Supergirl Season 5 Cast Interviews: Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, Nicole Maines and David Harewood

The CW’s Supergirl teased a Danvers/Olsen relationship way back in season one. That ‘ship’ never sailed until season four when a different Danvers (Alex) and Olsen (Kelly) paired up.

During roundtable interviews at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Azie Tesfai (“Kelly”) laughed and admitted she actually hadn’t thought about the relationship in those terms. Chyler Leigh (“Alex”) thinks it’s cool a Danvers/Olsen relationship has finally made it into the series.

As for what’s in store for Alex outside of the relationship, Leigh says Alex will still be dealing with the turmoil from season four. “For Alex, specifically, I think it’s about obviously just coming off the end of last season and everything that she went through, the intensity of being in the DEO, really working through major crisis and everything that she went through with Kara and not having the memories and all that stuff kind of coming back to a head right at the end of the season,” said Leigh.

“You know, luckily Alex had a lot of support from Kelly. Even when she didn’t understand everything that was going on, I think there was something that Kelly just really pulled out of her to be able to kind of connect the dots and figure out, okay, so outside of me knowing that Supergirl is my sister, outside of me knowing all of these different things, it kind of gave Alex a chance to even sort of step back a little bit and see what she needed and what she wanted,” explained Leigh. “I think it’s almost like taking that part out, taking those memories out, even just temporarily, gave her that room to kind of grow but in a different way. Having met Kelly and forming such a great deep bound… Because it’s like you go through trauma with people, it’s one of two ways that it’s going to go. It’s either, ‘I never want to see you again because, wow, this was weird,’ or, ‘We’re in it.’

The beginning of what you see this season for Alex is kind of trying to get her footing back, even in the DEO and what that role looks like. A lot of stuff has changed and so now it’s just figuring out how all those pieces fit together moving forward.”

David Harewood (“J’onn J’onzz”) has a big addition to his family coming in season five. “I get to meet my brother which is going to be really, really great fun,” said David Harewood. “I’m just looking forward to finding out I’m no longer the last Green Martian. I’ve got a father now; I’ve got a brother.”

Jesse Rath says Brainy will continue to struggle with figuring out how to interact with people in season five. “Brainy, in the wake of what’s happened last season with the whole alignment situation and his connection with Nia, he’s going to try and learn how they can get along together with their relationship and him being 100% himself. The thing with Brainy is that he can’t help but operate at 100% all the time. Obviously, there’s going to be some issues between him and Nia,” explained Rath.

Rath added, “The first couple of episodes at least we’re going to find out how they mesh together and how they learn to get along with him being so weird.”

Supergirl Season 5 Jesse Rath and Nicole Maines
Jesse Rath as Brainiac-5 and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal/Dreamer in ‘Supergirl’ season 5 (Photo: Dean Buscher © 2019 The CW Network)

Supergirl newcomer Nicole Maines had a great time working on the show in season four and felt very welcomed by the cast, crew, and fans. Maines (“Nia Nal”) is the first transgender superhero on TV and she spoke about that responsibility and honor at Comic-Con.

“It feels really weird. I think a lot of the time folks are talking to me about how happy they are to have the first trans superhero. I feel like I always want to say to people I’m in the same boat as you guys. Like, this is the first trans superhero for me, too, and I never thought that I was going to see someone like us as superheroes so being able to see that is so exciting and then being able to put on the suit and get to be that superhero is something so completely surreal and unexpected,” said Maines. “It is so far been one of the greatest things I’ve gotten to do in my life.”

While Maines is a new addition to the series with season four, Mehcad Brooks is an original Supergirl cast member. Unfortunately for fans of Mehcad Brooks and Jimmy Olsen, Brooks will be leaving the series in season five.

Brooks assured us Jimmy Olsen will be getting a fantastic sendoff. “We had a long discussion about that and I couldn’t be happier with what Robert and Jessica came up with. We talked about the representation of the missing Black male in America – the deadbeat father or the statistical actuality that the number one cause of death for a Black male in his 20s is murder. So here today, gone tomorrow. We didn’t want to do that so there’s something very special planned.”

For fans who were holding out hope of a Turtle Boy appearance, Brooks confirmed that’s not in the works. “Here’s the thing. That Jimmy Olsen doesn’t look like me, does it? So, I don’t think so. I think it’s a separate universe. I would. I absolutely would play Turtle Boy because I think that would be interesting. Probably a lot of fun,” said Brooks, laughing.