguel’s not sure how much Potter knows about Adelita and Paloma’s relationship. He believes Potter’s going after Paloma only because she’s a more visible target at this point.

Adelita wonders how Miguel’s holding up, juggling both worlds. Miguel admits he’s actually loving being able to screw the DOJ while also doing something good for those in need in Mexico.

As Miguel and Adelita head toward the meeting, they’re unaware the mercs have placed a tracking device on the vehicle and are following their movements. When Miguel’s car arrives in the small town for the meeting, the mercs aren’t far behind.

Paloma hasn’t arrived at the meeting spot as the mercs race up. Adelita makes the quick decision to act as if Miguel and his men tracked her to this town.

Adelita takes a gun and enters a nearby store, firing through the window toward Miguel and his men. The mercs hustle to the scene as the shots ring out. Marcus and another man run toward the store with Miguel’s acting as if they’re covering him.

Miguel tells the mercs he got a tip Adelita was holed up in this town. Marcus exits the store, holding tight to Adelita, gun pointed at her head. The mercs put their guns down and take custody of Adelita. She plays the part well, spitting and cursing at Miguel.

After the mercs haul her away, Miguel slams his fist into a building in rage and frustration.