‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: “All I See is You”

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3
Kevin Costner stars in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 3 (Photo Credit: Paramount Networks)

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone season four episode three’s opening scene alternates between shots of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) sitting peacefully in front of a fire and Kayce (Luke Grimes), Rip (Cole Hauser), and assorted law enforcement officers taking down the white supremacist militia Kayce believes is behind the attack on his family.

Blows land, bullets fly, and the Duttons are successful in ridding the area of the dangerous racist vigilantes.

The following morning John greets the new stable boy, Carter (Finn Little), and Carter’s disappointed that once again he wasn’t the first one to the barn. (Kayce beat him this time.) John meets up with his son and they’re both a little melancholy, not sure how many more days they’ll have to do these early morning rides without any interruptions.

Over in the bunkhouse, Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) doesn’t support the decision to send Jimmy (Jefferson White) away but Rip’s certain Jimmy needs to leave in order to grow up. Lloyd’s also unhappy about Walker sleeping in a pretty barrel racer’s trailer, and Rip warns him to get his head right.

Elsewhere, Mo tosses Checker’s – the guy who claimed he put together the hit – a lunch bag and advises him to eat fast.

Kayce makes it into his office and finds Emmett Walsh (Buck Taylor) waiting to discuss a battle he’s having with his new neighbor. A California man’s moved in and placed cattle guards on Emmett’s easement through his property which means Emmett can still use the easement but only by placing the cattle in trucks. That’s expensive and with the price of cattle tanking, it’s hurting Emmett’s business. Lawyers haven’t been able to help and Emmett confesses the trucking fees are eating him alive.

Emmett’s not sure what Kayce can do to help but hopes he can figure out something.

Back at the ranch, the high-priced team Travis (series creator Taylor Sheridan) put together works out in the ring and the ranch hands are captivated by their skills. John also looks on approvingly and Rip admits Travis has put together an impressive team.

The ranch hands rib each other over their own riding skills, with Colby (Denim Richards) describing Ryan’s trotting skills as akin to a drunk trying to catch a football.

Jimmy’s having a rough time getting his head around the idea of being sent away to Texas. John explains it’s an opportunity, but Jimmy doesn’t accept that. Mia (Eden Brolin) broke up with him because he’s leaving, and Jimmy believes this punishment cost him the only person who’s ever loved him. John disagrees, explaining if Mia truly loves him she’ll be waiting for him when he returns.

Jimmy wonders when he’ll be allowed to return and John assures him he can come back when he’s ready. And who will decide that? John confirms Jimmy will need to decide for himself if he’s grown enough to earn a return to the ranch.

The ranch hands learn which ranch Jimmy’s heading off to and are certain he won’t last a week.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3
Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly in Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 3 (screengrab)

It’s nearly 20 minutes in when Beth (Kelly Reilly) finally shows up in season four episode three. She joins Rip watching the horses and says, “You look like a kid in a toy store who forgot his allowance.” Rip’s obviously enjoying watching the pricey horses and Beth’s happy someone’s getting a kick out of her inheritance running around in the ring.

Beth spots Carter hard at work and tells Rip the boy’s done for the day. Rip’s quickly shot down when he says Carter’s still got hours of work left to do. Beth wants to take Carter shopping, even though Rip doesn’t want her spoiling the boy.

Rip thinks Carter’s got a place at the ranch and that’s all he really needs right now, but Beth’s got her mind set on taking him to get good boots and a jacket. The kid needs some clothes, so Beth’s right. But then again, so is Rip since Carter has lessons to learn that require him to put in long hours of hard work.

They argue over how to handle the boy and when Rip gives in and tells her to do what she wants with her “pet,” Beth bristles. She’s pissed but smart, pulling Rip in for a kiss before leaving. “I love you; I’ll see you at the house. F*ck you,” says Beth. Rip’s face lights up with a warm smile and he chuckles as she walks off.

Once in town, Carter’s given instructions to pick out a decent jacket, boots, and a hat, and he immediately disregards what Beth’s telling him to do. He doesn’t want a hat and finds a shirt he wants instead. Even though Beth tells him that’s not on their list, Carter tries it on. Beth loses it and demands he take the shirt off. They’re done shopping since he won’t listen.

Carter tries to barter for the shirt but Beth’s not in the mood to discuss things. She attempts to forcibly remove the shirt and another shopper points out Beth’s committing child abuse. Carter makes matters worse by telling the woman Beth’s making him take off the shirt and he doesn’t want to. Beth yanks the shirt away from him as the woman says she’s going to call the police.

“That wasn’t child abuse; this is f**king child abuse!” says Beth as she grabs Carter roughly by the ear. The woman, with her young son standing behind her, has whipped out her cell phone and is filming Beth abusing Carter. So, of course, Beth grabs the phone, slams it to the ground, and steps on it.

The poor woman was just trying to help a kid who appeared to be in distress and now she’s minus a phone and the target of Beth’s anger. Beth warns her if she doesn’t want to be assaulted, she should mind her own business.

The woman says Beth doesn’t have any idea how to be a mother and Beth agrees. “Well, ain’t that the truth. You think you can do better? He’s all yours,” says Beth as she storms off, knocking items off a shelf on her way out of the store.

Carter runs after her and Beth locks the car doors. He apologizes and she gives in. As they’re driving back to the ranch, she explains there are only four ways to get rich – inherit it, steal it, work really f**king hard, or learn how to suck a d*ck. She suggests he go with option three.

