‘Supernatural’ Season 11 – Jeremy Carver Interview on the Darkness

Jeremy Carver Supernatural Season 11 Interview
Jeremy Carver (Photo by Richard Chavez)

Season 11 of The CW’s Supernatural finds our favorite demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester taking on a new big bad in the form of The Darkness. Executive producer Jeremy Carver’s excited about what the upcoming season has in store and about introducing this game-changing foe for the Winchester boys to deal with. Season 11 will premiere on October 7, 2015 and at the San Diego Comic Con Carver shared a little of what’s in store for fans of the long-running show.

“I feel like the big bad, The Darkness, is us. We started to get into angels particularly and really twisting the Bible and all that stuff, and now we’re sort of like at the end of the season and we’re like, ‘What if we started going to this great unknown that everyone considered the earth came out of nothing and what if it was something?’ And that something is obviously The Darkness and the boys – and frankly not just the boys but angels and demons as well – are going to realize that with the return of The Darkness they are stepping into a matter of great unfinished business that is going to be a very big threat and the boys are going to be right in the middle of that. It’s a very big sort of idea and I wish I could tell you all the things that are very relatable about it but I can’t. It’ll be very apparent,” said Carver.

“I think we’re all excited about that. I always like it when the boys do something and it’s not that they’re held accountable but they hold themselves accountable to it. There’s a great deal of a sense of, ‘We brought this. We did this.’ Furthermore there’s a sense that somewhere along the way, maybe if you were to peel things, have we begun to save each other in spite of the greater good? You can certainly see that if you go to the season finale. And then of course doing that causes a far greater drama for the next season. But I think they are more aware than ever and that means a return to, ‘We’re not going to ignore things. We need to go back to the very, very basics.’ It’s not just hunting things and saving people. They were things they did in the old days that somewhere along the way they sort of cut corners with, as it were. You’ll see them trying harder not to do that and quite frankly that’s a lot harder said than done, so it’s going to cause a lot more complications.”

A big question on the minds of fans of the show is whether the fact that Death died last season will be addressed. “It will to a certain extent. In the first batch of episodes we’ll just start to address that. But, you can imagine that it causes some issues,’ explained Carver.

And asked if amid all the big action episodes there’s a possibility of a quieter episode with Sam and Dean maybe even taking a day off, Carver answered, “It’s funny you say that because some of my favorite things when I was just like writing the show were just like, you know they stay in all these motels, how come you’ve never seen Dean coming back from a swim in the motel pool? So, to that end we are actually addressing just that and we are doing an entire episode in the Impala. That’s going to be episode four and it’s going to touch on a lot of what happens in the moment when they agree to take a case and normally you cut to whatever Nebraska and they’re walking in. What if you stayed in the Impala for another five minutes? What are they talking about then? Of course there’s a story – and a fun story – and we are directly addressing that because we all have a lot of fun with that.”

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