‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: “Reunion”

Westworld Season 2 Episode 2 Recap
Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton in ‘ Westworld’ season 2 episode 2 (Photo by John P. Johnson / HBO)

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is out in the real world at the beginning of HBO’s Westworld season two episode two. It’s night and the lights of the city fascinate her; she believes they’re beautiful. Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) assures her eventually she’ll get used to it.

Robert Ford thinks Dolores is ready, but Arnold doesn’t believe so.

Arnold goes for a walk out in the city and he shows her his home, which is under construction. He reveals his wife and children will eventually move there too, because he wants to have his two worlds close to each other. He shows her an area for his son, Charlie, and Dolores knows a lot about this child and wants to meet him someday. He admits she and Charlie both see the wonder in this world.

Dolores repeats herself and Arnold declares it’s time to go. She asks if he’ll bring her back sometime and he promises he will.

The flashback ends and the action catches up where season two episode one left off. A guest enters a restricted area and frantically announces the hosts are rebelling and slaughtering people. Dolores, Teddy (James Marsden), and Angela (Talulah Riley) follow him, with Dolores assuring the guest no one is here anymore to judge her or the other hosts. She also reveals she knows exactly what’s out in the real world. As we see bits of memories of Dolores in the real world, she assures him she’s been there before.

Another flashback shows Angela and Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) introduce themselves to Logan Delos (Ben Barnes) in a restaurant in the city. They reveal they’re with the Argos Initiative, and Logan’s happy to finally meet them in person. They claim they’re building something incredibly more tangible than virtual reality programs.

They escort him into another area of the restaurant where he’s told he’ll watch a private demonstration. He looks around the crowded room at the beautiful people circulating at a cocktail party.

Logan’s told to talk to these people and figure out who’s a host. He accepts the challenge and makes his way through the crowd. He’s shocked to learn Angela is a host. As she giggles, every person in the room freezes in place. She says, “Welcome to Westworld.”

Logan’s in complete shock that this technology exists. He can’t wrap his mind around the idea this ability to replicate humans so realistically is possible. He’s impressed, but takes it a creepy step further by sleeping with Angela.

Back in Westworld, Teddy doesn’t understand the hosts scattered around in various stages of repair. Dolores commands Phil (Patrick Cage) to show Teddy his history. Teddy’s so confused over why he doesn’t remember anything and nearly kills Phil while attempting to get the answer as to why this is happening.

Meanwhile, Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr) is hanging upside down over an anthill. The Man in Black/William (Ed Harris) arrives and kills the three Pardue brothers who’ve strung up Lawrence and then begins to set Lawrence free. The Pardue brothers aren’t actually dead and get up to attack, and William must kill them again. “Dead isn’t what it used to be, Lawrence,” says William.

William and Lawrence stop in the saloon, and William grabs a medical package out of a wall. He sort of explains what’s really happening and tells Lawrence he’s now free along with the other hosts. William thinks they’ll all be dead soon, including himself, and wants Lawrence to help him. William explains this place was created so that people could sin in peace, without God watching them. However, William’s been tallying up their sins. The stakes in this place have become real so first he’ll appeal his judgement and then he’ll burn the place down.

Dolores, Angela, and Teddy torture Lee Sizemore into saying how many will come for the hosts. He says 800 and they’ll secure one sector at a time. He also reveals they’ll meet at a rallying point. Dolores has him indicate the rallying point on a map.

Teddy believes 800 men are too many to take on and they’ll need more allies. “We shall have them,” says Dolores.

Dolores looks at the hosts who are currently in need of repair. She tells Phil to wake the Confederale, Lt. Dunleavy. She then asks Lee if he even understands the real purpose of this place.

