Suzuki Super Bowl Commercial Has Huskies and a 50 Cent Song

Suzuki Sled Commercial
Honestly, I don’t think Suzuki’s Super Bowl commercial is going to be voted the best of the group, but it does feature good-looking huskies so it has that going for it. The ad – titled “Sled” – also makes use of 50 Cent’s new song “Movin’ On Up” as it promotes the automaker’s all-wheel-drive 2012 Suzuki Kizashi sport sedan.

The story: “Suzuki’s ‘Sled’ television spot is set in an isolated mountain location. ‘Sled’ opens with an early morning scene where an Eskimo and his dog sled team ride off into the horizon. As the landscape changes from morning to evening, the quiet still of the frozen tundra gives way to vibrations and a hint of something new in the distance. A Kizashi – accompanied by 50 Cent’s ‘Movin’ On Up’ – comes driving into view with one of the Huskies’ heads sticking out of the front passenger window enjoying its owner’s new mode of transport. The spot then cuts to the interior of the vehicle, revealing the other sled dogs buckled into the back seat and the Eskimo behind the wheel of the Kizashi – all of whom are digging the lavish accommodations and warm interior of the car, while bumping their heads and tapping their paws to the song’s beat. The Eskimo pulls up to his igloo and his wife comes out to greet him. With a puzzled look on her face, and in her native Inuit tongue, she asks, ‘Where’s the sled?’ The man replies, ‘I traded it in,’ (the conversation is subtitled in English). The Inuit Eskimo driver trades in his sled for a new Kizashi to the surprise of his wife.”

Watch the commercial:

Posted by Rebecca Murray