Candice Patton Interview: ‘The Flash’ Season 5 and Iris as a Mom

During the season four finale of The CW’s The Flash, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) arrived at the West house and Team Flash was taken by surprise by the time-traveling speedster. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) were shocked to discover the daughter they haven’t yet had time-traveled from the future seeking Barry’s help. Nora’s brief interaction with her mom and dad revealed she has a close relationship with Barry but not with Iris.

In our interview at the San Diego Comic Con, Patton discussed the addition of Nora into the series and what fans of the superhero show can look forward to in season five.

The CW’s The Flash premieres on October 9, 2018 at 8pm ET/PT.

What can you say about season five?

Candice Patton: “The theme is about legacy and family, so it’s going to be a lot about the family dynamics from each character, but especially from the West-Allen clan. Nora’s come back from the future and we’ve got to figure out why she’s back and what the ramifications are for the timeline.”

And why she’s mad at you.

Candice Patton: “And why she’s mad at me.”

Any clue as to why?

Candice Patton: “I know why. (Laughing) I’m not going to tell you guys why. There is clear indication that she has some sort of issue with her mother that she does not have with her father. She’s very much a daddy’s girl and wants to be around him constantly and is very reticent to spend any prolonged amount of time with her mom.”

Since Nora’s appeared, will there be a strain on Barry and Iris’ relationship?

Candice Patton: “Not so far it hasn’t put a strain. I think Iris is just innately a little bit perplexed and jealous…not even jealous…just disappointed that she doesn’t have the same relationship with Nora that Barry has and she’s happy that Nora’s there. She wants her to stay. To Iris it’s like seeing Nora means that Barry and Iris in the future are going to get their happy ending that they’ve always dreamed of. To her it’s proof that things work out and that as bad as their lives have been with the loss of parents and all sorts of mayhem, that they have a family which is what they both always ever wanted.”

Is she going to be seeking advice from her dad to help understand the situation?

Candice Patton: “Oh, sure. The wise Joe West. I’m sure Barry and Iris will get an earful of advice from Joe in the next season on how to be a parent.”

And what about Grandpa Joe?

Candice Patton: “Grandpa Joe has got a kid, a baby. I can’t tell you much about that. I don’t know what they’re doing with that. But yeah, it’s going to be an interesting dynamic for him and Cecile to deal with his newborn, and Cecile’s powers.”

So now you have a grown child and an infant sister?

Candice Patton: “Jenna. Yeah, an infant sister which is all very confusing and complex.”

Do you ever find yourself needing somebody to clarify something?

Candice Patton: “All the time. But, that’s been that way since season one. When time travel got introduced I was like, ‘I’m going to need a sheet with pictures. What timeline are we in and what’s happening?’ It’s very confusing.”

The Flash season 5 Candice Patton Interview
Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West-Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in ‘The Flash’ season 5 (Photo by Katie Yu © 2018 The CW Network)

Do you think the team dynamic is going to change?

Candice Patton: “I don’t think so. I think Team Flash will always be Team Flash, just with a few additions – Cecile and Ralph and Nora. I think what’s interesting this year is what I’ve noticed so far is they’re trying to shoot things in a way where the team is less together all the time. People are kind of separated into groups working on stuff, which I’m very excited about. I think visually it will be more interesting for the audience to not have all of us just standing around in S.T.A.R. Labs. You’ll see us kind of more in groups and pockets, which I think is way more interesting and way more stimulating for us as actors too.”

How do you think Nora will impact the series moving forward?

Candice Patton: “To me this is the biggest thing that’s happened since Barry going back in time to save his mother. This is along those lines of really dealing with huge, huge timeline changes that could cause a huge problem. Any time you go back and save someone’s life or a family member from the future or the past comes back, it’s a sure-fire recipe for something very weird.”

As you continue to peel back layers of your character, is there anything you’re surprised to learn about yourself as an actor?

Candice Patton: “Yeah. Every year it’s something different. I was dealing with her life possibly being taken away in season three. I think this season’s going to be a big one for Iris dealing with the idea of motherhood and the fact that she didn’t have a mother in her life. That fear of feeling like is she a good mother to Nora in the future. I think she has a fear there since Nora and her are not connecting. Maybe her future as a mother is not a good one and she’s just like her mother. So, that’s something she’s going to have to contend with this season. It opens up new things for me as an actress, which is interesting and exciting.

I think it will be a good season for me. And also, Iris, we’re going to get back into her reporting this season so that’s something that I’m really excited about. I’ve spoken so much about having her have agency and seeing her outside of being a love interest, seeing her at her job. So, I hope that’s something they stick to. I really do.”

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