Lindsey Morgan Interview: ‘The 100’ Season 4, Raven, and A.L.I.E.

The 100 star Lindsey Morgan
Lindsey Morgan from ‘The 100’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

Kicking off our roundtable interview at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con I asked The 100 star Lindsey Morgan if Raven will be allowed to have an easier time of it in season four. The character’s gone through so much trauma over the course of seasons one, two, and three that it seems like series creator Jason Rothenberg could, for once, cut her a little slack in the upcoming fourth season. Laughing, Morgan said she wouldn’t mind that but she’s actually had a great time playing Raven’s many assorted hardships throughout the first three seasons. Morgan also talked about the lasting effects of A.L.I.E. on Raven during our chat at this year’s Comic Con.

Lindsey Morgan Interview:

Do you think she’ll be in a better place this season because she couldn’t be in much worse of one, right?

Lindsey Morgan: “Good point! Tell Jason that! I do, actually. I do. I think after season three and after we really kind of touched on it in the finale and everything, but we’re really going to see what happens next and how the A.L.I.E. possession and basically the A.L.I.E. upgrade unfolds for Raven. When she fought off A.L.I.E. and forced her out, A.L.I.E. wasn’t willing to go so she left a little of A.L.I.E. behind. That made her smarter than ever and just her mind is in 5th gear now. She can code and she can understand this new technology and Becca’s work that no one else can. So, she’s smarter than ever and I think everything she also went through physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…you know she went to hell and back and she made it. I think just the human spirit, when it’s truly tested and even broken but it comes back from that, it comes back stronger. It feels like the human bones. When they mend, they are stronger than ever. That’s where I feel Raven’s at now. She’s been through so much. She’s just…I don’t know. It’s just like she’s evolved, you know? A whole other place now. She’s ready. She’s ready for it.”

She can take on anything at this point.

Lindsey Morgan: “Yeah. She’s done it all. She’s like, ‘I’ve been to hell and back and frankly it was kind of boring. What else do you got?'”

How was it playing Raven controlled by A.L.I.E.?

Lindsey Morgan: “I’m always like, ‘What are they gonna do now? We’ve done it all!’ Then when I saw that I was like, ‘What? I have to do what?’ And Jason’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah. It’s cool, it’s cool. It shoots tomorrow.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god!’

I thought that was really, really fun because when you’re on a show, especially a long term show, you’re so used to a certain character. And so getting a chance to, literally, be another character was just really fun. I mean, it was tough but it was also exciting, like as an acting challenge. It was such a cool thing to do with going in and out and having that be captured or conveyed, that different mind sleeping and swapping. So, I just thought it was super cool and super fun. It made me feel a little psycho, like schizo, but I was like, ‘Cool! Let’s do it!'”

When we first met Raven she was a completely different person than how we left her at the end of season three. What’s that trajectory been like for you?

Lindsey Morgan: “It’s interesting. When Raven came out in the beginning I was just like in love with her because she was just such a badass and so strong. Knifing Bellamy and like, ‘Shut-up!’ which I love. I was like, ‘Yes! Kick ass, girl!’ I love it. But then when she started getting beat down after beat down after beat down and she’s trying and trying and trying, it gets heavy and it gets hard. Last season was the darkest for her and also just me as a person it was probably one of my darkest moments for personal reasons. So, it sucked. I mean, it weighs heavy on your heart. There’s so many traumas Raven goes through. I’m kind of method in a sense where I trick my body into trauma because your body doesn’t know it’s not in trauma. You start breathing hard and your body will react. You’ll get hot, you know? So my body was like, ‘What’s happening? Stop it!’ So, it was tough for Lindsey. But after coming out of it and seeing it all, I feel very proud of my work and I feel very proud of Raven and proud to be challenged. I feel a little evolved. ‘Wow, I went through some sh*t and I didn’t die,’ like Raven. I get her on a whole new level now. I’m grateful versus stressed out, because I was a little stressed out but now I’m grateful.”

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