A flashback shows a smiling Dolores putting her groceries in her horse’s saddlebag. Teddy picks up a can and then the action freezes as a helicopter passes overhead. Logan’s dad, James Delos (Peter Mullan), walks through the town with the young William (Jimmi Simpson) as they discuss business. William thinks in 20 years this will be the only reality that matters, but Delos isn’t impressed. William talks about the guests and assures Delos this is the only place in the world where you can see people for what they really are. No one is watching – or at least that’s what they tell the guests. He adds, “And if you don’t see the business in that, then you’re not the businessman that I thought you were.”

Angela follows Lt. Dunleavy, sure he’ll sniff out his own kind. Meanwhile, Dolores and Teddy stop in front of a carriage on fire. They come across Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores remembers her, but it seems Maeve wants nothing to do with Dolores’ plan to tear the place down and kill all the guests.

Teddy has Dolores’ back as Hector protects Maeve. Dolores lets them pass, even though they’re not fighting the same battle.

Next, Dolores and Teddy come upon Major Craddock and his men eating dinner. Lt Dunleavy is back with them, but Craddock’s men don’t understand why since he’s supposed to be dead. Dolores asks for a parlay, saying they want to join forces. Major Craddock is willing to talk, if she has supplies or ammunition.

Dolores tells Craddock she knows he’s heading west, bound for Glory. She explains he won’t make it unless he’s under her command. Major Craddock refuses to follow her lead and threatens her. Teddy and Angela kill all the hosts and then Dolores has Phil, who is obviously reluctantly accompanying them, bring Major Craddock back to life. She assures him he needs to be with her to get to Glory.

Another flashback shows Dolores, dressed in a form-fitting white dress, playing the piano at what turns out to be James Delos’ retirement party. William admits he’s brought in hosts to provide the entertainment, and James is angry this is actually a coronation party for William. William reveals things are progressing, but they need to have patience. (William at this point is married to Delos’ daughter and has a young child of his own.)

Dolores steps away from the party guests and heads outdoors. She asks, “Have you ever seen anything so full of splendor?” to no one in particular. She then hears Logan gasping behind her and he covers the tracks on his arms where he shoots up. He recognizes her and wonders if she’s there to keep him in company. She replies she just wanted to look at the lights.

Logan then reveals that noise from the party she’s hearing “is the sound of fools fiddling while the whole f**king species starts to burn. And the funniest f**king part…they lit the match.” He toasts them.

William and Lawrence ride toward a town at night and discover it’s burning. William says the fire’s the result of letting a story play all the way out. They walk through the town, which is full of rats.

They encounter El Lazo who demands to know why they’re in his town. He claims to have restored the town, but William says his story has played out. William asks El Lazo to accompany them, sure it will give him a real victory, a real ending – the truth.

El Lazo refuses to accompany William and Lawrence. He doesn’t need to see any more truth. He toasts to the bitter end. When William holds him at gunpoint, El Lazo’s men turn their guns on William. El Lazo then says, “This game was meant for you, William, but you must play it alone.” His men immediately turn their guns on themselves and commit suicide. El Lazo’s the last to die.

William understands Robert doesn’t want this to be easy. William then explains he built this place and where they’re heading is his greatest mistake.

A flashback to shortly after the party finds William (the young one) telling Dolores to bring herself back online. He calls her a “thing” and can’t believe he fell in love with her. He explains he was saved when he realized she made him interested in himself. He claims she’s just a reflection of him, and everyone loves to stare at their own reflection. He can’t wait to use her and her kind to give people what they want. He also thinks there’s an answer here to the question no one’s dreamed of asking. He asks her if she wants to see.

They step into Westworld and William asks Dolores if she’s ever seen anything so full of splendor as they look out over a field of what looks like machinery. (This is a frustrating episode and I’m sticking with machinery until someone tells me differently.)

Major Craddock and his men accompany Teddy and Dolores to see the Colonel. The Colonel won’t be happy, but Dolores knows they’ll find Glory – or whatever anyone wants to call it.

She then explains it’s not a place. It’s a weapon and she’s going to use it to destroy them.

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