Chicago Fire’s Top Dog Shoots His Cameo

Smokey Films His Chicago Fire Cameo

Charlie Barnett, Smokey, and David Eigenberg on the 'Chicago Fire' set (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Chicago Fire had a VIP guest on the set recently. Smokey, the winner of the Chicago Fire Top Dog competition, showed up to shoot his appearance on the show which he earned by being voted Top Dog. The Labrador/Retriever mix from Station 2 in Jacksonville, Illinois will appear in a May episode of the NBC drama.

While he was on the set, Smokey was given the full star treatment including a gift basket and his own director’s chair.
Smokey’s Bio:
As a 6-month old puppy, Smokey was inside a home that was engulfed in flames. Eventually, her lifeless body was brought out and, with the aid of firefighters and a veterinarian, was kept on oxygen for three days, hand fed, and nurtured. Now she is a training tool for school children and the community as the firefighters have taught her safety techniques such as “stop, drop and roll,” among other civic duties the 4-yr-old pooch performs.

Chicago Fire Top Dog

Jacksonville Fire Lt. Todd Warrick, Smokey, and Jesse Spencer (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Smokey Films His Chicago Fire Cameo

Jacksonville Fire Lt. Todd Warrick, Smokey, and Taylor Kinney (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Source: NBC
-By Rebecca Murray

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