Investigation Discovery Debuts New True Crime with Aphrodite Jones Season

Aphrodite Jones with Jose Baez

Aphrodite Jones with Jose Baez - Photo Credit: Investigation Discovery

The new season of True Crime with Aphrodite Jones kicks off tonight at 10pm with an episode featuring former New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Eric Naposki. Naposki is serving a life sentence for the murder of his lover’s boyfriend in 1994, however he still claims he’s innocent. Episode #2 will center on the Casey Anthony trial and include interviews with Judge Stan Stickland and defense attorney Jose Baez.
“Our fans love getting to the heart of headline-making cases in True Crime,” stated Henry Schleiff, president of Investigation Discovery. “Aphrodite uses her unconventional and unique instincts to expose hard truths about cases that true-crime fans may have been too quick to judge during the media firestorm.”
Additional cases featured on this season of True Crime include a convicted LAPD detective’s case, a woman who orchestrated the murders of her husband and mother-in-law, and the death of former Wall Street motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker.
The Series Details:
Each episode follows Jones as she visits the scene of the crime in question, using her instincts to follow unique and surprising angles to separate truth from rumor behind the lurid headlines. In her investigations, Jones presents compelling evidence and theories that allow viewers to rethink their personal conclusions in some of the most enduring and baffling mysteries of our time.

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Source: Investigation Discovery

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