‘Spy City’ Trailer: Dominic Cooper Stars as a British Spy

Preacher‘s Dominic Cooper stars as a British spy in AMC+’s new limited series, Spy City. The just-released trailer provides a glimpse at what’s in store over the six-part series set during the Cold War.

In addition to Dominic Cooper, Spy City stars Romane Portail (Sense8), Leonie Benesch (The Crown) and Johanna Wokalek (Tatort).

Novelist William Boyd (Restless) created and wrote the series set to debut in the U.S. on AMC+ on April 15, 2021. Miguel Alexandre (The Inspector and the Sea) pulled double duty as director and cinematographer. Series star Dominic Cooper executive produces with Boyd, Bill Block, Thomas Augsberger, Michael Schuld, Sven Philipp, Wolfgang Feindt, and Annika Schmidt. Mischa Hofmann, Britta Meyermann, and Ann-Kathrin Eicher were involved as producers.

The limited series is an ODEON FICTION production in co-production with ZDF, SEVEN STORIES, and WILMA FILM and in association with MAGENTA TV.

Spy City Star Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper as Fielding Scott in ‘Spy City’ episode 1 (Photo Credit: Dusan Martincek/AMC+)

The Plot, Courtesy of AMC+:

The espionage Cold War series follows the awful dilemma faced by the English spy Fielding Scott (Cooper), as he is sent to Berlin in 1961 on a mission to find out the source of the leak of vital security information. The Russians, it seems, know everything. Someone in Berlin is giving away all the secrets of the Western – American, British, and French – powers.

Fielding has been given possibly the hardest job in the world: clean up Berlin. He must find out who the traitor is and expose, arrest, or eliminate that person.