Supergirl Season 5: Melissa Benoist and Sarah Schechter on the New Suit

Melissa Benoist will be sporting a new haircut and a new Supergirl suit when The CW’s Supergirl returns for its fifth season. The skirt’s gone and instead she’ll be fighting crime in pants, a change Melissa Benoist and executive producer Sarah Schechter support.

Teamed up for the roundtable interviews at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Benoist and Schechter also discussed Kara’s journey going into season five. Although they kept the interview spoiler-free, we did learn that Lena’s reaction upon learning her friend Kara is Supergirl will be featured in the first episode of season five.

Is there a scene where it’s explained how you cut your hair?

Melissa Benoist: “Sadly, we don’t but I do know how it happens. This is how Clark Kent also shaves. She laser-beams into a mirror which reflects back and cuts it. That’s how he shaves his stubble. That’s what I’ve been told.”

Sarah Schechter: “Really glad you knew the answer to that.”

You’ve been able to address Supergirl’s motto on the show. How does getting that motto out into the world feel for you?

Melissa Benoist: “I think it’s the most important aspect of our show and our responsibility to do so. I think that is part of the reason that we went so topical last season. I think our show is always stronger when we lean into politics more because it is so engrained in Superman and Supergirl’s identities.”

And you’re directing this season?

Melissa Benoist: “I’m very excited. I’m really looking into it. We have such a great group of cast and crew and producers. I feel very supported and a little bit terrified. I’m happy it’s happening.”

Sarah Schechter: “Melissa’s been quietly making some music videos on set that you might have seen.”

Melissa Benoist: (Laughing, to Sarah) “Have you seen them?”

Sarah Schechter: “Yeah. That’s why you got the job.”

Melissa Benoist: “That was my pitch?”

Sarah Schechter: “Yeah.”

Where do you feel Kara left off in season four and what her journey will be as a person in season five?

Melissa Benoist: “I’m just always concerned because I’m so fortunate in my character arc that I get to do so much on this show. I’m never really wishing that I could do something as a character. So, I’m always concerned that she keeps moving forward, that we keep exploring her femininity and what it means to be a woman in today’s world and how women relate to each other and their relationships. Just across the board, too, how she interacts with everyone. And, empowerment. So, as long as that is a trajectory that’s moving up and forward, I’m happy.”

And your opinion of the new costume?

Melissa Benoist: “I love it! I love it. I was very happy with the skirt for a long time, but I think it will be good.”

Sarah Schechter: “I think when we moved to Vancouver, the skirt became slightly less practical in the winter months. I think also one of the things that’s so great about the show is we’ve watched Kara grow up. I don’t think growing up is something that only happens when you’re a kid. I think it continues to happen your whole life.”

Melissa Benoist: “Absolutely.”

Sarah Schechter: “And so it feels symbolically like a nice… As she’s standing in her power, those pants are more comfortable.”

What can you tease about the first episode?

Sarah Schechter: “I think something we can tease – it’s not a huge spoiler – but really central is Lena’s reaction to the reveal of who Kara is and that betrayal which is really justified and fair for her to have. But what she’s going to do with it I think is going to be very intense for everyone.”

Are there any changes this season because of the scope of the “Crisis” cross-over and how big it is? It’s like shooting a film in the middle of your season.

Sarah Schechter: “Every season there is. First, there’s all these showrunners getting together and breaking the story. And then there are all of our incredible crews, all of our line crews, our production managers, and A.D.s figuring out how to do this because it is the most complicated scheduling nightmare you could imagine. What’s good is that every year it’s gotten bigger because we’ve learned from what we’ve done. We’ve learned how to do it better. I don’t even remember if we shut down the other sets the first year. We’re learning every time.”