‘The Flash’ Season 4 Episode 19 Recap and Review: “Fury Rogue”

The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Recap
Wentworth Miller as Leo-X/Citizen Cold and Grant Gustin as The Flash in ‘The Flash’ season 4 episode 19 (Photo: Shane Harvey © 2018 The CW Network)

“We need your help on our Earth,” says Barry (Grant Gustin) to Captain Cold on Earth-X. “Right now I’m kind of busy,” replies Snart (Wentworth Miller). “Doing what? Dying?” asks Vibe (Carlos Valdez) who quickly breaches Snart, Barry, and himself back to their Earth as Black Canary’s doppelganger (Katie Cassidy) closes in on Snart in season four episode 19 of The CW’s The Flash.

As the episode begins, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is talking with the A.I. Gideon about his brain function and receives terrible news. It seems the overload of energy and dark matter he was exposed to has affected his mind in a negative way. He’s losing his intelligence and Gideon doesn’t see a way of reversing it.

Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) visit their therapist and Iris talks about losing Ralph and how she’s feeling. When the therapist asks how Barry’s dealing with the loss, he brushes it off saying he‘s seen so much tragedy in his life he knows how to handle it. As he and Iris leave, the therapist reminds Barry there’s no way to perfect dealing with grief.

Over at The Thinker’s lair, Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) is so happy to see her husband in his original form that DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) decides not to drug her with The Weeper’s tears as she prepares their tea. He wants to get right back to work on their master plan, but Marlize is hoping for some quality time with her husband. He reminds her that “The Enlightenment” is what they must focus on.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco is feeling so bad about Ralph’s death that he thinks maybe if he uses Harry’s thinking cap he’ll come up with an idea to stop him. Harry stops Cisco saying it won’t work on him because it’s specially programmed with Harry’s brainwaves. Cisco suggests they make a second thinking cap and then working together they’ll find a way to stop DeVoe.

An alarm goes off and Team Flash gather in the main room to discover that DeVoe is going after Fallout, the meta created on the bus who can generate nuclear energy.

With Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) no longer able to become Killer Frost, Barry and Vibe head to Earth-X to enlist Snart’s help. They arrive just in time to save him from Siren-X, Black Canary’s doppelganger on Earth-X. What the heroes don’t realize is that before the breach closed, Siren-X was able to travel to Earth-1 as well.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash brings Snart up to speed about DeVoe, losing Ralph, and Fallout. Snart asks why Caitlin doesn’t become Killer Frost and Caitlin tells him she’s lost her. He apologizes, sorry to hear it. He agrees to help them but says they only have him for 24 hours because he’s getting married and doesn’t want to be late to his own wedding.

Harry’s come up with a new thinking cap for Cisco but overloads it on purpose and damages a part, informing Cisco it will take weeks to replace.

Over at DeVoe’s lair, Marlize puts on her husband’s favorite dress trying to entice him to spend some one-on-one time with her. However, he reminds her harshly that until the enlightenment, she needs to just be his technician. Marlize agrees to do so and turns away from DeVoe so he won’t see her tears.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Flash is going over the plan of moving Fallout to a more secure location using a big rig and Snart’s cold gun as a back-up, in case the suit Caitlin came up with to keep Fallout from going nuclear fails. Snart can tell Barry’s not quite himself and knows it’s because of the death of Ralph. He reminds Barry that he has to deal with his grief in order to be able to lead his team efficiently or he’s likely to lose another friend. Barry assures Snart he’ll stay focused on DeVoe and that he’s fine. As the team heads out to move Fallout a few miles away, they’re unaware Siren-X has used her powers to overhear their plans.

Fallout trusts The Flash, saying he saved him once before so he’s good with whatever they have in mind. Caitlin injects Joe, herself, Barry, and Snart with a temporary anti- nuclear drug she came up with which should protect them from the radiation from Fallout if he gets hot and begins to go nuclear should his suit fail.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is driving the big rig with Caitlin, Fallout, and Snart in the container of the truck. Iris remains at S.T.A.R. Labs, monitoring the trip. The plan is to deliver Fallout to ARGUS. During the drive, Snart asks how Caitlin’s dealing with losing Frost. Caitlin admits she misses her.

DeVoe shows up using his portal and The Flash and Snart face off against him. DeVoe taunts Barry about Ralph’s death. Barry uses the sonic scepter to try to stop him, but DeVoe just uses Ralph’s elongated powers to bend and stretch away. Barry freezes as he remembers moments of training Ralph and Ralph’s death at the hands of DeVoe. Snart tries to snap Barry out of it when Siren-X shows up and uses her powers to blast Barry, Snart, and DeVoe off their feet. DeVoe portals out and Siren-X takes Fallout, Caitlin, and Joe as hostages.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry’s upset and tells Iris to monitor the satellites for Fallout’s nuclear energy. Cisco starts to use the thinker cap Harry built for him after replacing the piece that was destroyed. Harry snatches it away from Cisco and destroys it. Harry finally tells Cisco the truth about his own thinking cap and how he exposed himself to dark matter, even after he promised Cisco he wouldn’t. He also confesses to Cisco that his brilliant mind is the only asset to Team Flash and since he’s losing it, he has nothing to contribute to the group.

