‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6: Holland Roden and Khylin Rhambo Interviews on Stydia and Mason

Teen Wolf stars Holland Roden and Khylin Rhambo
Holland Roden and Khylin Rhambo from ‘Teen Wolf’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

MTV’s dramatic horror series Teen Wolf will be finishing up its run with the sixth and final season kicking off later this year. That’s bad news for Teen Wolf fans, however at least they’ll have the opportunity to see storylines play out with the brand new episodes. Teen Wolf cast members, including Holland Roden (‘Lydia’) and Khylin Rhambo (‘Mason’), made their final trip to the San Diego Comic Con to represent the series where they not only answered questions from fans during the MTV panel but also sat down for roundtable interviews to discuss what’s coming up on the series’ last season.

Asked about Lydia and Stiles relationship (or as shippers refer to it, ‘Stydia’) in season six, Roden said, “Jeff (Davis) told me that Scott is going into this season single and therefore the central relationship is turned to focus toward Lydia and a particular person, and that would of course be Stiles. More to come, but I think Stydia fans will be pleased.”

Roden also explained what’s going on with her banshee powers. “There’s one amazing episode that I love that’s coming up written by a woman named Angela Harvey. She wrote a fantastic episode about banshee folklore. It deals with a different time period as well. It relates back to the central issue of solving the…there’s two villains in Beacon Hills this season so it’s dealing with one of them. It’s what Lydia thinks to be a central relationship between the folklore of a banshee and solving this crime.”

Khylin Rhambo says that as far as Mason’s perspective goes, things definitely got real in season five. “Before, it was a very exciting journey that the supernatural even existed, and now it’s real. He kind of recognizes that there’s lives involved and there’s a danger to this new world that’s been opened up to him,” explained Rhambo. “He’s going to kind of be a part of the pack for the next villains and play as much of a role as he can in assisting Scott (Tyler Posey).”

Rhambo provided a little more detail into what his role within the pack will be in the upcoming season. “As Stiles doesn’t necessarily have any supernatural abilities, he’s still has plenty of abilities that he’s an asset to the pack – and that’s kind of what Mason does. He has a 4.6 GPA and he obsesses over things. When his interest is locked in, he’s going to do everything he can mentally to make up a plan or come up with some type of scheme to help the pack.”

Watch the full Holland Roden and Khylin Rhambo interviews:

(Interview by Fred Topel. Article by Rebecca Murray.)