‘The 100’ Season 5: Richard Harmon Interview on Murphy, Raven, and the Time Jump

The CW’s The 100 finally returns to the network’s primetime schedule on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 9pm ET/PT. Season five of the gritty sci-fi series is set more than six years after the events of season four. With the Earth about to become unlivable, groups were separated and forced to do whatever was necessary to survive. Now, six years later, season five will find the survivors needing to regroup and protect the one inhabitable piece of land left on the planet.

During the San Diego Comic Con, Richard Harmon (‘John Murphy’) discussed what fans of The 100 can expect when the series returns for season five. Harmon also talked about Murphy and Raven’s relationship, and Murphy’s growth over the previous four seasons.

The 100 Richard Harmon Interview:

Where do we pick up with Murphy at the beginning of season five?

Richard Harmon: “We pick up six years and seven days down the line from season four. We pick up and I’m assuming I will have shorter hair because I personally have shorter hair. I’ve been telling everyone, ‘Get ready for short-hair sexy Murphy.’ That’s what we plan this year. That’s what we’re selling this season. Short-hair and sex appeal. (Laughing) That’s what I want and that’s what I’m getting.”

We’ve gotten to watch Murphy really grow over the seasons. Is that progression still something we can expect to see happen?

Richard Harmon: “100%. I mean as a human you’ve got to grow, right? You’ve got to evolve or you go extinct. So, clearly in the six years that’s going to mean a lot of things have happened. Or, the weird thing about us in space is that maybe not a lot has happened because we’re just there on the ring. We’re living day-to-day. There’s no crazy battle that we’re having to fight. It’s just about the day-to-day living, and that’s not Murphy’s style. For him, the progression currently is going to come through that and how he handles that. But, also, it might be a progression; there might be a regression with his character through that.”

Jason Rothenberg mentioned there will be an interesting dynamic between Murphy and Raven. What can you say about that?

Richard Harmon: “I know that that is a relationship that I’ve really wanted to explore further because there is such a great chemistry together. I don’t know where along the four years that happened for me and Lindsey (Morgan). It just sort of…when you throw us together in scenes, there’s a good amount of chemistry between the two of those characters and the way we play them. I really love working with her, so I hope to explore that further – that weird, unlikely friendship/enemy/who the heck knows. But, I’m very excited for it. When they told me that we’re going to have more scenes together, that was a big plus for me.”

Are we going to see a lot of what happened on the ship? Will there be a lot of flashbacks?

Richard Harmon: “I would hope. Here’s the thing, we’re going to find out a lot about what the six years have been like for all of us. In the first episode, there’s a lot of stuff in it that was alluded to, even with my character, that I don’t know yet. They kind of angle toward things that have happened without straight out saying it. I think there’s certain things that will take a while to really understand why we are the way we are six years later and what we’ve all done and how we’ve lived. One way or another through flashbacks or just us talking about it, we will find out about those six years. The questions will be answered…at least nine out of 10. Seven out of 10 – seven out of 10 questions will be answered, and then a lot more questions will be asked. And then we’re going to do this all again next year, hopefully.”

Do you feel like you’re playing a different character with the time jump?

Richard Harmon: “I don’t think I have to change. I mean, I think there will be change. It’s not like a challenge…well, it is a challenge but it’s more a freeing and sort of fun thing that I don’t have to so much stick with all of the decisions that I’ve made over the last four years. When you make them and it’s such a continuous storyline, you sort of have to deal with the baggage and what you’ve done. Six years later, a lot of therapy can happen in six years. I don’t need to keep that baggage if I don’t want to. Or, I can if I do. But the thing is it’s very freeing, I found what we’re doing this year. I think all the actors would probably tell you the same thing.”

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Christopher Larkin, Bob Morley and Richard Harmon from ‘The 100’ (Photo by Richard Chavez © Showbiz Junkies)