‘Supergirl’ Season 3: Jeremy Jordan Interview on Winn’s Relationships

Supergirl star Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan from The CW’s ‘Supergirl’ at Comic Con 2017 (Photo by Richard Chavez © Showbiz Junkies)

The CW’s Supergirl is coming off a strong second season that proved the show has found its footing, and the cast and executive producers promise season three will be just as entertaining. The Supergirl team including Jeremy Jordan (‘Winn Schott’) made the trip to San Diego for the sold-out 2017 Comic Con, fielding questions from fans during a packed panel and sitting down for roundtable interviews to discuss the upcoming third season. Jordan provided a little insight into what’s in store for Winn as well as how Winn’s evolved over the previous seasons.

Supergirl season three will premiere on October 9, 2017.

Winn geeked out when Superman was around. Do you ever feel like that on this series, surrounded by these costumed characters?

Jeremy Jordan: “Yeah. I mean, there are moments when we kind of geek out when we first see it but, you know, they’re friends. We have a great time. They’re all acting goofy and silly backstage so you kind of join in. I don’t know. But, I love getting to be that kind of voice of the fanboy, the kind of proxy for the audience member while he’s commenting on the cool superhero-y kind of things. I like to say that Winn is the character who has been to a lot of Comic Cons and knows all the lure and all that stuff. It’s kind of cool to be that voice of the nerds among the audience.”

Are Winn and Lyra still dating?

Jeremy Jordan: “They are. Winn and Lyra are still together. There were a couple of moments in the finale that unfortunately got cut because it was like four hours long. (Laughing) But, yeah, they’re still together and hopefully we’ll see a little bit more of her. I can’t really say but I’ve heard that they’re still an item, so we’ll see.”

One of the fun moments from the season two finale was seeing Winn and Cat kind of bond in a way. Will we see more of that and what do you think their relationship is like now?

Jeremy Jordan: “It’s funny because we went from Winn being at CatCo and sitting across from her office and her not even having any clue who he was, to like actually finally finding value in him and being a motherly figure. Winn doesn’t have a very good relationship with his family or anything like that, so anywhere he can find that whether it’s with her or with Hank or with his friends, I think he really latches onto it.

I think it was a nice little arc for them and I love Calista (Flockhart) with all my heart. Literally, all we do backstage is just make fun of each other. It’s weird. It’s just a dig, from day one. I don’t know why or how it started, but that’s our relationship. So, anything I get to do with her, I’m in.”

Will we see more of them interacting in season three?

Jeremy Jordan: “I’m sure there’s always a chance of it, so we’ll see. I mean, we are going to see Cat but only briefly at this point so we’ll see.”

Calista Flockhart brought a lot to the finale.

Jeremy Jordan: “She’s an incredible character. There’s not many times when you get a character that’s allowed to be that confident and it works and it’s strong. People always have to build up to it or it’s hard to buy, but her – she’s great.”

What do you think about Winn’s evolution inside the team of heroes that he’s supporting?

Jeremy Jordan: “I think that Winn is coming to his own within the D.E.O. It took him a while to kind of build the confidence and understand his capabilities when he first came to the D.E.O. We see him getting stronger and more confident, but always maintaining his sense of humor. He’s probably bossing people around a little bit more this year.”

Any power trips?

Jeremy Jordan: “I don’t see Winn having a power trip, but we’ll see. I think that we’re going to explore a little bit of his history and his backstory as the season progresses, probably not right away. But, you know, what’s great about going into the third season is that you know these characters so well and you get a chance to really take time on them individually. We’ll see what happens.”

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(Interview by Fred Topel. Article by Rebecca Murray.)