Candice Patton Interview: The Flash Season 6, Nora’s Sacrifice, and Iris as Reporter

The CW’s The Flash star Candice Patton says Iris and Barry will be dealing with the loss of Nora as season six picks up. At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Patton also talked about her hopes for Iris’ career as a Pultizer-prize winning reporter.

Season six of The Flash premieres on October 8, 2019. New episodes arrive on Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT.

Last season ended in heartbreak for Iris over Nora. How is Iris handling that this season?

Candice Patton: “I feel like Iris is always in trauma. I feel like most of what I’ve been doing the last six seasons is crying. But, yeah, we pick up 10 seconds after season five. Obviously, the death of Nora is still very fresh for Barry and Iris. We watch them both try and deal with it in their own way – maybe not in the healthiest of ways. Very early on we watch them come to the conclusion that they’ve got to properly grieve Nora to move forward and get back to being Team Flash and also, ultimately, get to deal with the Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

There’s a new bad guy this season. How much interaction will Iris have with this person?

Candice Patton: “I don’t know. So far, not much. I imagine that none of us are going to escape this villain. I’m sure we’ll come to blows at some point. Iris is always kind of finding herself in the middle of things with her reporting and being nosy. So I’m sure their paths will cross.”

How much of Iris the reporter will we see in season six?

Candice Patton: “A lot more. […] I do think we’re getting into it. We saw Iris start her own newspaper last season. She has her own office. This season we’re going to see my character there much more. She’s hiring a team of employees. We’re really moving toward the idea of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist that we know from the comics. So, I’m really, really excited about that.

I didn’t want the show to end without us doing that. Comic book fans know her as this ace reporter and so I wanted us to get to that before it all is said and done.”

Will we also delve more into her personal life?

Candice Patton: “Yeah. I think every episode is going to be more focused on certain characters. I think we’re going to get to learn a lot more about certain characters. I’m really excited about that. Obviously, I feel like Barry, Iris, Joe – we’re kind of the heart of the show. I don’t think I’m going to escape the family and the love of it all. So, I think we’re definitely going to be dealing with those issues.

With the date change of the newspaper, there’s obviously a lot of heartbreak potentially coming.”

What about lots of joy and happiness?

Candice Patton: “I hope so. I don’t know. Someone was mentioning earlier is Iris going to get pregnant. There’s always potential for joy and happiness.”

Can we look forward to another girls night episode?

Candice Patton: “Oh my gosh! I forgot about that. I would love that. Maybe during the crossover there’s a moment for the ladies to get together. I don’t know.”

Iris and Lois…reporters on the town.

Candice Patton: “Listen, it’s such a missed opportunity I feel like. You’ve got these two iconic reporters. I feel like they should know and meet each other. Who knows? It’s not impossible. I would love that.”

How is Nora’s sacrifice affecting the West-Allen family? Is there tension or does it bring them closer together?

Candice Patton: “I think a little bit of both. Grief is never an easy thing for a family to deal with. Barry and Iris have a common goal which is to stay married and deal with everything together, so I don’t think there’s any fear of that. But, it’s definitely not easy. But, yeah, I think the thing you can always fall back on is that they love each other and they want to see it through together.”