Keiynan Lonsdale Interview on ‘The Flash’ Season 3, Kid Flash, and Flashpoint

Keiynan Lonsdale The Flash
Keiynan Lonsdale from ‘The Flash’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

The Flash‘s Keiynan Lonsdale says that when the series returns for its third season, the Flashpoint storyline will have kicked in and fans of The CW’s comic book-inspired series will immediately see the effects of Barry’s decision to alter the timeline. Lonsdale and his The Flash castmates were peppered with questions about the Flashpoint changes during a packed panel at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, and they all did their best to tease season three without giving too much away. The Flash cast also participated in roundtable interviews during which Lonsdale talked about slipping into the Kid Flash costume and how he now has a much better idea of what Grant Gustin goes through every episode.

Keiynan Lonsdale Interview:

How hot is that Kid Flash suit?

Keiynan Lonsdale: “Okay, so when we were doing the photo shoot for the official press photos it was the second time I wore it and I was like, ‘Okay you guys, I need some water or something.’ I’m freaking out because I had like a bit of a…it was super hot and I was jumping around and doing these different things for the shoot so I was sweating up a storm. And then I realized that at least I had like an open top so it’s a little cooler for me than it is for Grant (Gustin) and some of the others. So, yeah, it’s pretty hot.”

How long were you in it shooting scenes?

Keiynan Lonsdale: (Laughing) “I guess we’ll find out! That day was just for the photo shoot. The first time we shot it I was outside so I think that’s why they sent out the photos because people got their paparazzi photos. But, yeah, so we know that I have something outside. But I was in it enough to feel really cool and comfortable by the end. I don’t know, it’s kind of a strange thing to adjust to. Your face is hard to emote because it’s quite restrictive. But you just get used to it. I had more of an appreciation for what Grant has to do. There’s a lot more that goes into it.”

How does the Flashpoint storyline impact the way Wally behaves this season?

Keiynan Lonsdale: “I think that they’re taking their own spin on Flashpoint. I mean, the main thing it affects this season is Kid Flash, which I was excited about. And also I guess for Wally mostly he is finally in this place where he’s settled and he feels worth it, and he is completely ecstatic about being who he is. He gets to help people; this is what he knows and what he loves to do. It was fun to get to play Wally being completely confident with himself.”

Are the family issues completely resolved?

Keiynan Lonsdale: (Laughing) “It’s television so… You’ll have to find out how that dynamic has shifted, but it has shifted. But, the one thing is that Wally comes from a place of genuine love with everyone and everything, I think, in Flashpoint. It is an interesting dynamic with everyone and the family, so we’ll see.”

Do we see Flashpoint’s effects on Wally right away?

Keiynan Lonsdale: “You’re kind of being taken for a whirlwind because along with Barry, the audience won’t really quite understand how everything is as it is. You’re going to have to catch up quite quickly to adjust to this new world. But, yeah, there are dramatic changes.”

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(Interview by Fred Topel. Article by Rebecca Murray.)