‘The Flash’ Season 4 Episode 5 Recap and Review: Girls Night Out

The Flash Season 4 episode 5
Candice Patton as Iris West and Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in ‘The Flash’ season 4 episode 5 (Photo: Katie Yu © 2017 The CW Network)

“You and I could’ve been gods,” says Amunet (Katee Sackhoff). “I used to work with a god. I’m over it,” replies Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) as she faces off against her former boss in season four episode five of The CW’s The Flash.

As the episode kicks off, Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) is practicing his unique stretching abilities and trying to impress Team Flash. However, the team’s more focused on trying to locate the name DeVoe who Barry (Grant Gustin) remembered both Hocus Pocus and Savitar saying would be a major villain he has to fight in the future.

Everyone’s surprised when Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) walks into the training area of S.T.A.R. Labs saying hi and looking forward to the bachelorette party. After giving Barry a quick hug and Cisco (Carlos Valdez) grief for the lack of security at the lab, she heads off to find Iris (Candice Patton).

Caitlin’s booking a plane flight out of town when both Iris and Felicity come looking for her. She quickly turns the screen off and smiles at the two ladies who are really looking forward to the “low-key” party. Caitlin tries telling Iris she’s going to skip it because she needs to deal with something from her past, but Iris and Felicity plead for her to spend some girl time with them. Caitlin, reluctantly, gives in.

Over at Joe’s house, Cisco puts on a video he put together of old home movies of Barry as a kid. The guys night out is old-school entertaining, with Harry (Tom Cavanagh), Barry, and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) watching the video and about to enjoy some brandy. Ralph shows up, mistakenly believing he was invited to Barry’s quiet bachelor party. Not liking anything about the mood and atmosphere at Barry’s party, Ralph decides to hijack the guys and move the party to a place he’s very familiar with – a place with cheap food and drinks.

Felicity, Iris, Caitlin, and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) are celebrating at Iris’ bachelorette party, sitting in a nice restaurant and toasting the bride-to-be with champagne. Their party is interrupted when Amunet’s one-eyed thug shows up looking for Caitlin. Felicity mistakes him for a weird stripper but soon realizes he’s not part of the party fun when he drops his glass eye into her champagne glass and out of his eye socket crawls a serpent-like thing.

The girls quickly get up as Caitlin flings the table at the thug. Both Felicity and Iris take the one-eyed creep on with a chair but end up losing the battle. They fall and he’s heading toward them when Caitlin asks the thug not to do this. When he shows he has no intention of stopping, her cold powers kick in and Killer Frost takes control. Iris, Cecile, and Felicity watch wide-eyed as Frost blasts the thug out of the building. That situation take care of, she glances down at the cute pink outfit Caitlin is fond of and says, “Ugh, I hate pink,” as she takes a slug of champagne from the bottle.

Ralph takes Barry and his buddies to a strip club and they all have to hand over their cell phones to security. Of course, they do it just as Iris is trying to call Barry. Ralph’s going on and on about being a regular at this club, and Joe is feeling very uncomfortable while Barry is wishing he could get drunk. Cisco tells Barry he’s made a special alcoholic drink for him, which should do the job.

The girls return to S.T.A.R. Labs and Frost tells Iris, Felicity, and Cecile how Caitlin was planning on leaving because Amunet had found her. As she changes out of the pink outfit into something colder in fashion, Frost tells Iris that Caitlin turned to Amunet in desperation when Frost got stronger and Caitlin was afraid she would lose control. Amunet had a device that could keep Catlin in control, but the price she demanded was that Frost would be her bodyguard.

As she changes, the girls huddle up and talk. Iris is adamant they need to help Frost because Caitlin is somewhere inside her and they’re not losing their teammate. Felicity is on board but Cecile is hesitant because of Frost kidnapping her last year at the behest of Savitar. Cecile finally agrees and the three are talking about how to proceed when Frost asks, “What are you whispering about?” startling them. Frost then heads out to deal with Amunet, not knowing Iris, Felicity, and Cecile are following her.