At DeVoe’s lair, he’s upset because he didn’t foresee Siren-X beating Barry and taking Fallout away. Marlize tells him he left out Barry’s upset emotional state when coming up with his deductions.

Snart has another talk with Barry about dealing with his grief and that he can’t outrun it. An alarm goes off and it’s revealed Siren-X has taken Fallout, Joe, and Caitlin to CCPD.

At the CCP, Siren-X makes Fallout take off his helmet and he begins to go nuclear. Barry and Snart speed off and arrive at CCPD to fight Siren-X. Barry goes to take her down but she hits him with her powerful bird cry and he goes down instead. Caitlin grabs one of the freeze guns and hits Fallout with it, trying to cool him down. Unfortunately, she also gets blasted by Siren-X. Snart also uses his cold gun but Siren-X blasts him too, knocking him to the floor.

As Fallout gets close to exploding, Snart calls to Barry, who’s once incapacitated by memories of Ralph and is frozen with doubt. Snart yells it wasn’t his fault. Barry remembers Ralph saying that him just before he died and that Ralph also believed he’d already saved him. That memory, combined with Snart’s yelling, snaps Barry out of it. He superspeeds over and knocks Siren-X into the air. She comes crashing down, knocking herself out.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Recap
Katie Cassidy as Siren-X and Ryan Alexander McDonald as Neil Borman/Fallout (Photo: Shane Harvey © 2018 The CW Network)

Caitlin and Snart use the two cold guns on Fallout to cool him off and bring him back to stable condition. Joe comes to having been knocked out at the beginning of the fight and asks where Barry is. He finds him a little way off, finally grieving Ralph’s death. As Joe hugs Barry, Barry sobs and tells him that it’s his fault Ralph died. Barry believes he failed Ralph. Caitlin and Snart overhear Barry’s confession and feel sympathy for their friend.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Snart says goodbye to Team Flash and tells Caitlin she was pretty badass taking on Siren-X and using the cold gun. He thinks her alter-ego would be proud of her. He tells Barry he knows Captain Cold flipped and became a good guy because Barry always treats people with kindness and respect. Snart reminds Barry he needs to remember to treat himself that way.

Caitlin’s working to see if there’s any dark matter in her or a sign of Killer Frost when Iris shows up and tells her how impressive she was fighting Siren-X without Frost. Caitlin confesses she knows she can live without Killer Frost but doesn’t want to. She ran more tests but is afraid to check the results. Iris suggests they should check them together. They do and discover there’s no dark matter, however there’s a cryogenetic anomaly in Caitlin’s DNA. Frost is still a part of Caitlin and now she needs to find a way to get Frost to appear.

Cisco catches Harry packing up to leave and reminds him that what made him such a good father to Jesse was not his brilliant mind but his always being there for her and caring about her. Cisco says Team Flash needs him and that together they will find a way to stop Harry from losing his intelligence. Cisco reminds Harry he has to tell the team and Harry claims he will, but not today.

Barry and Iris visit their therapist again and this time Barry opens up. He admits he regrets not telling Ralph how proud he was of him and how much their friendship meant to him.

In the final scene, DeVoe and Marlize are watching Fallout in the new facility and DeVoe is relieved his plan is back on track. He tells Marlize emotions are not a true key factor in how things will end up and for her to get on board with focusing on their grand plan. She agrees and again turns away so DeVoe doesn’t see she’s sad.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 19 Review:

Dramatic and full of heartfelt moments season four episode 19 titled “Fury Rogue” focuses on the loss of Ralph and how it’s affecting Team Flash, especially Barry. It also brings back a fan favorite character to help the team. Wentworth Miller guest stars as Snart’s doppelganger to help Team Flash protect Fallout from DeVoe and helps Barry to finally grieve over his part in Ralph’s death.

This was one of the more emotional episodes of this season with each member of the team feeling the loss of Ralph and feeling helpless to move forward and defeat DeVoe. There were many stand-out performances, in particular one by Miller who knows exactly how to play the helpful and now counseling Snart from Earth-X. He not only gets Barry to deal with his grief but also helps Caitlin realize that even without her icy alter-ego she brings so much to the team and is extremely effective out in the field.

Grant Gustin also delivered another great performance. Gustin’s powerful and emotional scene with Jesse L. Martin hugging him as he finally breaks down sobbing over how he let Ralph down is heart-wrenching. So is his scene with the therapist as he admits to having regrets over not letting Ralph know how much he respected and admired him.

With DeVoe’s plan back on track it will be interesting and exciting to see how Team Flash will stop him and if Marlize will end up betraying her own husband.


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