‘The Exorcist’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Let ‘Em In

Exorcist Season 1 Episode 3
Robert Emmet Lunney and Hannah Kasulka in the “Chapter Three: Let ‘Em In” episode of ‘The Exorcist’ (Photo by Jean Whiteside © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

The third episode of Fox’s new horror series The Exorcist finds Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) learning devastating news which could affect his ability to help the Rance family deal with Casey’s possession. Titled ‘Let ‘Em In’ and airing on October 7, 2016, episode three begins with a flashback to five months prior as Kat’s driving around with her friend, Julia (Charlotte Thomas). They’re discussing dating preferences when Julia puts her hand on Kat’s leg. Julia confesses how sexually attracted she is to Kat and Kat (Brianne Howey) is apparently equally into her friend. Kat takes her eyes off the road when Julia tells her to look at her and then looks up, sees a man in the road, and swerves, hitting a pole. She’s badly injured but Julia is much worse off, dying from the injuries suffered in the crash.

A crazy man’s preaching outside the hotel where Angela Rance (Geena Davis) works just as the papal escorts arrive for their stay.

Father Marcus is on the street behind the police tape, watching the officers investigate the gruesome mass murderers. Two guys from the neighborhood are guessing at who committed the crimes and Marcus hears them say the murderer took the eyes of his victim. Marcus interrupts and asks how they know the eyes are gone and they give him a hard time, guessing he’s a scary cop with no friends. He shows his collar and they tell him what they heard.

Henry Rance (Alan Ruck) is at Father Tomas’ church asking him whether he really believes in demons. He wants to know if Angela’s right that Casey is possessed. Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) says if you believe in God, maybe “you have to accept that He has an adversary.” Henry prays every night, wondering what would have happened if he hadn’t been injured when the scaffolding collapsed. He thinks something’s wrong with Casey and wants to know what to do. Just then Father Marcus shows up.

Meanwhile, Casey (Hannah Kasulka) is buying a new dress with Kat for Julia’s memorial. Casey tells her sister she has her back and Kat leaves, so of course the creepy stranger (who no one can see but Casey) shows up. He has a sexier dress for her to wear but she says no, mainly because it’s $3,600. He tears off the tag and tells her to stuff it in her bag. She does, without any hesitation.

Father Marcus takes a tour through the Rance family’s home. He wants to know if Casey and Kat are friends and Angela says yes. Marcus asks to speak with Casey.

At the hotel, a formal dinner’s taking place for the papal entourage. Father Tomas is in attendance and they are all discussing the way the visit will help Chicago. Maria Walters (Kristen Fitzgerald), the leader of the group of local organizers, is at the head of the table and suggests the Pope alter his plans and tour the poorer neighborhoods. The papal representatives decline the offer for the Pope’s safety, however Father Tomas believes his church would benefit from a visit. The Pope will only be on the South Side for two hours and that’s where the most devout Catholics actually live. As he’s making a case for the Pope’s itinerary change, a scream is heard and the group heads to the window. On the street they see the crazy man has lit himself on fire and is staring up at them as he burns to death.

Casey meets with Father Tomas and Father Marcus at the church and she wants to finish the visit quickly so her parents don’t get freaked out. Tomas asks if she remembers what happened in the attic, and then she asks why Father Marcus is there. Father Tomas asks if she speaks any other languages, asks her to move a pen with her mind, and then Father Marcus interrupts and takes over. He talks about the fact she’s an athlete and her sister is a ballet dancer, and then asks if she gardens. He compares Kat to a beautiful plant that steals all the attention while Casey is more of a succulent that doesn’t need as much attention. Casey says she loves her sister and answers yes when he asks if she likes her. Father Marcus calls Kat selfish, telling Casey Kat’s accident broke the family in half and she resents her for it. He hounds her, continually asking if she likes her sister. She finally tells him to go to hell.

Father Marcus holds up Casey’s music box he took from her bedroom, displaying a compact with a broken mirror he found inside. He asks who gave it to her because it looks like an antique. As he’s handling it, the creepy stranger appears behind Casey telling her not to look at him but to keep looking at Father Marcus. Father Marcus asks again who gave it to her, saying it doesn’t make sense since she’s a tomboy. He asks her if “he” lied to her and told her she was beautiful and special, and Casey loses her temper and says, “He doesn’t lie.” Father Marcus asks if the man who gave her the compact is in the room and Casey doesn’t answer. He asks if it has hurt her and the stranger tells her to get up and walk out. She answers, “He would never hurt me,” and Father Marcus says it will. A picture falls off the wall and Father Marcus grabs Casey’s arms, saying he’s speaking to the presence inside of her. The lights flicker, the candle’s flame wavers, and he commands the presence’s response in the name of God. He asks in Latin what it wants and when they first made contact. He’s trying to make it angry as the compact spins on the desk and things fall all over the room. The presence finally answers, saying it chose her and this is its plan. Father Tomas records the session as Casey, speaking in different voices, describes the death of the boy all those years ago. Father Marcus says hello to the demon that was once in the boy and is now in Casey. The presence says he’s not the same demon “but I appreciate his work.”

