Kellan Lutz Looks Back on ‘Twilight’ on Its 10th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the sparkling vegetarian vampires hit the big screen in Twilight. The original film based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling series opened in theaters on November 21, 2008. Four films followed, with the movie adaptations ringing up over $3 billion worldwide over their theatrical runs.

Lionsgate Summit Entertainment’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first Twilight film with the special home video re-release of all five films of The Twilight Saga. The anniversary editions include the 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack (plus Blu-ray and Digital) as well as The Twilight Saga films on Blu-ray Combo Pack (2 Blu-rays, 1 DVD, plus Digital) and Digital 4K Ultra HD.

In support of the 10th anniversary, Twilight cast members Kellan Lutz (‘Emmet Cullen’) and Jackson Rathbone (‘Jasper Cullen’) joined director Catherine Hardwicke at the 2018 New York Comic Con to reminisce about the supernatural love story. During our roundtable interview, Lutz recalled what it was like to be on the set of the first film and what defines the Twilight experience to him.

How does it feel to think it’s been 10 years since the first Twilight was released? Kind of freaky?

Kellan Lutz: “Yes, in a very… Because you look at your own life, even if you didn’t have as a benchmark a Twilight, from 23 to 33 just goes like that. And, it’s the journey. I’m just grateful. I’m more a journey person. Even with road trips, the destination’s fun but a lot of times you don’t know what the destination’s going to really to look like, you can’t picture it. Just like your life. Anyone can tell you in 10 years as an actor, you’re going to have this, you’re going to have that. But for me, as long as you’re enjoying it – that’s what Twilight’s been for me personally.

It’s been fun. Every aspect of it has just been so much fun, maybe minus the white makeup when we were shooting it, but all in all in 10 years looking back.

I have to ask myself is it from when the movies ended, but then that was only five years ago. So, it was when it first started and I was 23. I’m 33 right now. So, 23, I don’t remember much. I don’t. I was talking to my wife. You know, I got married nine months ago and looking back, it’s weird because I kind of wish I had Twilight now. I know I would have experienced it more.

I think when I was younger, not like I was partying more, it was a lot and it’s hard to grasp it at the age when you don’t have much to compare it to. Just like growing up. So now that I’m in my 30s if I had that I would know what to appreciate. And, I appreciated it all pretty evenly. But yeah, it’s the journey. I just can’t believe it’s gone [snapping his fingers] like that.”

Would you play him differently?

Kellan Lutz: “No, not at all. Because Emmet, how I played him…and again as you get older, you get more worries in your head and more stress in your head. I’m married. I don’t think I would have been able to play him as authentically joyful as I played him. Because in that time in my life in my 20s, I had very little responsibilities. I still have that childlike heart and mentality, but there’s a lot more responsibilities in life. There’s a lot more things that you’re thinking about that kind of dim that twinkle where you have to really turn life off and step in those shoes. And that’s acting, to be that character. But I played him so wholeheartedly Kellan with the attributes of Emmet that I took from the book.

Everything happens for a reason and I’m very grateful for that. I’m here today, 10 years later, reminiscing with Catherine and Jackson. And that’s the cool thing. I feel like she hasn’t aged a day, Jackson hasn’t. We could all play our characters again and look the exact same. That’s pretty cool.”

Do you feel there’s still more story to tell? Would you want to go back to play Emmet again?

Kellan Lutz: “For my character, definitely. I think he was the only one who wasn’t really touched on that much. Even with the excerpt of ‘Emmet and the Bear’ with how he turned into a vampire, you see the love story more. I definitely think Emmet…I barely did much in those movies. So, the stock that he got from being a part of it and the character himself and the couple lines he got to show his humor, went really far. I would of course love to have more Emmet, do another movie, do more origin story of how he came to be. That would be fun.”

Twilight 10th Anniversary Kellan Lutz Interview

Is there a moment that defines the Twilight experience for you?

Kellan Lutz: “I always go back to the first movie for all of us because we were all just so authentic with it. There’s so much truth with all the actors, and innocence. I think going back to it, the innocence was so pure. And then you have the Twilight fans that came out, and their moms. We all jumped on that roller coaster at the same time, holding hands, hands in the air like, ‘What are we doing?! What is this?’ And I really think Twilight paved the road for other adaptations like Hunger Games and… What was the one with Woodley?”


Kellan Lutz:Divergent. Stuff like that that really took off. Those ones are great. But the first one when the Twilight moms came, working with Catherine, and also even with the studio. Like, it wasn’t a machine yet. You were able to make mistakes. You were able to laugh at yourself. There weren’t security guards on set. It was just fun. It was fun.

And, obviously with the success the studio had responsibilities. And then other people… We were young so a lot of people telling you who you should be or what you should be or who you can talk to or how you should be perceived. What press you should do. It got a little heavier responsibility-wise. But, for me, I loved it. I felt like I stayed the same.”

Most young adult adaptations aren’t as successful as Twilight. What do you think it is about the Twilight films that really captured the audiences the way it did?

Kellan Lutz: “Everything starts with the story and at the end of the day this was a beautiful love story between that shouldn’t and something that is. I think the fantasy of that. And, again, it had the innocence and purity of she loved Edward, it didn’t matter what he was. She didn’t judge him for anything. She just wanted to be seen, and she felt seen by him. He really did see her inside and out. So, I think the purity of it all and the love story, and the great story that it was.”

What are you working on now?

Kellan Lutz: “For me, I just love acting. I just finished What Men Want with Taraji P. Henson. I mean, when I watched Mel Gibson in What Women Want before I shot that movie I thought, ‘This is a brilliant movie. It is a really great, creative movie.’

And then working with Adam Shankman who I always wanted to be a part of his Step Up movies. I auditioned for the third one and didn’t get it, so working with him – I’ve been friends with him for a long time so when they brought this idea back with Taraji P. Henson being a sports agent, it’s really time relevant and just funny. It’s a really funny movie. I’m excited for that one to come out. They pushed it to Valentine’s Day which will be really good. So, I’m really proud of that one.

Then, I just do a lot of action movies. I love action. And, I got married so it’s a crazy life to be an actor because you can’t control anything for the most part. But what I can control is my life outside of the acting and with that having a best friend and finding a best friend to do life with, I’m lucky. I really am.”

Were you trying for the lead role in Step Up 3?

Kellan Lutz: “Yeah, Sharni Vinson got it and I think it was Rick (Malambri). I still would love to do a dance movie.”

Are you a good dancer?

Kellan Lutz: “I think I am. My wife and I go line dancing at InCahoots. It’s a little line dancing place down where she’s from. She’s a great dancer too.”