‘Salem’ Season Two Shows Off Four Creepy Posters

Salem Witch War Poster Season 2

WGN America’s Salem returns on April 5, 2015 with a new season that, as the freaky new posters proclaim, is all about a “witch war.” Mary Sibley (played by Janet Montgomery) will once again lead the witches of 17th century Salem as they face the repercussions of completing the Grand Rite.

The Plot [Courtesy of WGN America]:

In the first season, Captain John Alden returned home after seven years at war only to discover that his true love, Mary, wed his old (and wealthy) nemesis George Sibley. During his years on the battlefield, Mary has emerged as a true power broker in a Puritan town fully immersed in witch panic.

Throughout a fiery first season, filled with wicked deceit and shocking revelations, John and Mary found themselves navigating a supernatural world where paranoia, revenge, evil and hysteria reign. Ultimately, John risks his life for Mary, even after learning that she is the ruling witch of Salem who is at the center of all the mayhem plaguing the embattled village.

In Salem season two, the Grand Rite triggered at the end of last season is now underway and death is in the air. In order to bring her plan to completion, Mary must not only control Captain John Alden and the citizens of Salem, but also those lurking in the shadows who seek the power she wields.

Salem Witch War Poster Season 2Salem Witch War Poster Season 2Salem Witch War Poster Season 2

-By Rebecca Murray

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