Richard Harmon Interview: ‘The 100’ Season 4 and Murphy’s Evolution

The 100 stars Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan
Richard Harmon and Lindsey Morgan from ‘The 100’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)
The CW’s The 100 stars once again made their way to the San Diego Comic Con to discuss the sci-fi action series, with Richard Harmon joining his castmates for the first time at the massive sold-out convention. Harmon’s experienced Wonder Con before, but never the madness of Comic Con and he seemed right at home in the crazy atmosphere of the Con. In addition to participating in a Q&A with fans, Harmon also took part in roundtable interviews where he talked about Murphy and how he’s evolved from being a character fans were meant to dislike to one that’s an important (and even liked) member of The 100 gang.

Richard Harmon Interview:

You had a crazy arc last season. How do you think they’ll top that in season four?

Richard Harmon: “I would never put it by Jason (Rothenberg) to top it because he always has. So far he’s three for three, as far as I’m concerned. Every single season I think it gets better, especially for me. I think we can just expect more of that, what a lot of people are calling ‘growth’ of Murphy as a character. I think he has grown but at the same time, I think what it is is the continuation of us getting to know him better. We didn’t know him that well so he comes off as an asshole in the beginning, but now you’re going to get to know him and what he’s about. I think we can hopefully continue that and get to know more of his moral code and what he’s all about.”

Is that what you envisioned for the character as the seasons went on?

Richard Harmon: “At the beginning, I understand from reading the scripts what my job is as an actor which in the first season was to be the antagonist and make the audience hate me. So, I knew that. I could do that. And as Jason was telling me, he was like, ‘Do you think you can turn it around and you can make them like you?’ ‘It sounds like a great challenge.’ I think we’ve done pretty well. I think most people have come around. Some people still hate Murphy, and I totally understand that. They’re wrong.”

How do you think Murphy and Clarke’s relationship will change after being held together at Polis? Will there be a shift in their relationship?

Richard Harmon: “I love that relationship. I just want to spend more time working with E.J. (Eliza Taylor) because I think she’s so terrific. I think those characters are so much fun together because Clarke is such a driven person and Murphy doesn’t take anyone’s crap, ever. If she thinks she’s just going to walk all over him to do what she wants, Murphy’s not going to have it. So, I’d love to see… I don’t know if the relationship’s going to change, but I’d love to see it continue and the two together more because we rarely get to work with each other.”

It’s such a huge cast, are there people you miss working with?

Richard Harmon: “Me and Christopher Larkin who plays Monty were talking on the bus over here that I don’t think we’ve ever exchanged words on camera. Yeah, not one. We’ve never actually once exchanged words. Two of the leads through three seasons have never talked. I chased him one time and that was about it.”

Have you talked to the writers about Murphy or is there something you would love to see for the character this season?

Richard Harmon: “I trust them pretty well. I had one thing that I didn’t know if it fit Murphy very well. I don’t want to bring up what it is and I talked to Jason about that and he’s like, ‘Just hold on. Just wait.’ I told him last night, I was like, ‘You made me a believer, man.’ After reading (season 4’s first script) I was like, ‘Yeah, you did it. I believe. You’re right. I think it works. That is Murphy. It works well.’ So, I trust them pretty fully.”

You’ve actually been getting a few more action scenes. Do you like those?

Richard Harmon: “I love stunts. I’ve always loved stunts. That’s probably because I’ve asked for them so much. ‘Just give me more! I’m good at this. I can do this!'”

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