Father Tomas and Father Marcus show the video of their session with Casey to Bishop Egan (Brad Armacost) and Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan), requesting an exorcism. When Father Bennett tries to deny it, citing poor audio and video quality, Father Marcus says the demon was speaking Aramaic and they’ve gone forward with less. The Bishop once again says she needs psychiatric attention and he breaks the news that Father Marcus has been excommunicated. It’s effective immediately and he must give up his collar. Father Bennett lists the reason why Father Marcus has been excommunicated, while Marcus attempts to point out the demon knew about his work in Rome which means they’re communicating with each other and sharing information. Bishop Egan wants Marcus to leave Chicago and Marcus asks why the Church isn’t worried about the nine murders with missing body parts. None of that argument matters; Marcus is no longer a priest.

At the Rance home, Angela’s upset the priests didn’t reveal more about their session with Casey other than urging them to try and maintain a normal life. Casey’s in the bathroom getting ready when the creepy stranger makes her burn herself with a curling iron. At first she seems like she’s in pain, then it appears she’s enjoying it.

Marcus is drowning his problems in alcohol when Father Tomas finds him in a pew at the church, and Tomas can’t even begin to understand what Marcus is going through. Marcus says he can’t help the girl now because he’s just a man now, and Tomas says the Church – not God – abandoned him. Tomas wants to do the exorcism with Marcus’ help. Marcus says if Tomas really wants to help the girl he needs to observe her and not interact. The demon needs to completely show itself so they have unassailable proof – and Marcus knows the demon will show itself. If Tomas defies the Church, he’ll be risking his soul. Tomas refuses to quit and Marcus warns him he’ll die, too.

Casey (looking sexy with a super low-cut dress) and Kat attend Julia’s memorial backstage at the dance company. Casey hangs back as Kat is hugged by friends and then leaves a personal memento on Julia’s memorial display. The dancers discuss Julia as a person and as a dancer, pouring out a bit of whiskey in her memory before passing the bottle around. Casey grabs the bottle and takes a swig, and all the dancers are whispering about what she’s wearing. Casey stares at Julia’s picture and Kat tries to get her to go join their mom and dad in the audience, but she won’t leave. She starts making a scene, saying Kat and Julia were in love.

The dancers take the stage and dedicate the performance to Julia and Kat, telling Kat they’re there for her when she’s ready to return. The audience applauds, the dance begins, and Kat (now seated in the audience with her family) begins crying. The stranger’s hand slips over Casey’s shoulder and caresses her skin.

Mrs. Walters meets with Father Tomas and after a little small talk, Mrs. Walters hands him a $100,000 check for his parish. She knows it’s a bad time for their city, and she tells him to do something good with the money.

Back at the memorial, Casey is sweating and races from her seat. Henry follows her out.

Marcus visits the Rance home and as he knocks on the door, a car pulls up with Father Bennett in the backseat. Marcus joins him in the car and talks about the nine victims missing their hearts, eyes, genitals, and other body parts. It’s the materials needed to summon forth demons. Father Bennett whispers that he saw a Christian zealot light himself on fire without any accelerant. Marcus wants to know if the Church has been compromised and Father Bennett doesn’t know but has been trying to figure that out. Father Bennett hands him bus tickets to Tallahassee, Florida. On the back of the ticket is a list of names of people who are still Marcus’ friends.

Henry and Casey are on an L train heading home. Casey has nasty boils on her arm and Henry passes out while trying to talk to her about why she left the memorial service. The train stops to pick up passengers and a bunch of drunk guys board. One hits on Casey and pulls her back when she turns away. He tells her she obviously wants attention wearing “a dress like that.” Henry’s still passed out when the man gets rough with her. No one comes to her aid but then she sees the stranger walking toward her and relaxes, while the drunk guy still has his arm around her. The stranger kisses her and she’s into it. Everyone else in the car fades away while they kiss (and of course no one sees this kiss other than Casey). The lights go off and the drunk and his friends are now being attacked without anyone physically appearing to lay a hand on them. At the end of the fight, Casey throws the drunk to the floor, gets on top of him, and starts ripping his skin to shreds on his chest. She breaks his jaw and then the lights come back on. With his blood on her arms and face, she stands in the center of the train (the rest of the passengers have backed away from her) and pees on the floor as her father, who has now come to, watches.

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The Exorcist airs on Fox on Fridays at 9pm ET/PT.