‘Titans’ – Teagan Croft Interview on Playing Raven, Backstories, and Special Effects

DC Universe’s Titans debuts on October 12, 2018, introducing the Titans team made up of Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Rachel/Raven (Teagan Croft), Koriand’r/Starfire (Anna Diop), and Gar Logan/Beast Boy (Ryan Potter). Prior to the premiere of Titans, the cast made their New York Comic Con debut to show off the new superhero series which serves as the launching pad for the DC Universe digital service.

Sitting down for interviews at NYCC, Teagan Croft talked about the appeal of playing Raven. She also described her reaction to the visual effects and what fans can look forward to in season one.

Did you have any favorite Raven stories from the comics that you were excited about playing?

Teagan Croft: “Oh my gosh. There was an issue of the original ‘80s Teen Titans where they all told their backstories. It was like Beast Boy’s, Robin’s… I remember reading that issue, and I have the volume of the comics, but I remember reading those issues and turning to my dad and being like, ‘I have the best character!’

I’m so grateful and it’s so crazy to be this iconic character. So many cosplayers are dressed as Raven, so much fan art…I’m still trying to tell myself that it’s true.”

How much of a backstory will be revealed in the first season?

Teagan Croft: “So, the whole first season is about how Rachel doesn’t know who she is and what her backstory is. So, a lot of the season is figuring out where she comes from and who she is. And anyone who’s read the comics will know what her backstory is, and this series is based on the comics.”

Rachel’s having to deal with a lot and it’s stressful for her emotionally. Did you do any research with psychologists or anything to get into that part of the character?

Teagan Croft: “No. Actually no because a lot of her emotional issues are not from her actual mind, not actual mental issues but from the half-demon part of her which she sees in the mirror. It comes out when she gets really angry, so all this darkness that she hides in herself, it is very similar to some psychological and mental diseases but it’s not. It’s much more supernatural.”

Titans star Teagan Croft
Teagan Croft stars in ‘Titans’ (Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc)

What was your reaction when you saw the final effects for Raven?

Teagan Croft: “Oh, it was crazy! When I was doing it, it was just me. None of the eye stuff had happened. It was just me, screaming, because I did all my own screams. For real though – my throat hurt a lot. It was weird. All the voice stuff that happens because sometimes when her demon self starts talking to her, the voice goes funny – or when she is her demon self. So, I did all that in ADR. They told me to do it in different pitches, different levels, and seeing it all come together along with the special effects along with the stunts… I didn’t get to do any stunts but seeing Hawk and Dove and Robin do the stunts it was absolutely amazing. It was like seeing a comic come to life.”

Given the origins of her powers, what do you think it feels like to use the powers?

Teagan Croft: “I think it feels like a lot of pain being released. First it feels like a
build up of pain, but then as soon as the darkness comes out of her, it’s just a relief. It’s kind of like when you’ve got water stuck in your ear and you kind of bounce it out a bit. That’s a much smaller scale but similar to the feeling of relief.”

Which episode are you most excited for fans to see?

Teagan Croft: “I think episode three because that’s when they get to do a lot of the reflection stuff and a lot of the dark stuff, and the interaction between Rachel and her demon self which is a really interesting relationship because it’s with herself but at the same time they’re two different people.”

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