Salma Hayek and Jimmy Fallon Face Off in a Pup Quiz

Salma Hayek Takes on Jimmy Fallon in a Game of Pup Quiz
Salma Hayek, announcer Steve Higgins and host Jimmy Fallon play “Pup Quiz” (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein / NBC)

In the best competition ever conceived by Jimmy Fallon and his staff, Salma Hayek took on The Tonight Show host in a game called Pup Quiz. The object was to answer questions that had something to do with animals. If the answer was correct, the person would be given one puppy (or two during the special Double Puppy round)to cuddle. The first competitor to reach five puppies was the winner. Hayek, being a huge dog lover, was in puppy heaven as she snuggled with her winning puppies.

Hayek was on The Tonight Show on August 6, 2015 in support of her new movie The Prophet. During her interview, she also talked about how she’s sort of addicted to rescuing dogs and how she attempted to fool her hubby into letting her keep her ninth rescue, a dog she named Ocho.

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