The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Clip and New Poster

The last new episode of The Walking Dead aired in November and the show won’t return until February 12, 2012, however AMC has just released a new clip to help make sure we all remember to tune in to the zombie series. And speaking of zombies, here are a few key The Walking Dead zombie facts, courtesy of AMC:

‘Walkers’ Trivia:

-The Walking Dead zombies do not have character story arcs. They do not track the principle cast.

-While the zombie actor extras come back time and time again, the zombie itself does not repeat.

-The series’ zombies represent the collective feel of society as a whole. They do not have past lives. There are no “football zombies,” “cheerleader zombies,” “Santa zombies” or “zombies with super strength,” etc…

-Many zombie extras who are missing limbs in the episodes, truly are missing limbs in real life.

-Zombie lenses can go on top of regular lenses.

Watch the clip from “Nebraska” airing on February 12th:

Also, the network confirmed the series will return for a 16 episode season three. Hopefully, that upcoming season won’t take a two and a half month break like season two is doing!

The Walking Dead Midseason Poster