True Blood Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Joe Manganiello in True Blood
Joe Manganiello in 'True Blood' - © HBO
Last week’s episode of True Blood, “I Wish I was the Moon,” was overloaded with storylines – almost to the point where it felt like the writers had taken a scattershot approach to the script. Everyone had a small piece of the pie, and when a show has as many characters to juggle as True Blood does, including everyone is a difficult task to handle. Season 4 Episode 7, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” also had a lot of work to do in forwarding multiple storylines, however overall the episode feels smoother, more cohesive than any episode we’ve been served up thus far this season.
So, what happened? If you don’t have access to catch up on the show or just want to refresh your memory, here’s a recap of Episode 7. It’s a recap, so spoilers are included:
Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) showed off a lot of skin as they continued their brand new romantic relationship. Eric’s a different vampire with his memory erased by a witch, and much of this week’s show had to deal with a discussion between the new lovers over whether they will remain together when Eric’s memory returns. Meanwhile, Bill (Stephen Moyer) had a lot on his plate, what with one of his sheriff’s, Luis (Peter Macdissi), taken over by the witch, Antonia, in Marty’s body (played by Fiona Shaw). Bill’s forced to kill Luis but not before Luis reveals Antonia’s plans to resurrect the vampires and send them out into the daylight.
Pam (Kristin Bauer) is stopped from killing Tara (Rutina Wesley) by humans capturing the attack on video to send to TMZ. Tara sends her lover off, warning her that everyone she is involved with ends up dead. Tara’s had it with vampires and when Antonia (who has now escaped from prison) asks her to join her crusade to rid the world of vampires, Tara’s immediately onboard. She then sets out to recruit others to this special circle of witches.
Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) learns he’s a medium, which explains how he saved Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) from the snake bite. The twosome return to Bon Temps where Lafayette sees the spirit who’s been hanging out with Arlene’s (Carrie Preston) baby.
Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Debbie (Brit Morgan) join the local werewolf pack and then, because Alcide’s really worried, go check up on Sookie who they last saw wandering through the woods alone during the full moon. They come across Sookie and Eric making love, and the look on Alcide’s face says it all. He’s definitely still interested in the telepath – and Debbie knows it.
Jason (Ryan Kwanten) continues to fight against his attraction to his best buddy Hoyt’s (Jim Parrack) girlfriend while Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer) meets Holly (Lauren Bowles) for a disastrous first date. Sam (Sam Merlotte) confronts Luna (Janina Gavankar) about why she’s so pissed and learns his little bro, Tommy (Marshall Allman), shapeshifted into him while he was busy worrying about his burned-out rental units.
And the resurrection plot comes back into play as the episode ends with all the vampires in the area needing to be chained in silver during the daylight hours to keep them from being driven to go out into the sunlight when the witch casts her spell. Bill and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) have a nice couple of scenes in which they speak their true feelings about each other, and then episode ends with the spell in full force and the vampires struggling against their silver chains as they’re being compelled to go out and meet the sun.