Back at the strip club, Barry’s very drunk from Cisco’s special drink and in tears that Rose didn’t make room for Jack on the door as the Titanic was sinking. He also yells out to everyone in the bar that’s he’s The Flash. Fortunately, he’s so drunk and goofy the patrons respond by laughing. Joe takes him back to their table to quiet him down and when the next exotic dancer comes out, the men of Team Flash recognize her as Joanie, Cecile’s daughter. “Oh hell no!” says Joe, not wanting to believe what he’s just seen.

Killer Frost goes to a nightclub where she finds Amunet. Amunet’s pleased to see her until Frost reminds her she’s out. Amunet tells her that “out” could mean so many things and that she wants to show her something. Frost follows Amunet into a private back area of the club where Amunet reveals her latest acquisition: a meta-human named Weeper whose tears contain a highly addictive drug Amunet wants to sell. She’ll cut in Frost for 15% because she wants her around once more as her bodyguard. Frost turns her down, declaring she’s not working for her anymore.

Meanwhile, Iris, Felicity, and Cecile have tracked Frost to the nightclub. Iris sneaks into the back area and spies on Frost and Amunet. The disagreement between the two meta-humans gets heated and they begin fighting. Iris rushes in, complimenting Amunet on her club and telling Frost it’s time to go. Frost takes the exit made possible by Iris and Amunet lets them leave, telling her thug she’s allowing Frost to believe she can walk away.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Frost tells Iris that Amunet could have killed her. Iris wants to save Weeper, feeling responsible for him since they created his meta-human powers. Felicity and Cecile are on board, but Frost thinks they’re in over their heads and opts to skip town.

Frost’s waiting for a meta-human she knows who can breach her to another Earth, but it’s Amunet who shows up instead. Amunet drops a bucket full of metal shrapnel and uses it to create a metal glove which she can control use to throw the metal shrapnel around. A scared Frost fights Amunet, however Amunet’s able to dodge and protect herself from Frost’s cold blasts while continuing to hit Frost with shrapnel.

Lying on the ground, wounded, Frost looks up to see Amunet standing over her. Amunet punches her hard with her metal glove and Frost weakens which brings out poor Caitlin who receives the last punch. Just as Amunet is about to give Caitlin a fatal hit, a patrol car pulls up and two cops yell for Amunet to turn around with her hands up. She turns, almost insulted that they called her ma’am, and kills them with her metal shrapnel. When she turns to kill Caitlin, she discovers she’s gone. “Kill you later, Caity,” says Amunet.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 5
Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen (Photo: Bettina Strauss © 2017 The CW Network)

Back at the bar, Ralph gets into a fight with another patron and he, Joe, Cisco, and Barry get thrown in jail. While there, Barry, now starting to sober up after being ill many times over, asks Joe what’s bothering him. Joe admits he’s not sure if he’s up to being a dad this late in his life. Barry reassures him that he is and reminds him that when he raised he and Iris, he was a single parent but now he has Cecile. Harry shows up and bails out his friends.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin is patching herself up when Iris arrives and asks if she can help. Caitlin reveals to Iris that when she felt Frost getting stronger, she turned to Amunet desperate to stay in control. Unfortunately, the tech Amunet gave her isn’t working much anymore. She hoped when Cisco told her about getting Barry back from the Speed Force, she could help and try to make up for what she did as Frost.

Caitlin asks if Frost hurt anyone and Iris tells her just the thug. She asks Caitlin about her memories and Caitlin admits that when Frost is in control, she doesn’t remember much of what Frost does. (Felicity compares it to Bruce Banner and The Hulk). Caitlin says she never should have come back and Iris argues she should have come back and she should have told them. Caitlin admits she didn’t know who to tell. (Really?! How about Cisco and Barry who fought so hard in season three to save Caitlin from Frost!) Iris says she could have told her and Caitlin finally admits the truth to Iris, that they aren’t really friends. “It’s not like you and I have become besties over the past two years,” says Caitlin to which a humbled Iris admits that’s the truth.

