‘The Bastard Executioner’ Series Details – Photos, Cast Info, Interview and Trailer

The Bastard Executioner Series Details
Lee Jones stars in ‘The Bastard Executioner’ (Photo credit: Ollie Upton / FX)

Starring: Lee Jones and Stephen Moyer [full cast list under the ‘Cast’ tab]

Series Premiere: September 15, 2015
Genre: Drama, action
Running Time: 60 minutes
Network: FX
Created By: Kurt Sutter
Interview: Lee Jones interview
Interview: Stephen Moyer interview
Review: Episodes one and two recap and review
Recaps: Episode three / episode four / episode five / episode six / episode seven
Preview: What to expect from The Bastard Executioner
News: Premiere date announced
News: Cast announced for The Bastard Executioner
News: Details announced on Kurt Sutter’s new series
News: Paris Barclay and Kurt Sutter reunite
News: Official website

The Synopsis:

The Bastard Executioner is a blood-soaked, medieval epic that tells the story of Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones), a 14th century warrior, whose life is forever changed when a divine messenger beseeches him to lay down his sword and lead the life of another man: a journeyman executioner. Set in northern Wales during a time rife with rebellion and political upheaval, Wilkin must walk a tight rope between protecting his true identity while also serving a mysterious destiny. Guided by Annora (Katey Sagal), a mystical healer whose seeming omniscience keeps Wilkin under her sway; manipulated by Milus Corbett (Stephen Moyer), a devious Chamberlain with grand political aspirations; and driven by a deepening connection with the Baroness Lady Love Ventris (Flora Spencer-Longhurst), Wilkin struggles to navigate political, emotional and supernal pitfalls in his quest to understand his greater purpose.

[tabs style=”default” title=”‘The Bastard Executioner’ Resources”] [tab title=”Cast”] Lee Jones as Wilkin Brattle
Stephen Moyer as Milus Corbett
Katey Sagal as Annora of the Alders
Kurt Sutter as The Dark Mute
Flora Spencer-Longhrust as Baroness Lowry ‘Love’ Aberffraw Ventris
Sam Spruell as Toran Prichard
Darren Evans as Ash y Goedwig
Danny Sapani as Berber the Moore
Timothy V Murphy as Father Ruskin
Sarah White as Isabel Kiffin
Sarah Sweeney as Jessamy Maddox
Elen Rhys as Petra Brattle
Ethan Griffiths as Luca Maddox
Matthew Rhys as Gruffudd y Blaidd
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