Sean Pertwee Interview – ‘Gotham’ Season Two

Sean Pertwee Interview - Gotham Season 2
Sean Pertwee as Alfred in ‘Gotham’ (Photo by Mark Seliger © 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Sean Pertwee (‘Alfred’) says fans of Fox’s Gotham can expect a change in the pace of the episodes in season two now that the major players have been established. Fans also know that there’s a big change going on at Wayne Manor now that Bruce (played by David Mazouz) has discovered that special “secret” room. In addition, the relationship between Alfred and Bruce has evolved and the two will share an even tighter bond in the comic book-inspired show’s second season.

“I’ll give you a sense of it. There’s a marked change,” explained Pertwee when asked about Bruce’s continued steps toward ultimately becoming Batman. “[Alfred]’s got a sense that Bruce is an extremely driven and intelligent man, and that he’s a man. He’s growing into a man.” Pertwee also revealed that audiences will start to see there’s more of a genuine parental love from Alfred toward Bruce along with that already established sense of guidance. There’s also mutual respect between Alfred and Bruce and they may be a dysfunctional family but, as Pertwee says, “nevertheless it is a family.”

Are there secrets about Thomas Wayne that Alfred’s been keeping to himself. “That’s a very good question, actually. You know it’s funny because you always have your own theory, your own subtextual approach to anything,” replied Pertwee during roundtable interviews at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. “I had a very definite idea and I was completely wrong. So, it’s interesting. I love the way our show runs. […]They run from a psychological approach. It’s sort of unravels like an onion and you feel like you’re doing a rather marvelous job of reaching these huge exclamation marks or bullet points, but actually it’s the gentle, guiding hand and the brilliance of our showrunners that push us there. They give us that moment.”

Alfred now realizes after being stabbed and nearly dying the real importance of him being there for Bruce. “It would be irresponsible of him to die, so he’s got to stick around,” said Pertwee. “He gets it wrong; he’s brass and he’s fallible, but there is a mutual acceptance that’s started to [form].”

Pertwee also told us he’s pleased there’s another good guy joining with Alfred and Bruce since Lucius Fox is a part of the series in season two. “We start to build a team of good guys. There’s a few more of us,” said Pertwee. And that’s definitely a good thing as the second season is subtitled: “Rise of the Villains.”

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