‘Colony’ – Josh Holloway Season 3 Interview

When USA Network’s Colony returns for season three it will be picking up the action six months after the season two finale. Circumstances have dramatically changed for the Bowman family after they’ve fled the Los Angeles bloc, and now Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies) are concentrating on keeping their family safe and establishing some kind of new life.

At the San Diego Comic Con last summer, Josh Holloway discussed what’s in store for Will and the Bowmans in Colony‘s upcoming third season. Season three will premiere on May 2, 2018.

Josh Holloway Colony Season 3 Interview:

What’s Will’s attitude at this point and what’s motivating him going forward?

Josh Holloway: “Well, it’s the first time since the show started that the family is together, so he can possibly think of something other than getting his family back together which I’m looking forward to discovering what thought that might be. But, it’s a beautiful moment though it will probably be a very short-lived moment that the Bowmans are finally together. He’s not having to collaborate and damage his soul even more.

Season two really took Will down the rabbit hole of what occupation is, and colonization is, and the torture and the killing of the young people really tainted his soul. Whether you do it yourself is not important. If you’re involved with that group, you’re responsible as well. With him being ex-military and FBI, he embodies that so it damaged him. So now I’m looking forward to maybe seeing him change, seeing his code loosen up a bit and get more rogue, I hope.

I want to see him go wild. I’m hoping to see more of the rebel come out in him and not align with anybody. He’s going to protect what’s his and trust no one, I hope! I don’t ask too far ahead; I like to be surprised.”

He’s trusted Snyder along the way over the first two seasons.

Josh Holloway: “Yes. There’s a strange thing called necessity and sometimes he has to trust people in the moment because it’s so fly by the seat of the pants. He has to trust his instincts. He has to keep moving forward and Snyder is now with the family. But, does he trust him? No. He wants to because they do have a relationship. They have helped each other, no matter what the cost has been. They have helped each other in the past so I’m interested to see where that goes as well because I love Peter’s character. I love that we’re going to be doing scenes more together. Last year we didn’t get to do that. In the first season we worked a lot together. So, it’ll be fun.”

Is Snyder that drunk uncle who no one likes?

Josh Holloway: “He is that drunk uncle that no one likes, but he cooks good eggs. Pass the whiskey and the eggs! No, he’s amazing and he has a heart. I love the way Peter plays that character. You can’t blame him, in a way. You can…but not. It’s that kind of thing and I love the way he walks that line of humanity.”

Does Will realize how broken his son is and that he needs more attention because of that damage?

Josh Holloway: “I think he’s aware of it but he doesn’t know what to do with him. He tried a couple of times in season two and it went nowhere. But I really feel like just playing baseball with him a little bit, he’s trying to break back through to that child. That child, though, I think he’s realizing is gone. It changed him.

But, I love the way the writers are really integrating the children. The children are growing older and their acting is blowing up as well. Their parts are getting bigger; they’re involvement is more. So, I don’t know what that’s going to create – the dynamic with Bram, and the coming of age of a young man and how he might rebel from the family. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

What was it like filming the flashbacks last year? We saw him interact with his partner and that was an interesting wrinkle.

Josh Holloway: “Yes. I love the way they did it. I love the way it’s kind of a minimal showing of the arrival. It wasn’t too much but just enough. You know, it kind of solidified with me who is this guy and what was he like before. He does have kind of a square code, even with his partner. He’s always had this straight-line code which is slowly being broken, so we’ll see where that goes.”

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Josh Holloway in Colony Season 3
Josh Holloway as Will Bowman in ‘Colony’ season 3 (Photo by Daniel Power / USA Network)