A little later, Felicity uses her incredible computer skills and tracks Amunet to the warehouse district. Iris, Felicity, and Cecile head out to try to stop Amunet, leaving Caitlin behind. Caitlin admits that if she loses control to Frost, she could become dangerous to them.

At the warehouse, Felicity and Iris get captured by Amunet’s thugs while she’s trying to sell Weeper to a possible buyer. Just as Amunet is about to have Iris and Felicity killed, Caitlin shows up and offers her a deal: she’ll work for her if she lets them go. Amunet says it’s gone too far for that now and the fight is on, but this time Frost is stronger. She blasts Amunet’s thugs with a cold blast and tells Iris and Felicity to get behind her. Frost then makes an ice shield, preventing bullets and Amunet’s metal shrapnel from getting to them.

Cecile uses a giant magnet in the warehouse to separate Amunet from her bucket of metal and it gives Frost the advantage she needs to knock her to the ground. Frost walks up to a disarmed Amunet with a deadly icicle in her hand, ready to kill her. Iris warns her not to and that she can choose to be Caitlin or Frost but doesn’t have to kill to be either. Frost tells Amunet to get lost and Amunet promises that soon she will ruin something important to Caitlin. (Does anyone else think that maybe Amunet is involved in ruining the upcoming wedding?!)

At S.T.A.R. Labs, a recovering Barry asks Iris if everything is okay, saying he noticed she called him several times. They both quickly admit their night out didn’t go as originally planned. As Cisco, Barry, Iris, and Ralph walk into the cortex, they see Killer Frost standing there. “I’m so tired…so tired. Can we do this tomorrow?” asks Cisco. “Why is Killer Frost here?” asks a perplexed Barry.

Caitlin takes over and the cold melts away, revealing her brown hair and eyes. Iris tells the guys Caitlin has something she needs to tell them and they need to listen to her. They approach Caitlin as she tells them she’ll explain everything.

At Joe’s house, Joanie is hoping Joe won’t tell her mom he saw her at the strip club dancing. He tells her it isn’t his secret to tell, but the fact she’s hiding it from her mom should tell her enough about what she’s doing. Cecile comes home and Joanie asks if they can get breakfast tomorrow and talk. Cecile smiles and says yes.

Iris and Caitlin are walking out of S.T.A.R. Labs together when Iris asks Caitlin to be her Maid of Honor at the wedding. Surprised, Caitlin asks if she’s sure and Iris says yes. Iris believes they aren’t just work friends and weddings are a time for new beginnings. Excited, Caitlin says yes and asks about her dress.

The last scene is Weeper running through an alley and getting trapped by a fence. He looks up to see The Thinker hovering over him in his chair, reminding him he created him for a reason.

The Flash Season 4 Episode 5 Review:

Uneven, goofy, and funny, episode five titled “Girls Night Out” brings back Caitlin’s icy persona Killer Frost and finally reveals what Caitlin had been doing for the last six months away from Team Flash. By far the strongest part of the episode is with Panabaker playing both Frost and Caitlin, and the introduction of the new villain Amunet played to the hilt by Katee Sackhoff. It’s the scenes between a tough but at times fearful Frost going up against Amunet that crackle with energy and suspense.

The “girls to the rescue theme” in the episode is written too heavy-handed, with Iris saying every few scenes something along the lines of “We got this, hashtag feminism.” Emily Bett Rickards shines in her guest appearance as Felicity and adds much-needed humor to the bachelorette party gone so horribly wrong.

The bachelor party storyline of Barry finally getting a serious hangover and Joe constantly worrying about being a dad again at 50 aims to be funny and does have plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, it shifts into being a distraction from the main plotline.

With Caitlin’s secret out in the open and having the full support of Team Flash, it should be very interesting to see her icy Killer Frost side begin to fight alongside The Flash and Vibe. Yes, that’s going to happen in the near future. Count on it.


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