Superstore Season 5: Lauren Ash Interview on Mark Hamill and Dina’s Birds

Please tell me I’m not the only Superstore fan still worried about Dina’s birds! The cast of the hit NBC comedy participated in this year’s San Diego Comic Con and Dina herself – Lauren Ash – hit the red carpet at the Entertainment Weekly Comic Con Bash to talk up season five.

During our short interview on the red carpet, Lauren Ash confirmed she hopes the birds are back in the upcoming season. She also chatted about Dina’s dad and her online campaign to convince Mark Hamill to take on the role.

Season five of Superstore premieres on September 26, 2019.

I still want to know about the birds.

Lauren Ash: “Please!”

Please tell me Dina’s going to rescue them and they will be returned to her house.

Lauren Ash: “Listen, I truly know nothing. We go back, our first day shooting is August 5th and we have not received a script yet. The actors are the last to know everything, but my hope is that we will get at least one of those birds back alive. That’s my hope.”

You do have a favorite, right?

Lauren Ash: “Squeedledee.”

Why is Squeedledee your favorite?

Lauren Ash: “You would think it’s Pikachu because he’s very aesthetically adorable, but Squeedledee has a special place in my heart. Always will.”

Superstore star Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash at the ‘Superstore’ Press Conference at the San Diego Comic Con (Photo by: Todd Williamson/NBC)
Tell me about the family you guys have formed on this set.

Lauren Ash: “We have been a family from the beginning from the first table read. We all bonded really quickly which is exceptionally rare in television, I think. We’re on a group text. We’re constantly in talks with each other; we’ve gone on trips together. We’ve gone to Vegas. We’ve rented a green Hummer limo together. It’s the best.

I often say that I get to go to work every day and hang out with my buddies and we happen to make a show in the process.”

If you could pitch a whole episode, what would it be about?

Lauren Ash: “Probably Dina just going through so many baseball player boyfriends, just eight to 12 beefy, hulking men. No. Jokes aside, Dina’s dad. I really want to see Dina’s dad this season. I want to meet Dina’s sister, Denise, who is referenced for four full seasons and we have never met her. We know she hates her. So, those are my two wishes for this season and they know that so hopefully they do me well.”

Have they said they might be feeding them in?

Lauren Ash: “They haven’t but I’ve been doing an online push trying to get Mark Hamill to play my dad on the show. He loves the show. He tweeted about the show. I sobbed. And, anyway, so fingers crossed.”

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