‘The 100’ Season 5: Lindsey Morgan Interview on Raven’s Relationships

The CW’s The 100 cast was once again a huge draw at the San Diego Comic Con and with the end of season four setting up a six year leap forward for the upcoming fifth season, there were a lot of questions about where the show’s heading. In our roundtable interview at Comic Con, Lindsey Morgan provided a little sneak peek into what’s in store for the series and for Raven in particular when the show returns to The CW’s primetime lineup.

Where do we pick up with Raven emotionally?

Lindsey Morgan: “You know, it was a lot. The finale was so high intense. In the nick of time they got away, at the cost of sacrificing Clarke (Eliza Taylor). And Clarke basically killed herself to save her friends, and I think that weighs very heavily on Raven because they are only in that predicament because they came and saved her, because Raven made a call and was like, ‘Hey, just kidding. I don’t want to die anymore. Can you guys come pick me up?’ They’re like, ‘Sure thing, babe, be there in five,’ and then they were stuck.

Raven felt a huge responsibility to save everybody because they already sacrificed themselves for her. So, they made it to space and she is giving everything she can to payback Clarke and make sure what she thinks is her death not to be in vain, and to thank all of her friends for what they did for her. It’s a lot. It’s a lot!”

It’s always a lot for her.

Lindsey Morgan: (Laughing) “It’s always so much.”

Can you talk about Raven and Murphy? Jason Rothenberg said they will have an interesting dynamic.

Lindsey Morgan: “Oh, did he? You know, I think Raven and Murphy… Murphy’s one of my favorite characters, period, and I love working with Richard (Harmon) because, I don’t know, he just makes me want to be better than him because he’s so good. Like, he just makes me. I want to play with him because he brings out the best in me, so I really love the way we play off of each other and our dynamic. But I also like how complex our relationship is, Murphy and Raven. We went from utter hating to a weird understanding and forgiveness, and almost friendship in the end. Raven has a soft spot for Emori too, and that’s Murphy’s girlfriend so it’s going to be very interesting to see where they go from here and what happens. They’re either hating each other or loving each other – it’s going to be very interesting.”

Of the people who went to the Ark, who are you excited for Raven to have developed a relationship with?

Lindsey Morgan: “Echo. Echo and Emori. You know what? I really got to know Luisa (D’Oliveria) this year and she’s so cool. And Tasya (Teles)…me and Tasya lived together for a month in LA. That was so fun. She’s one of my best friends now. I just think their characters are so cool because Raven doesn’t have a lot of interaction with the Grounders. She never did. She’s always doing space stuff, so I think her getting to experience them and them getting to experience her – they’re such from different worlds – is going to be really cool.”

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The 100 star Lindsey Morgan
‘The 100’ star Lindsey Morgan at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez © Showbiz Junkies)