Carlos Valdes Interview: The Flash Season 6 and a Vibe-less Cisco

One of the many changes we’ll see when The CW’s The Flash returns for season six is a Vibe-less Cisco. Cisco, played by Carlos Valdes, took the cure to rid himself of his metahuman powers, and in season six he’ll be dealing with the repercussions of that life-altering decision.

During our roundtable interview at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Carlos Valdes also discussed Cisco’s relationship with Caitlin and Killer Frost as well as what’s in store for Team Flash. Season six will premiere on October 8, 2019 at 8pm ET/PT.

How’s life post-Vibe?

Carlos Valdes: “Life post-Vibe is good, you know? There’s a weird sort of almost afterlife-y element to it. I feel like I’ve died and went to Heaven and transcended my body and become this completely other resurrected person. You know what I mean? And I think Cisco kind of feels that way too, so yeah it’s kind of weird.”

Now that he’s given up his powers is it going to affect how he feels about other metahumans?

Carlos Valdes: “Damn. That’s a good question. I hadn’t even thought about that. Probably, yeah.”

How does a Vibe-less Cisco’s relationship change with Killer Frost?

Carlos Valdes: “Well, Danielle and I have shot a scene that I really loved which is… I don’t know if I’m at liberty to talk about it. Probably not. But I think Killer Frost gets sidelined a lot. She lives in the back layers of Caitlin’s consciousness, so I think she has an interest in coming out and exploring her life a little bit more. It’s just been really interesting recently exploring the difference between Cisco’s relationship with Caitlin and Cisco’s relationship with Killer Frost.

Long story short, we shot this scene recently and it’s definitely an exploration of that kind of relationship. I liked it. I liked it a lot.”

The Flash Season 6 star Carlos Valdes
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon in ‘The Flash’ season 6 (Photo: Jeff Weddell © 2019 The CW Network)

Even though you’re not Vibe, do you still get to come out and play for “Crisis on Infinite Earths?”

Carlos Valdes: “Yes. There will definitely be some Cisco play time in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ pending contractual negotiations.” (laughing)

Speaking of contractual negotiations, is Cisco still working at S.T.A.R. Labs or is that over and done with?

Carlos Valdes: “Yeah, I’m there.”

Superpowers are not required to work there.

Carlos Valdes: “No. And that’s a big part of our message is you don’t have to have superpowers to be a valuable member of the team. You can have human superpowers.”

Will there be new gadgets and weapons made by Cisco in season six?

Carlos Valdes: “We have two new suits for Flash and Killer Frost. It’s going to be great.”

Any chance of Ramon Industries happening?

Carlos Valdes: “Maybe. Maybe, yeah. That would be kind of cool.”

Will there be moments when Cisco wants to use his powers and then remembers he no longer has them?

Carlos Valdes: “All I can say is that Cisco’s really happy not having his powers. As to whether that attitude will stick around, I don’t know.”

How’s Cisco’s romantic relationship going in season six?

Carlos Valdes: “It’s going great. One thing that I’ve loved about Cisco’s romantic trajectory is that every love interest that he’s had has been kind of different. It’s an interesting chance to explore different colors of relationships. Like, depending on the person you’re with you have a different relationship – a different energy. You complement each other in a different way based on who the other person is. I think Kamila has a different energy than Gypsy had then Peyton List’s character Lisa Snart/Golden Glider.”

Cisco’s banter with the other characters is always something to look forward to each season. Do you have any particular lines from the new season you can share that you particularly liked doing?

Carlos Valdes: “That’s a good one. Okay, so something that I really like doing lately is doing the airhorn sound. So, I tried to incorporate it in one of the scenes in the first episode of season six. Whether it will make it in, I can’t say.”