(I’ve got to admit I’m not a fan of the Carter storyline, although I understand its purpose. I’d much rather see Beth and Rip dealing with their relationship without a child thrown in to complicate matters.)

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 3
Luke Grimes stars in ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 3 (Photo Credit: Paramount Networks)

Kayce pays a visit to the Peterson Ranch, pulling up to the gate and asking for a meeting with Ralph Peterson. The voice on the intercom tells him to make an appointment and Kayce explains he’s the livestock commissioner and needs to be allowed in. The voice continues to refuse to open the gates and Kayce’s done playing nice. He throws the truck in reverse, revs up, rams the gates, and busts through.

Ralph (Jonathan Kells Phillips) is in front of his house and on the phone with the police when Kayce takes him down. Ralph’s slammed to the ground and only manages a few grunts before Kayce rolls him onto his stomach and places him in cuffs.

Kayce picks up the phone and tells the cop on the other end he’s got Ralph in his custody for refusing entry. He’ll bring Ralph in if he decides to charge him.

Kayce and Ralph (still handcuffed) drive out to the easement, and Ralph admits he hates cows going through HIS land. Ralph also admits he’s only raising llamas for the tax exemption. Kayce uses a chain to raise the cattle guard and pushes Ralph into the hole underneath. He lowers the guard and as he drives off, says, “If you like your cattle guards so much, you should f**king live in them.”

A short while later Emmett’s about to use the easement when he hears Ralph calling for help from under the cattle guard.

John meets up with Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Mo out in the middle of nowhere. Thomas chose the out-of-the-way location in order to deliver the news that they’ve learned who ordered the hit on John’s family. Thomas hands over a folder with details on a prisoner with the last name Riggins (Bruno Amato) who ordered the hit. John doesn’t recognize him, but Mo says Riggins knows John. He’s currently locked up in state prison.

John’s not sure he trusts this info and asks how Thomas obtained it. Mo explains that if they tell him, then it becomes John’s trash to take out. John accepts that and wants whatever Thomas dug up.

Despite their differences, Thomas is genuinely sorry about what happened to John’s family. He leaves Mo with John and drives off, and it’s not until Thomas is out of sight that Mo drags Checkers (Brad Carter) from the back of his SUV. Mo explains Checkers is who Riggins used to put together the hit.

Riggins was Checkers’ cellmate and after Riggins received a request for the hit, Checkers was in charge of putting together the men who carried it out. He confirms he used the militia. John asks who gave the order to Riggins and Checkers doesn’t reply.

John takes over custody of Checkers.

Walker (Ryan Bingham) has a brief chat with Jimmy and reveals his biggest regret is leaving the place Jimmy’s heading off to. He doesn’t think Jimmy should ever come back to the Yellowstone Ranch.

Travis and the men aren’t happy about Jimmy being along for the ride, barely putting up with his presence in the truck. Travis, wearing a “Your girlfriend keeps looking at me” T-shirt, warns Jimmy he’s expected to work hard at every horse show.

Mia watches Jimmy and the guys pull out with tears in her eyes. Neither she nor Jimmy wave or even mouth goodbyes as the rigs leave the ranch.

Rip’s waiting at the table with alcohol at the ready when Beth arrives home. She describes it as a “pour the bottle in a bucket” sort of day, and Rip adds additional shots to her glass. Beth says the kid’s in the barn and she doesn’t want him spending the night with them anymore. She admits Rip was right and Rip says he’s sorry. He offers to work on the kid, believing there’s a man inside him somewhere.

Beth takes a seat on Rip’s offered lap and Rip says, “I want you to listen to me. He’s not our son. No matter what he becomes, he’ll never be that. Nobody will.”

Beth believes there will come a day when Rip will resent her for not being able to have a child. Rip swears that won’t happen, but Beth’s certain it will.

Kayce delivers plates of food to Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Tate (Brecken Merrill) who are refusing to leave the bedroom. Tate’s hiding under the bed and Monica’s in a foul mood as Kayce tells them they need to eat. Monica reveals Tate’s getting worse each day and he won’t come out if anyone’s in the room. (Tate’s traumatized from killing the man who was attacking his mom.)

Kayce’s overcome with anger and frustration. He reminds Monica he’s been suggesting for weeks that Tate see a doctor but she hasn’t taken him in. Monica cries as Kayce drags Tate out from under the bed. Kayce grabs his son up in a bear hug and assures him he’s already overcome his biggest fear. He won’t let Tate go and keeps telling his son he’s okay. Kayce tells Tate to grab his plate and sit at the table, and Tate does as told.

Kayce blames Tate’s behavior on Monica and she reminds him she never wanted to live at the Yellowstone Ranch. She’s always believed the ranch and John are evil, and Kayce can’t contain his anger. He knows the ranch and his family aren’t evil; it’s the people who tried to take everything away that are the evil ones.

“I hate you,” replies Monica, collapsing in tears. She wants to go home and begs Kayce to let her go. Kayce responds with a hug.

It’s pitch dark when John stops his truck and loads his gun. He asks Checkers if he’s ever shot a man and Checkers claims he has. John drags Checkers through the dirt and tosses his gun down next to Checkers’ head. He frees Checkers’ hands and suggests an old-fashioned shoot-out.

Checkers grabs the gun and they begin exchanging shots. John emerges victorious.